Sunday, October 18, 2015


Reportedly, all of those toxic nappy hair shampoo-job niggers had to evacuate that bistro club where Snoop Dog was having his no.44 birthday party in the hood on Friday; a.k.a. Boss's Day. ~ ~ Carefull now, don't diss me on this one. ~ ~ Just because I don't happen to have in my possession a copy of LEP IN THE HOOD: 5&6 right now; it does not mean that the infinite grace of Jesus doesn't also apply to the Egyptian sons of Ham. ~ ~ Ergo, you-know-who calls for the boss when the NYP stop to ask him why he is digging a hole in the middle of the street in G:II. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VIEWER SUGGESTION NOTES: If you too only happens to have the LEP:I-IV DVD collection set in your own private hard copy video library; just watch no.2 and imagine that all of the white people in the movie are negros; and all of the prerequisite blacks in the background are whities. ~ ~ Talk about spooky. ~ ~ Today's mainstream Mormons have become the new Christians. And today's mainstream Christians have become the new and improved Muslims, Hindus, and reformed Buddhist Jews; not necessarily in that order. ~ ~ PS JEB: I believe that both of you are half right. However, one of you represents the better half of what is right with America. And the other represents everything that is wrong about today's Republican Party golf club set. ~ ~ Let me put another way. Half of America doesn't give a shit if Obama is not even an American citizen. The other half has a problem with it. ~ ~ Mind you now. I'm only talking about white people here. ~ ~ What the niggers think don't matter to most anticommunist Americans anymore. ~ ~ They had their chance to start thinking and acting more like white folks; but they just pissed it all away. ~ ~ Jesus Christ. ~ ~ They say that even Tom Cruise is liquidating everything that he has in LA and moving all of his assets down to tax free Florida. ~ ~ Think PET DETECTIVE:I&II meets PET DETECTIVE:III&IV meets WAYNE'S WORLD:III&IV. ~ ~ After Larry David gives me 90% of his stock if I let him be in charge of where the money goes.

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