Friday, October 2, 2015


The good looking and very intelligent 26 year-old mulatto guy who shot the white college kids reprepresented Barack Obama. Given the fact that the handsome stonewall architecture of the place is located just north of the Rt.42 junction on I-5. For the ten virgins prophecy in MATT. 25. Wherein half of the virgins are Winchester, Oregon style long rifle zombies. ~ ~ Remember, in the London made movie, you need to shoot the walking dead in the head. Leg shots, arm shots, can't stop them. ~ ~ Oh yeah, Barack Obama has some serious anger issues towards white Christians. ~ ~ The number '26' being symbolic of all things uncircumcised. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 42 LINE NOTES: Oregon's southern 42 border line is the same line that separates the two Hwy.91 prophecies of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and LOGAN'S RUN in northern Utah. ~ ~ KEY NOTES: Last knight I dreamed over and over again that everything was coming up in 4s. Then I saw this report about some guy who is obsessed with my no.4 wife at: ~ ~ To the point that he was crazy enough to show up to the opening night reproduction of DEATH TRAP:II. ~ ~ Which by the by, is one of BiBi's all time favorite movies; costarring the Jewish Michael Caine and the Jewish Christ/opher Reeve, like for instance at: ~ ~ The half Jewish homosexual abomination from Mercer Island, Washington in LAGGIES, etc. has stabbed Israel in the back with your typical old fashion theater dagger, and all that. ~ ~ FREE AGENT NOTES: The reason why I now need Alison Roth to become my future exclusive 10% up front cash money on the barrel agent, is that it is pretty hard to Jew a Jew. ~ ~ Especially when it comes to forged checks, phoney worthless movie deal contracts, and forged birth certificate documents that have fake legalistic Social Security numbers on them. ~ ~ For example, if Conan O'Brien wants to have a co-starring role in the next LEPRECHAUN 8 sequel/prequel, she gets 10% of the 4 big ones budget. And Mr.TNT himself only gets a respectful amont of union scale cash pay-out per dieum money. ~ ~ Which could mean anything of course; if the money is right and tight in the first place. ~ ~ And please, for God's sake; no screenplays; no long drawn out pitch sessions; and no boring to death pre-production meetings. ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: That crazy utopian Oregon state type 1980s spiritual love guru who once had 99 ROLLS ROYCES, and at least 99 wives, who was featured in your YES MAN prophecy was actually me playing Donald Trump for your own private sake. ~ ~ Hey, you already tried that half white nigger mother fucker who was born in Africa. And look what that got you. ~ ~ So why not try my totally white man with the orange skin [Lindsay Lohan] tan job in the next election? ~ ~ I think that you are going to be very happy with the final results when everybody becomes quite surprised that my Long Island Republican Party wife Lindsay Lohan is not that crazy after all. ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: How about a cluster fuck three-way picture costarring Lindsay and Emma in some HANNAH AND HER SISTERS sequal. ~ ~ So what. You can't rely on LL to show up on set every day? ~ ~ Then you shoot enough extra footage with Miley Cyrus as a dirty hippie Janis Joplin look alike wannabe. That way, you cover all the bases in post production. Without having to worry about going back for reshoots.

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