Friday, October 9, 2015


McCarthy's face looks like Glenn Beck's face; because the Dallas, Texas anticommunist [midnight AM radio] latter day saint located out in the boondocks of middle America has been having an affair with the REV.17 whore of Babylon ever since he was living with his mother in Bonney Lake [Sumner] Washington. ~ ~ See what I mean at: ~ ~ BFD. I like'em barely legal with no stretch marks on their thighs or tits. ~ ~ Call me a crazy wanna be fan groopie die hard member of the movie cult of Bill Murray. ~ ~ Wild bulls could not stop me from voting for Donald Trump in the 016 election. ~ ~ And I happen to know that half of my half Jewish friends feel the same way. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BARRY: You come to my legendary NORTH BY NORTHWEST neighborhood, and you don't even call me? ~ ~ "I get no respect!!" Rodney Dangerfield meets A-Rod, circa 2016. ~ ~ Better yet; BLUE VELVET meets WILD AT HEART. ~ ~ No kidding, even David Lynch has never called me either; if you can believe it. ~ ~ Money can't buy you friends, and all that. ~ ~ Otherwise, I would be face fucking both Ellen Page and Ashley Greene on my restored vintage 51' whale boat as we speak.

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