Saturday, October 31, 2015


Love these new pix of my wife hanging out with her sister wife who looks like a physically [born] transfigured [again] Ornella Fresh, at: ~ ~ JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!! ~ ~ James Carville becomes Donald Trump's new campaign manager? Just to get his wife off of his back? ~ ~ So that he can buy that former slave plantation property for her in THE BIG CHILL:II meets THE BIG EASY:II?? ~ ~ Am I the only one who sees what the hell is happening out there?? ~ ~ Or have I gone completely fucking nuts? ~ ~ "You'd be surprised what could happen when you drag a $1,000,000 bill through a trailer park." ~ ~ Still no bites?? ~ ~ How about, "There's a lot more where this comes from." NAPOLEON DYNAMITE:II&III. ~ ~ [Nowadays, they tend to shoot major big bucks Hollywood sequels two-at-a-time because it saves a butt load of money.] ~ ~ Always keep it in mind. When it comes to 1950s era motion picture filmaking; the screenplay, the casting, the director, means nothing to me. ~ ~ All I need to know is if Jesus the super Jew is in the picture on some level. ~ ~ Think AMERICAN GIGOLO:II meets AMERICAN GIGOLO:III, both costarring Charlie Theron. ~ ~ Talk about having fuck-you crazy money to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want. ~ ~ Being the restored King of England and France already does have it's privileges. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

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