Saturday, October 17, 2015


Devil's Hole in east Death Valley, Nevada is about that hole they are digging in GHOSTBUSTERS:II when we see a NEW YORK TIMES delivery truck drive by in the background. ~ ~ Probably because Keira Knightly is in town right now doing some kind of a DEATH TRAP theater play about today's back stabbing Jews. ~ ~ I can't be sure about this. Since I have not seen it yet. ~ ~ Per that look alike Keira bitch from hell who appears at the end of the first GHOSTBUSTERS, circa 1984-1985. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SHAMPOO NOTES: My Nazi helmet [TRIUMPH OF THE WILL] protagonist in this 1975 movie gives the old rich guy with a died hair shampoo job some tips about how to look better. ~ ~ Think Michael Cane schools Sandra Bullock in MISS CONGENIALITY: I&II. ~ ~ Hey, I'm not that much different than your better than average actor out there. ~ ~ We all get turned on by that whole reverse role player thing. ~ ~ "I've seen better, but not that many." Bill Murray in G:II. ~ ~ "You're money baby." Vince Vaughn, SWINGERS. ~ ~ "Okay, that's enough." Heather Graham, AP:II. ~ ~ "Everybody's shit stinks." Sarah Silverman on the left. ~ ~ "Everybody's shit stinks." Adam Sandler on the right. ~ ~ For example, that very wealthy older guy with the died-hair shampoo blow-drier job in SHAMPOO thinks that the Republican Party establishment is no different than the Democrat Party establishment. ~ ~ Which of course is the complete reverse of what Warren Beatty and Robert Redford think. ~ ~ Go figure. ~ ~ MIXED BAG NOTES: There were more than a few amateurish and repetive insert [clock] shots in the original THE DAY OF THE JACKAL. So what, nobody is perfect. ~ ~ Of course! There is always the exception to the rule. ~ ~ I fuck both Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevigne in my own private remake of LAST TANGO AT THE PARIS HILTON:II, you just have to lay there and take it in the ass; over and over again. ~ ~ Think LEPRECHAUN 1,2,3,4,5,6... especially number two.

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