Saturday, October 3, 2015


Low budget filmmakers know all about the idea that sometimes you just have to shoot it. And hope to g-d that you can fix it all later in post production. ~ ~ "It is what it is." BOOGIE NIGHTS. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I would fuck Miley Cyrus, and her girlfriend too, just like both of them are right now. ~ ~ And worry about fixing it and trying to make it better later. ~ ~ On the other hand, this is probably not a good idea when it comes to international treaties about curbing atomic bombs. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ I AM SO SORRY ABOUT IT TOO NOTES: It says in the BM that one has a right to kill anyone who threatens his family. Contrary to what today's foolish Mormons in Utah are saying. ~ ~ PS PENNY: The death of those DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS was a warning unto you fascist Spanish bitches who think that being a citizen of the world is more important then individual liberty. ~ ~ In other words, international law is International Jewish marxist tyranny. ~ ~ Go ahead, vote for the next Democrat Party candidate to come down the pike in 2016, and see what happens. ~ ~ Just remmember, Mr. Harper Mercer Island was a conservative Republican. ~ ~ CADDY NOTES: The crazy caddy in CADDYSHACK is a guy who shoots little brown furry vermin pests with a long rifle. In confirmation of the many spoken word revelations about "the fox" in DC being a Muslim at heart with Buddhist [Dahli Lama] sympathies. ~ ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: Jim Carey's woman committed suicide during the new TWIN PEAKS reshoot for a reason. ~ ~ Guess you all are just going to have to watch the 2016 series on SHOWTIME if you want to find out why. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: What you are doing right now is pretty Oakie Dokie with me. Same thing goes for my low budget movie angel bag man Donald Trump. But I still have a few suggestions. ~ ~ You cast LL, you get one billion $$$ in free advertising. ~ ~ What? You don'think that she can act? ~ ~ So what, she always shows up on set at least a half hour late because she is starving for some real love and attention. ~ ~ Deal with it. Cast her transfigured Emma Stone look alike in enough of your shots that it doesn't matter anyway in post. ~ ~ This time around, you will have to do something different if you want to make a difference in the tv ratings. ~ ~ Besides, think about her really sweet big freckled milky white tits sliding around on your face as she tops off your cock. ~ ~ I'm not just talking little innocent virgin girl blow jobs here. ~ ~ You go full in on this deal. You get the whole thing.

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