Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Look at this LA/man who just saved 42 foolish white people from some retro 1960s Love Bus situation, at: ~ ~ Note the Hitler Youth haircut and the white skin. ~ ~ Obviously, back then in Germany, they did not let homosexual men become boy scout leaders. ~ ~ Contrary to what Elder Oaks just said in UTAH about allowing gays to get married. ~ ~ Per when the end times would come that we would see George Bush at the end times of THE ROCKY HORRO PICTURE SHOW, circa 1976. When the mormorn church would start giving the priesthood to the negros. ~ ~ In order not to offend people of color. ~ ~ As confirmed by this remarkable UFO bald-headed alien space craft shot at: ~ ~ For instance, that hairless pussycat pet at the end of the psychic prophets TV show in GHOSTBUSTERS:II was an atomic bomb radiation fallout side effects thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KINKOS NOTES: Looks like Sandy just got a little bit of physical transfiguration work done on her in this new video clip at: ~ ~ Personally, I think she over did it in the tits area. ~ ~ HOUSE LEADERSHIP NOTES: In my mind's eye, Paul Ryan just looks too Jewish, and not in a good way, like at: ~ ~

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