Tuesday, October 27, 2015


One of the biggest reasons why Bill O'Really et all can't stop Donald Trump is because they keep lying about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii. ~ ~ Ergo, that bad batch of WHOLE FOODS curry chicken that was a Jimmy Fallon type three woes confirmation of the REV.11 earthquake that shook Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northwest India. ~ ~ Wherein every other spy novel in the past ten years has Islamic extremists sneaking portable A-bombs out the backdoor with the help of their deeply imbeded sympathizers within the Pakistan military. ~ ~ If the money is right of course; let's not fool ourselves. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS TARATINO: Right now I'm in the middle of taking another long and hard look at DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER being a prophecy about a wealthy hotel resort and casino owner-operator who is being held hostage by today's wealthy homosexual Jews. Complete with 1950s era short haircuts, black rim glasses, and big sexy shampoo hair job girlfriends. ~ ~ Hopely soon afterwards, I will find the time to take a first look at your movie about all of those Nazi hair job American GIs who murdered all of those innocent anticommunist white Nazis among the lost tribes of Israel in the north lands. ~ ~ So then they got what they deserved in spades. ~ ~ PS DAVID LETTERMAN: I lost almost [90%] of all of my respect for you and stopped watching your late night show, when you yourself stopped joking about Obama being born in Africa. But it doesn't matter because we are all now citizens of world anyway. ~ ~ And then the pressure became too much for you to bare. ~ ~ And in your weakened financial state of despare you started to demean and beat up on all of the little people in your own private home state of Indiana etc. Just because they were not going along with your polite society cocktail party bullshit culture. ~ ~

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