Monday, October 5, 2015


You are God damn right that I AM is a lover and a hater. "Big wow!!" Ornella Fresh, STAR MAPS. ~ ~ You hate me, I hate you. ~ ~ You love to fuck me, I love to fuck you. ~ ~ Quite frankly, it really and truly is as simple as that, at: . ~ ~ Hence, my sidekick in the Oval Office hates the white christian anti Mormons in Texas who are still holding my misguided look alike "underaged" teenager fucker in jail. ~ ~ Whereas, I watched the NORTH BY NORTHWEST prophecy about my 29ish spy wives one day; and then the next day Steven Spielberg has a screening of his new phoney baloney spy movie in Manhattan. And get this, I watched 1984's original HOLY GHOST BUSTERS the next night. ~ ~ Yeah right, one of Hollywood's biggest Hillary Clinton boosters fancies himself as a 1959 type anticommunist midnight cowboy radio actor. ~ ~ So allow me to give you the low down right now; before you throw away any of your hard earned money on your next neo fascist opus. ~ ~ That is non other than Donal Trump himself at the end of GHOST BUSTERS. After the "nuclear excellorators" kick in when the ground breaking earthquake happens in Manhattan in 2016. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BULLSHIT NOTES: Don't get me wrong now. I am not saying that Spielberg's new spy movie is 100% GI ARMY shit on a shingle in movies like CATCH 22, etc. Since only Jesus himself knows what is in the heart of a man. ~ ~ But I CAN tell you this. It would be a cold day in hell before he ever personally returned a personal line telephone call from my 10% cash money agent wife Alison Roth.

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