Tuesday, October 13, 2015


"Let's see what happens when we take away the puppy." says the research scientist who everybody said looked like me in G:II, 1989. ~ ~ This being the same movie about the flood of evil slime in REV.12; wherein the satanic armies of the accuser go to war against the saints. ~ ~ Five years after Donald Trump, the giant white marshmallow man, wins the election in 2016 meets 2021. ~ ~ Think Ms Sire Us' latest album is entitled MILEY CYRUS AND HER DEAD PETZ. ~ ~ Not to mention that Ms Z is currently filming some kind of a TWIN PEAKS:II remake homage in London, England to ROSEMARY'S BABY:II meets GHOSTBUSTERS:II. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AP:II NOTES: In G:II, we see Alison Roth stuff that limestone crystal ball up between her legs that represents the movie's fully restored 1958 CADILLAC ambulance conversion job. For the upcoming ND:II movie that I'm probably going to have to pay for myself if I even want to see it. Based upon the original's spoof of the rip off time machine in the second AUSTIN POWERS spoof of Austin, Texas becoming the future capitol of a three way divided American map in REV.16. etc. ~ ~ Think MISS CONGENIALITY:II was an inspired prophecy about some future Donald Trump sponsored beauty pageant in VIVA LAS VEGAS: II; co-starring Lindsay Lohan and Randy Quaid as her sugar daddy from hell who saves her from the Democrat Party's star-wacker politics mob. ~ ~ Seriously, by the time I bother to look at the project's screenplay written by Mr. Kauffman, to be directed by Mr. Soderberg, they will already have finished with the principle photography. ~ ~ That's a pretty rich thing to say, I know. ~ ~ But hey, money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ 1969 ERA NOTES: Probably the best 007 movie that was ever made is ON HER MAJESTY'S [VICTORIA'S] SECRET SERVICE. ~ ~ I'm pretty sure that I never saw it before. ~ ~ Possibly because this was around the same time when I started to become obsessed with Federico Fellini. Which probably distracted me from seeing the new surreal face of my hero James Bond. Back when Andy Warhol's mass produced factory art works were all about me. And I barely ever heard of Picasso.

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