Thursday, October 1, 2015


Last night I watched Stanley Ku/brick's allegory about the masonic templers' underground conspiracy to take over the world in 2001 A SPACE ODDITY meets EYES WIDE SHUT. ~ ~ No doubt about it. Donald Trump is a filthy rich Jew nigger lover who attends gay weddings. ~ ~ Because I remembered that the 1968 movie was about that mysterious underground secret conbinations UNITED NATIONS idol replica object that they discovered on the moon. Which always was showing the Islamic Crescent anti Christ moon every time it appeared on the radar. ~ ~ My point being, the amazing Wi-Fi Si-Fi silence movie homage to the THE BIRTHER OF A NATION silent picture was just confirmed today by Bibi's historic 44 seconds of silence. ~ ~ Which is probably about Sandy's latest non gravity movie set in outer space or something. ~ ~ What do you want from me anyway? ~ ~ I turn down her loving and generous offer to move into her guest house in Beverly Hills? ~ ~ Never look a gift horse in the mouth, and all that. ~ ~ If the gift is large enough of course; let's not shit our panties here. ~ ~ Big fucking deal. My wife Sandy is over at the main house FFing one of my brothers who really does need a helping hand at this particular point in time. ~ ~ And my other wife Jen is over at her nearby mansion giving my best friend Justin Theroux a hand up. ~ ~ "I'm not that controversial... Come on!" Truman Capote, at one of his many cocktail parties for artists at his UN tower condo, circa 1967, 1968, 1969. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BOTTOM LINE NOTES: Please, everybody, call my agent Alison Roth at the GSR/TWN TALENT AGENCY in Hollywood if you want to hook up with me. ~ ~ If you don't have the 10% for her up front, you probably don't have the other 90% up front for me. ~ ~ HALF TIME NOTES: This opening season SNL is a Providence, Utah half moon reference to Charlie Theron's legendary Half Moon Bay beach resort hangout for homosexual looking surfer dudes who look like Mathew McConaughey. ~ ~ Nothing wrong with that per say. ~ ~ Just because you are now almost 39ish, you can still look almost 29ish.

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