Friday, February 28, 2014


Nurse Betty dances with my black assassin sidekick on the edge of the Grand Canyon in Neil LaButte's NURSE BETTY prophecy, circa 1999. ~ ~ When the time would come where everyone in the movie has become captivated by the liberal media's tv news soap opera that Rush Limbaugh suddenly started talking about around 42 months ago. ~ ~ Because the year 1999 is what it was all about when Larry Sinclair was sucking on Obama's long brown all beef Chicago style OSCAR MEYER WEINER. While smoking a little cocaine rock. ~ ~ Which eventually led to my father figure in the movie shooting that church lady figure named Donald Young in the head, execution style. Who was found dead inside of his second story walk-up apartment in South Chicago. ~ ~ At least this is what Mr. Sinclair wrote in his diary back then. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DIARY NOTES: In the above BRIDGET JONES' DIARY: III&IV sequels, Ms. Z becomes blindly obsessed with that legendary tv soap opera heart surgeon named Dr. David Revelle; whose name in real life is Greg. ~ ~ For example, see this Rush Limbaugh style children's storybook full of pictures at: ~ ~ PAGE, ARIZONA NOTES: All those smallish earthquakes that happened around Page, Arizon'a Grand Canyon damn-dike every time Ms. Page appeared on the Scotish Craig Ferguson show were probably a RAISING ARIZONA thing. Since the Canadian actress is originally from Nova Scotia, etc. Where they experienced the largest recorded man-made explosion that ever happened.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Since MTV was so instrumental in getting ROLLING STONE's street number 1290 abomination of desolation elected. It only makes sense that Weird Al is now living somewhere in Barack Obama's adopted home state of Hawaii. For a portent of the UK/rainy things that are now unfolding around the Black Sea regions of the lost ten tribes of Israel. ~ ~ One may recall, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE pretty much begins and ends with the Hollywood classic score to SINGING IN THE RAIN. ~ ~ Meanwhile, fresh reports are coming in that President Yanukovych is also planning his big comeback. ~ ~ But not if the George Soros backed democratic fascists have anything to say about it. ~ ~ Obviously, in view of what just happened in the deeply divided Grand Canyon State; it's all coming down to the final battle between the white anti-gays and the pro-gay Jews. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKSTORY INFO: See; ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Accordion music is still very popular in Eastern Europe of course.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


According to the revealed word of God at, when the shit hits the fan in Utah, many Mormons are going to drop to their knees and ask God, "Why!?... What did we do to deserve this?" ~ ~ Well, you could start with Arizona's Senator Flake who is encouraging that REV.17 woman to veto their latest effort to stop the Sodom and Egypt prophecy in REV.13. Even that same woman who has the title of 'MYSTERY' written across her forehead. ~ ~ Which most Mormons don't know about because their spineless Luke warm church leadership has been more interested in getting along with polite society, than getting along with the unsavory polygamist God of Israel. ~ ~ Hence Mr Mitt from Michigan was named after the Michigan mitt prophecy about the monster with sharp teeth who is going to eat the polite society whore of SLC, Babylon. ~ ~ Which is the very reason why that spineless Republican George Bush had to have George C-looney style back surgery just recently. ~ ~ If this seems just a bit over-the-top to all you brain washed ivy league graduates now teaching at BYU, Hawaii, etc. have a look at Mr. Flake's Jewish Branch Davidian face on this Internet virus link at: ~ ~ "Every picture tells a story.." [Rod Stewart] ~ ~ And we all know what the real men do down in Texas and Arizona who still have some fight left in their bellies. Who don't like flaky Branch Davidians who look like Jeffry Warren et al, like at: ~ ~ Because everybody and his dog knows that most child abuse is committed by homogaysexuals. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WAR TIME NOTES: Warren, Indiana is just northeast of where the Guerra family burned to death on the last Sabbath. Because the surname 'Guerra' means war in Americano. ~ ~ MYSTERY RADIO NOTES: It's really no mystery why christian conservative talk radio never talks about Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ ~ BAD EDUCATION NOTES: 1961's AN EDUCATION opens with an EZE.10 medicine wheels airplane crashing into a trash-talking basketball hoop for trash after we see that virgin school girl rubbing her ankle; where she got bit by the SAMSONITE luggage Danite snake in GEN.49. Which they never teach you about at BYU, Utah, Idaho, and Hawaii; not to mention Oxford. ~ ~ In the above ENDGAME film that was written before Obama, St.John Smith's Square represented all those naive high society squares who are now running the Republican Party; and all the mainline Christian churches too, including the Mormon church. Not to mention the Glenn Beck radio show out of Dallas. Where everyone supports gay rights, and opposes the death penalty. ~ ~ In the Kingdom of God, the US Constitution will become born again. Which guarantees every citizen such basic human rights as the wright to own and operate a gay bar, and not hire any straight bartenders. If you don't want to. ~ ~ STANLEY KU/BRICK NOTES: For the past few weeks, I have been pondering hard on what would make for the best cinematic introduction to this year's OSCAR wiener awards show. ~ ~ Think I'll go with that violent homosexual bullies prophecy entitled A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Which featured that aging Sandra Bullock look alike. ~ ~ When it came down to a toss up with 2001 A SPACE ODDITY, the current events in Sheriff Joe's Arizona tipped the scales for me. ~ ~ TYPICAL EXECUTIVE PRODUCER PRODUCTION NOTES: PS Oliver Stone. If I were you, here is what I would do. You have Miley Cyrus come in wearing a little rough aging-druggie makeup, and have her audition for your Janis Joplin biopic while sitting on top of a classic 60s EASY RIDER style HARLEY with ape handles. After you have her down a couple shots of rough-throat SOUTHERN COMFORT, ~ ~ SHITS AND GIGGLES JOKES: In AN EDUCATION, we hear about my Harry Potter Prince of Mt.Rainier, Washington sex cult figure on their MELLO YELLOW talk radio show for flower potters. ~ ~ While daddy whipes off all those dirty dishes mentioned at

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


AN EDUCATION takes place in 1961 because that is when Barack Obama was born in African, and then he went to school in Indonesia as an Indonesian citizen. Which later allowed him to receive all that foreign student aid money that put him through Harvard. ~ ~ Sorry about scooping you on that 60 MINUTES; wish you were here. But alas, you are not, are you. ~ ~ Probably because of all those old liberal secular Jews who produce your Larry King type show. ~ ~ Obviously, it's time for some new young fresh blood. ~ ~ Think, DRACULA:DEAD AND LOVING IT:II meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD. ~ ~ Hence that iconic 80s Ghost Buster from Chicago died in LA from bad blood vessels problems. ~ ~ You Jew me in the ass, I Jew you in the heart. ~ ~ I know, just because I love you it does not mean that you are going to like me back. ~ ~ Which has been pretty much the story of my life, from the very beginning of the world. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EDUCATION NOTES: In the 1961 prophecy starring Carey Mulligan, she eventually becomes a born again virgin who has never been to Paris. Where she originally lost her virginity to that half Jewish latter-day con man. ~ ~ Who was always taking his women to all those expensive shops in London and writing bad checks to cover it. ~ ~ And so now the national debt has more than doubled under that new Jew faker in the White House; and still all of the girls in the Hollywood soap opera news media are going along with it. ~ ~ Because that is what they were always taught at places like Brown and BYU. ~ ~ END GAME NOTES: Uk/rainy fell apart at the end of the Olympic games next door for a Black Sea sign. Hence my walking man checkmate shadow logo used by the ENDGAME producers of AN EDUCATION. ~ ~ This [Sea of Israel] situation is not going to turn out well in the short run. ~ ~ PS JANE FONDA: Calm down, you're not going anywhere. ~ ~ There is a Divinely timed reason why you remind me so much of my first love Donatella Greco. Per that French singer's album with the smoky eyes in AN EDUCATION. ~ ~ KING OF SCOTLAND NOTES: The last Scottish king of Uganda just signed into law that new bill which will make homosexuality a dead issue. Because in the Book of Mormon, it says that sometimes the gentile niggers will be more righteous than the old gray lady white women in Arizona who are now in charge of the apostate Christian Republican Party. ~ ~ 39ISH NOTES: Apparently the miraculous new leader of Italy is 39ish. Which looks to me like some kind of an amazing 39ish physical transfiguration cue/clue to make a really hot feature length porno film at George Clooney's lakefront shag pad. ~ ~ For example; I kind of get turned on, from behind the camera, while watching one of my 39ish wives getting her brains fucked out, AMERICA GIGOLO style.

Monday, February 24, 2014


AN EDUCATION ends with an ALICE IN WONDERLAND cup of tea that depicts today's Rocky Mountain High canibus plant from Obama's Colorado. Where the white people in the eastern Midwestern side of the state have already voted to secede from all those rich hippies living in Boulder, etc. ~ ~ In other words, don't worry about the holy city in REV.16 breaking up sometime in the future. Because it already happened while you were asleep in some 1990s Sandra Bullock movie made in Chicago. ~ ~ This being that black baby's symbolic born again 'X' footprint on Barack Obama's genuine birth certificate from Africa. [Think Mercer Island, Seattle, Washington] Put up now on some future Internet virus computer window by that virgin CHANEL No.5 white school girl in the opening sequence to 2008's AN EDUCATION, as seen at;,%20Copy.pdf ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLUE HAWAII NOTES: Note how the baby-step toes on Obama's real birth certificate resemble a map of Hawaii; starting with the Big Island's big toe and reaching out from there. Overall, Obama's newborn footprint on the above simplistic third world hospital certificate depicts a big black baby's uncircumcised penis. ~ ~ MORE NIGGER NOTES: Just because you love the nigger, it does not mean that the queerish Jew nigger mother fucker is going to love you back, as confirmed in this latest report at; ~ ~ You want to know how it feels to be loved forever and ever? You come to me. And you stay away from people like Alex Baldwin, Oprah Winfrey, and Will Ferrell; not to mention Barack Obama and those two midgets, Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. ~ ~ BAD TEACHER NOTES: My young virtuous looking virgin wife from Epinal, France in AN EDUCATION speaks French. ~ ~ But then some years later, my more spicy Italian substitute teacher from Napoli, Italia comes along and takes her place. ~ ~ According to JACOB 5, in the last days that "bland enchilada" in EATING RAOUL will be replaced by something more tasty. ~ ~ FREE JACK-IN-THE-BOX COUPON SURPRISES: Hey Mr. Jack Ass. Yeah yeah yeah. We know already. So why not have some fun FFing some legal-aged 18 year-olds in VIVA LAS VEGAS who look like 16 year-old virgins? ~ ~ What? You don't like Bill Murray's earlier low-budget Japanese movies? ~ ~ BRIDGET JONES SEQUEL NOTES: The main reason why all of those liberal Jewish homogaysexuals in London and Hollywood have not yet come up with the kind of mega cashola that it would take to make a BRIDGET JONES 5, is because they got a whiff of my original 70s style XXX screenplay for the project, and it totally freaked them out. ~ ~ So now I get to shoot my own private 91' fuck boat movie in Thailand with my own money, and still make a killing in the look alike DVD black market. And I can always say that I honestly had nothing to do with it. ~ ~ REWRITE NOTES: I now see the next Bridget Jones in paradise sequel as some kind of a royal Prince George sex God cult movie for middle-aged mothers and their teenager look alike daughters. What? You still don't think that Mel Gibson has that kind of off-shore money? ~ ~ Whatever. In the next and last new-and-improved Bridget Jones diary movie, Renee Zellweger finally becomes best friends with Sandra Bullock. According to the very last line in DON JUAN DE MARCO, that goes, "...and why not?"

Sunday, February 23, 2014


The interruption by God of the day 1290 DAYTONA 500 medicine wheels race down in Florida happened because he wanted you to stop and think about my Jack and Dave reality show. Based upon that prophetic Elvis Press-ly race car prophecy about him giving back big time, like at; ~ ~ Talk about banana and peanutbutter sandwiches. ~ ~ This being that old long forgotten map about the lost tribes of Israel that was stolen in AN EDUCATION; because the old gray lady who had it hanging on her living room wall only thought that it was a thing of naught. ~ ~ GSR ~ ~ MAP NOTES: Chris Wood's Northwood, Iowa is located east of Elizabeth Hurley's Hwy.65 for a I-95 thing. Just off of Lost Israel's I-35 dividing line that runs up from The Republic of Texas; near that Lime River reference to the English Limeys and their amazing limestone spring creeks full of brown trout near Liz' animal pig farm. And Silver [sterling] Lake is right there too. ~ ~ Because at the end of the 2008 made movie, Professor Obama ends up schooling all those silly foolish school girls who he had seduced in the first act. In the form of that Burn Jones painting that we see at about 1:32:31. Which depicts a white monkey man squatting to take a shit behind some beautiful young lady. ~ ~ THE BIGGEST SEQUEL EVER: The last days follow up to my own private Idaho masterpiece, entitled THE BIG LEBOWSKI is already in the bank. See: ~ ~ Because after giving it a lot of thought. The big one should definitely be a sequel: and not some prequel or a remake. ~ ~ To para-quote that mother fucker style Bill Clinton Democrat operative from Louisiana, who looks like the devil himself; "If you drag 100k in small bills through a trailer park, you will find the truth..." ~ ~ Ergo, in the sequel, USC's Tad Danielewski Lebowski figure is living in Matt's little 24' silver RL edition GULFSTREAM trailer up in Malibu; when his stock broker finally gets around to telling him how much his APPLE/GOOGLE stock is now worth. ~ ~ In other words, who gives a flying fuck who is directing behind the HD video camera; just as long as I get to play the sequel's homage to Orson Welles in this typical sleazy middle-aged bad guy role. ~ ~ Right now, the biggest question is, do we shoot it at Julia Roberts's shag pad above the beach in Malibu? Or do we just make it at Charlize Theron's mother's house located right on the beach; circa AMERICA GIGOLO meets LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE. ~ ~ I guess it all depends on how the casting auditions go. Plus, how smoothly we can edit in the second unit footage from my various private yachts.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


What makes my Jack and Dave in Vegas reality show idea so great, is that they are the perfect odd couple misfits. ~ ~ And it would only take a little pocket money from both of them to hire a three-man video/lighting/sound crew to follow them out in a nondescript van along I-15. ~ ~ Now, I realize that both of these older dudes could care less about becoming rich and famous all over again. But what about the children? Who are so desperately in need to be introduced to their amazing body of prophetic latter-day works and wonders, that were obviously inspired by God. ~ ~ Don't you two feel any obligation at all to give back? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CLIFF NOTES: My half Jew nigger con man in AN EDUCATION moves all those Negros into the Greek columns White Houses in London in order to get all those old gray lady country club Republicans stirred up enough to start realizing what is really going on. And get out while the getting is good. ~ ~ Ergo, the old gray lady conservatives in England are often referred to as "wigs". Like in that British wig wearing lady lover in SHAMPOO. ~ ~ Jenny's Jewish looking hook-nose father in AN EDUCATION was your typical self-hating Jew of course. ~ ~ TYPICAl SAVVY TV JEW NOTE: Why not slip a cool big one on the side to Martin Scorsese and make him the driver of the low budget tv production van in Jack and Dave's reality show; that eventually ends up in old downtown Reno? ~ ~ Remember guys, no matter how much tax-free cash-money you have hidden away in my front man's various shell bank accounts in the TOMMY BAHAMAS, you can not take it with you when you suddenly die of Steve Fresh style technology lung cancer, or maybe even a sudden fart attack. ~ ~ BAD TEACHER NOTES: My used copy of Cameron Diaz' BAD TEACHER movie might just be a natural follow up to my own private [AN EDUCATION] French dialogue tutor prophecy. That ended with a very specific reference to my LAST TANGO IN PARIS remake/sequel/prequel inspirations about me fucking a virgin Chloe Moretz, and her virgin sister too in a cheap walk-up pensione for retired pensioners in Paris. ~ ~ MORE MEDDLING EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: How about Jack and Dave [Letterman?] run into Demi Moore at some gaming table, and suddenly Robert Redford shows up out of nowhere and makes her an indecent proposal? ~ ~ Just think of the willing participation casting couch possibilities. Like Pam Anderson is hanging around the room after she gets off work. And so is Sharon Stone for that matter. And since this a direct video tv reality show series, nobody has a problem with what happens next. Like Paris Hilton wins 50k at the blackjack table. And then I fuck her on top of some temple marriage chapel with a virgin sacrifice alter on the strip. ~ ~ Considering all the show's KING RALPH jokes. ~ ~ For example, I get to fuck that redhead Lindsay Lohan figure in my own private production trailer in the prophetic 60s musical swingers movie. Just as long as I have the right to fire her if she does not show up on time whenever I feel like having my cock sucked. ~ ~ Believe it or not; one of those chicken ranches located outside of Reno has a little [Mel Gibson] chapel where one can become legally married before having marital relations.

Friday, February 21, 2014


I watched AN EDUCATION over two days. During which there was a huge smoky fire at a crop-duster chemicals depot confirmation of that stoned pilot in iD4. Located just across the state line where London, Minn [Mini] sits on Rt.34. Per the house no.34 at the end of the film where the naive Jenny encounters Professor Obama's Jewish mother holding his hand. ~ ~ Ergo, the end credits' song by Duffy, that goes, "There's no smoke without fire... Baby baby, you're a liar." ~ ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LANDMARK LINKS: ~ ~ Northwood, Iowa is located north of the Israelitish named Mason City; east of Scarsville's reference to the marred servant in the Book of Mormon. Nearby Gordonville, Minn is for the late Gordon B. Hinckley. Who was so famous for always being so Luke warm about the truth. Hence that chair named after him in the UU's English Literature department, located up in the highlands above SLC, UT. ~ ~ CLIFF NOTES: One can find Duffy's inspired and prophetic lyrics and video here, at: ~ ~ OSCAR NOTES: Sandra Bullock voted for Barack Obama twice, because her fake marriage certificate [birth certificate] husband was such a big liar; and she liked it. ~ ~ Think 2001 A SPACE ODDITY meets her recent zero gravity movie about that [big foot] football nigger that she adopted when she was still married to her lying sack of shit hubby. ~ ~ In the above educational movie, Sandy's future Long Beach, CA husband created a forged signature copy of a children's book by C.S. Lewis. Based upon the prophetic time machine concept when Rush Limbaugh would be putting out his childish fun loving patriotic books that say nothing about Obama's fake birth certificate and Social Security number. ~ ~ SUNSHINE PATRIOT NOTES: People who don't tell the truth about Barack Obama et al are the kind of rich christian white folks who are just too afraid to rock the money boat. ~ ~ But don't worry. My down low nigger associate-sidekick in DC is going to take care of all of them, and then some. You lie you die. And then you become born again. ~ ~ POLITICAL SIDENOTE: I definitely support Senator Cruz for President of the Republic of Texas. Since he is not a natural born USA citizen. And my first born was born on Texas Independence Day, per this year's OSCARS award show. ~ ~ Last I heard, my own son named Sean [Whoever] was some kind of an undercover Mr.Zero type tax accountant faker. ~ ~ For example, Mia Farrow's grown up son looks an awful lot like Tom Brady.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Bradly Cooper's latest OSCAR nominated movie about my Karate Kid figure in SMOKIN' ACES getting his marred servant head all banged up and wounded, for a representation of the first [6,666,666] half Jew Nazi beast, who then makes a big comeback, in the form of my illegal alien sidekick Barack Obama, is the very kind of thing that keeps making me feel like a new 29 year-old man at the late 1970s [007 James Bond] PLAYBOY mansion. ~ ~ Who still likes to fuck the younger ladies. ~ ~ Imagine Mr.Cooper meets Mr.DiCaprio in real life, circa BLUE JASMINE meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. When I start to video tape my latest underaged teenager fuck film onboard Michael Savage's twin VO\VO tied up somewhere in Marin County, California. ~ ~ And then afterwards, we all sit around up on deck sipping rare $100 bottles of smoky chard while nibbling on smoked Copper River, Alaska sockeye. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JACK NICHOLSON AND DAVID LYNCH: Don't let the homos, and the Jews, and the niggers in Hollywood get in the way of your future plans. Just hire a comfortable limo to drive you both out to Las Vegas, Nevada and see what happens. And don't forget to stop by RITE AID for a 12-pack carton of unfiltered CAMELS and a couple bottles of Scotch. ~ ~ You can pick up the hot 18ish hookers, with no stretch-marks on their ass later, after you cross the state line of course. Where all those HBO style Big Love fundamentalist Mormons live. ~ ~ NBC NOTE: If that whole new TONIGHT SHOW in NYC thing doesn't pan out for you, you might just try making it a Las Vegas, Nevada venue. ~ ~ Personally, if it was my decision, I would produce the new born again late evening show in some run down Johnny Carson era hotel and casino in downtown Reno. ~ ~ That said, I have always been just a little bit too fun loving and immature for my age. Like my 59ish King of Hollywood figure in THE MISFITS meets IT STARTED IN NAPLES. ~ ~ LAS VEGAS TRAVEL TIPS: Naturally, some of the best [underaged looking] legal-age teenager hookers in town have rather small titties. But don't let their higher $500 per night prices discourage you. The smaller the breasts, the tighter the pussy. ~ ~ AN EDUCATION NOTE: Last night, I dreamed that Emma Watson had left Brown University without even bothering to pick up her B.S. degree. Because more than anything, she wanted to hang out with me and Charlize Theron on Dr.Savage's twin cabin cruiser that we see in the background of Woody Allen's BLUE JASMINE movie.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I AM is a lot like Jesus Christ; although I'm not actually Jesus himself. ~ ~ I just play him in the movies, etc. ~ ~ Take for example my sleazy Jewish con man sidekick figure in 2009's AN EDUCATION prophecy. Wherein Emma Watson becomes so sexually traumatized by me that she finally decides to drop out of Brown Univerity and transfer all of her college credits to my Alma matter at BYU, Provo, Utah meets BYU, Idaho. ~ ~ Because Emma now has the kind of GSR/TWN fuck-you money type connections that will open the doors to anything she wants. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOTHER FUCKER NOTES: I get to fuck Jennifer Garner after my brother Ben Affleck dies, metaphorically speaking. In order that she is not tempted to go out afterwards and whore around with strange flesh; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ In other words, Carey Mulligan and I get to fool around and have some fun with a feature film video camera focused on a buck naked Keira Knightley; shot onboard my own private Adriana Lima yacht with Gisele Bundchen, et al. Because, "...he makes me feel happy." to quote Elizabeth Hurley. ~ ~ Think she makes me feel happy too. Since all is well that ends well. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Those two little underaged teenager hotties who live up the street from you are starting to make things up on their various Internet virus web sites. So how about you and I get together with Jack Nicholson and give the little cunts something to talk about for real? ~ ~ Here's my new proposition. ~ ~ I let both of you smoke all of those expensive deluxe Brittish fags that you want for the next five years for free. And I AM is not talking about all of that middle-aged 'half-a-pack-a-day' bullshit. ~ ~ Just as long as you remember the Bible principle that faith without hard cash in the bank is dead.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I just read that the co-star of AN EDUCATION will be hooking up in some West End gig with her daddy figure in the SHAUN OF THE DEAD Mormon missionary man prophecy. ~ ~ For a double confirmation of both Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley getting married to two fuddy duddies who don't believe anymore in 1960s style open marriage. ~ ~ Per this historic link to BOB & CAROL & TED & ALICE, at: ~ ~ Or is it the other way around? Who gives a shit. ~ ~ Watch DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS meets SHAMPOO while on LDS/LSD and get your head right. ~ ~ What the fuck. You can't come up with enough big ones for Chloe Moretz's mother to let me and her make a couple fuck films on my vintage yacht that was once owned by one of my forerunners? ~ ~ That's like saying that Jerry Seinfeld does not have even one single Italian sports car for me in any one of his bi-coastal warehouses. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOT SURE NOTES: Ironically, the young-at-heart guitar-playing loves-to-dance Jimmy Fallon seems more LA than NYC. ~ ~ This is what I would do, if I were him. Get ready to move out west, and drop the hip Dakotas condo backdrop for something more 'Hotel California'. I could be completely full of shit on this one; since it does say in the Bible that, "The ways of man are not the ways of God." ~ ~ On the other hand, they are saying that Woody Allen's new west coast BLUE JASMINE picture is where it's at right now.

Monday, February 17, 2014


I finished watching 1988's hysterical DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS in the wee hours of Monday. Realizing that the babe who swindled those two swindlers of Judah and Ephraim out of 50k was the same free money that Paris just won at some casino gaming table. ~ ~ In confirmation of my own private indie film prophecy entitled ROD STEELE 0014. ~ ~ Just confirmed yet again by that frozen 3.2 earthquake off of Rt.104 in South Carolina. ~ ~ Yes. I know already. I did look just a tad too old in the above spy spoof to end all spy spoofs, with my died hair and all that. ~ ~ Not to mention those sagging tits on Jennifer Aniston in the movie's shower scene finale. ~ ~ But don't you worry all you boys and girls; it's all uphill easy-going on the highlander's ski lift lodge from there. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LINK: This particular little worm link on the Internet has a nice shot of Paris Hilton's Jewish genealogy tree nose anatomy, at: ~ ~ Note the royal princess hairdo homage to Scarlett Johansson. Who also has blue eyes, like at: ~ ~ In the revelations, it states quite clearly that one is not a full blooded pure race Jew if they do not have blue eyes. ~ ~ Read'em and weep. ~ ~ DOWN AND DIRTY NOTE: The painful caning scenes in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS is a prophetic representation of the punishment for lying in the 2bc.inf . ~ ~ In other words, if you are one of those politically correct and naive military men who believes in defending Barack Obama, and not the US Constitution, then you have a world of hurt coming your way. ~ ~ POPE A DOPE NOTE: The new 7-hills pope in [ROMA meets ROMAN HOLIDAY in 1973 meets 1953.] is from Argentina. Think LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets Paris Hilton's Internet sex tape that went virus after all. Since she is one of my very few future wives who has enough fuck-you money to make it happen. Just as long as she gets a nice piece of the SAILOR DOG style action, like at: ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: Gregory Peck was one of my first royal Miley Sire-us pecker figures. Who died in 2003 on Adriana Lima's 22nd birthday. For a sign from g-d that it was high time that she got married and started to have children, per: ~ ~ It's no coincidence that the late Jewish actor looks a lot like my handsome local Jewish friend Paul Garrison. ~ ~ I am not making this up. Back when I was a Mormon missionary riding my bicycle through the streets of Roma, I could hear the young ladies shouting out, "Gregory Peck!.. I love you!" ~ ~ My polish director [BYU] forerunner Tad Danielewski had a much younger blond actress lover from South Africa who was a Charlize Theron forerunner. Back when I was attending his filmmaker/actor workshops in Provo, Utah with Kenny Kemp and Bruce Troxell.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


ID4 ends with the Branch Davidian figure planting a prophetic computer virus on the Internet that will penetrate the invisible shield of the liberal media invaders who are protecting the illegal alien usurper in the White House. ~ ~ Now being fulfilled by all those underground Internet Bertha bloggers who have found a way to bypass the corrupt Jewish establishment. And also defeat their back door fellow travelers; like the Jewish Clyde Lewis, and the Jewish Abe Foxman. ~ ~ Both of whom believe that today's born again third way re-formation is being threatened by white semi Jewish right-winger third way Nazis. Which is basically the same thing that Glenn Beck and Jesse Venture believe. ~ ~ Hitler was a half Jew from the highlands [of Utah] who was very interested in today's apostate pagan gods of modern Christianity, of course. ~ ~ The kind who believes in UFOs, ghosts, and Big Foot Sasquatches; yet thinks that the Book of Mormon is just an obvious hoax. ~ ~ Get this. Portland's Mr. [Jerry] Lewis actually believes that all of those recent Ellen Page earthquakes around Page, Arizona were caused by a drunk fat demon sporting a Republican Party elephant head. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JULY 20 NOTES: The 1260 days iD4 prophecy opened on 7.3.96 with the 7.20.69 moon landing confirmation of my limestone colored iPAD shag pad wallpaper in MIIB. Once you go with today's Internet worm virus, you'll always yearn. ~ ~ PROGRAMMING NOTE: Please, please, Mr KTTH radio programmer, let Clyde Lewis stay on the air in Seattle for just a little bit longer. We need him. ~ ~ Somebody out there has to be telling it like it is. ~ ~ WEATHER NOTES: I heard on the radio that today's strongest winds are supposed to blow across the Lopez Island area. ~ ~ BOY GEORGE NOTE: Boy George's iconic 80s song about my chameleon lizard wives always coming and going is why Ms. Montana opened her world tour in BC. ~ ~ GOD DAMN IT ALL NOTE: Last night God tapped on my bedroom wall and said that I should take another look at that Keira Knightley Italian princess movie titled DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, before I watch Carey Mulligan again in AN EDUCATION. ~ ~ One can just imagine how often yours truly is going to have to bite my tongue and not scream out, GOD DAMN IT!! When I AM is married to both of these two crazy sex ladies. ~ ~ DISAGREEMENT DAY NOTES: People who disagree with me tend to be the same moronic simpletons in the liberal media who jumped all over my forerunner Marlon Brando; when he said that Hollywood is run by old 70 year-old Jews.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I got only half way through Will Smith's iD4 last night. Which is about that illegal alien in the desecrated White House in 2014 who has no valid US citizenship ID; and already the reports are rolling out like a green bowling ball about massive homogaysexual style rear-ender fender-bender pile-ups outside of Medved's 1776 Philadelphia. Just like in the 1996 movie that was filmed down in Utah's red rock canyon country off of old Hwy.666. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ATLAS NOTES: One of the biggest iD4 type pile ups happened between Ben's Jerusalem and Will's weeping willow landmark, reported at: ~ ~ ALIEN ID4 IMAGE NOTES: See, ~ ~ My hot young trophy trout wife, Ms. Montana, kicked off her physical transfiguration tour in BC wearing a big furry feathery shoulders number homage to LAST TANGO IN PARIS, like at: ~ ~ Now it looks like I am going to half to find some kind of a juicy three-way supporting role for my other boy-wife, Ellen Page, in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO sequel to LAST TANGO IN PARIS. In my world, there is no place for people with petty sexual preferences and orientations. ~ ~ In other words, "There are no lesbians in the Kingdom of God." [] ~ ~ DEAR ELIZABETH HURLEY: I do hope that you have my guest room all ready for me in London. When I suddenly arrive at your door with only two suitcases in hand; like in your own private prophecy co-starring Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock, entitled NOTTING HILL meets GREGORY'S GIRL meets Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan in AN EDUCATION. ~ ~ Believe me you. I AM is not at all interested in meaningless CARNIVAL OF SOULS sex. But He is definitely interested in having sex with you if it means something much more than mouth fucking. ~ ~ See my most favorite Jerry Seinfeld episode ever, wherein my creepy comedian figure of the future keeps referring to himself in the third person. ~ ~ And if that still does not do it for you. Watch me fuck and suck your brains out in my own private King of England prophecy called AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON meets THE WEIGHT OF WATER meets DARK SHADOWS. ~ ~ DEAR GISELE BUNDCHEN: That timely earthquake near New Bedford, Mass meant that I will get to bed you when it's all over. ~ ~ DAVID CODE NOTES: Lynch's last feature length home video was shot in Poland for a Roman Polanski prophecy about me fucking private school teenagers in Paris and Switzerland in the last days; just across the boarder from George Clooney's PLAYBOY mansion on Lake Como.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Those crazy eight STINGRAYS [suddenly out of nowhere] fell into the pit of captivity in George C-looney's Bowling Green, Kentucky Wednesday morning because they all looked like rocket space-ships from Mars, on wheels. ~ ~ Per that green bowling ball in MIIB that rolls out in the scene where the lost tribes man of Israel suddenly gets his memory back. About the lost ten tribes of Israel [not Judah] who escaped from Syria and settled down in the Sochi, Russia area of the white Caucasian Mountains. ~ ~ Which was just confirmed by that Java volcano eruption in Barack Obama's homeland of Indonesia. Per that limestone green lava lamp sitting on the Java coffee table in the wormy guys' shag pad DVD menu art. Because Obama is an illegal alien, and Glenn Beck and Bill O'Really and Michael Medved and Mark Lavin are all full of shit. ~ ~ Just like Ms.Gloria Allred, at: ~ ~ Hey, if it talks like a duck, then it is a duck. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KEY NOTES: This Providential image of that key on a green tag represents that same c-18 locker key in MIIB, at: ~ ~ Note how it is pointing directly at her pussy buffet region. [All you can eat for lunch at $9.99 these days, dinner menu is more.] ~ DUMB FUCK NOTES: The main reason why most of today's apostate conservative talk radio Christians are ducking the issue of Barack Obama's stolen Social Security number is because it would mean that the Book of Mormon is for real. ~ ~ VINCE VAUGHN NOTES: I know that you like Glenn Beck's amazing comedic [570 KVI] radio acting talent, and so do I actually; coming from an Orson Welles perspective about America being invaded by fake 1930s style FDR aliens. Whose White House cabinet was definitely overrun by Jewish communists from Brooklyn, NY; which is now a historic fact, and not some right-wing reactionary theory. ~ ~ Just like Obama's forged birth certificate is in fact a fact, and not some hysterical 1950s anti-communist conspiracy theory on the radio, circa Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ Anyway, why not put up a few of my first underaged teenager fuck films on some virgin social media channel, and then sell the whole thing to some Internet front company secretly owned by my off shore business partners at ? ~ ~ I have yet to see your last google interns Internet comedy for pre-middle-aged guys. Who still believed in their heart-of-hearts that they were still only about 29 years-old, tops. ~ ~ My French Catholic Mormon convert ex-wife in the ZERO EFFECT prophecy left me when I was 29ish, of course. In order that I might die and become born again some 37 years later; according to the two witnesses prophecy in EZE.37. ~ ~ BRUCE WILLIS, MEL GIBSON, AND TOM HANKS NOTES: Put the up front cash money in the bank account of my front man in the British Bahamas first. Then we'll talk. ~ ~ The idea being that you owe me a ten percent tithing, and you now owe the new and improved 666 IRS beast under Barack Obama exactly zero. According to that 1260 days era ZERO EFFECT prophecy filmed in Portland, Oregon. [Go DUCKS!!] And I am the new born again Orson Welles. Who looked like he was 50ish when he was only 29ish, and living in tax free Nevada. ~ ~ PS ROMAN POLANSKI: If you still have any doubts about me, put a camera in front of my face for the LAST TANGO IN PARIS sequel, and see what happens. Seeing is believing. ~ ~ Which is why Scarlett Johansson moved to Paris. In other words, if you be nice to me, she will be nice to you.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


For example, if the future Teri Kornblum-Rutherford-Relf can just hang in there for a little bit longer, here is what she gets from me in the deal at: ~ ~ Per this physically transfigured image of Mick Jagger eating Charlize pussy, at: ~ ~ Just confirmed by that new NYC dog show crown winner who has my same goatee beard. Who is directly related to her late Cleopatra pet who was also sired by a royal Da Vinci Code Davidian figure dog when she was living up the road from St.David, Arizona on Rt.90. ~ ~ And her husband shot himself in the head with a symbolic gun from PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop, etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Will Smith only plays my willful jive ass nigger [Joseph Smith] sidekick in the movies, such as MIIB. Whereas in real life, he is actually a pretty solid family man. Notwithstanding his down-low history, which only comes with the territory. ~ ~ Can a leopard change his spots? ~ ~ Do monkeys like bananas? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JEW NOTE: That Jewish lawyer who was bombed to death in Lebanon, Tenn was a Lebanon/Israel omen regarding the day 1290 abomination of desolation prophecy in MARK 13:14; per: ~ ~ Based on my various visions about Israel becoming overwhelmed and almost completely destroyed by Iranian missiles, and their new and improved Lebanon based rockets. Because most of today's childish Jew boys voted for Barack Obama, just to spite Ephraim. ~ ~ BANK NOTES: Due to the upcoming monetary inflation created by today's silly immature Jewish international new-world-order bankers, many of whom are older man-child women, your funny [comedian] money is about to lose around two thirds of it's worth; i.e. a 66.6% reduction in value. ~ ~ Don't worry, be happy. ~ ~ Meanwhile, buy gold and silver, and keep your cash reserves deposited in the Bank of Canada's branch offices in the Bahamas, etc.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Yesterday, I read that Will Smith is scheduled to be the first guest on the born again TONIGHT SHOW. Starring that new born again Mormon missionary g-host figure Jimmy Fallon, and not Will Ferrell. ~ ~ Therefore I watched my used copy of MIIB that I had found at PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop some months ago. ~ ~ Wherein Annalynne McCord leads a procession of sex cult followers who are searching for the 2002 movie's 'Light of Zion'. Which eventually leads her sister to my hip night-crawlers shag pad; fully decorated in my own private Gisele Bundchen iPAD wallpaper, circa 2014. ~ ~ To make a long story short, the 80 minutes movie centers around one of my 'pillow stone of Jacob' wife's charm bracelets by TIFFANY. ~ ~ Furthermore, the main plot is about that huge toothy underground worm-borer that has been tunneling under Seattle of late; but now appears to have been stopped by the same film's REV.17 worm lady in EATING RAOUL meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. ~ ~ No kidding. In the end, I really do get to fuck Ms.No.9, sooner rather than later. ~ ~ After all, the prophetic film only runs for like 80 minutes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIRTHER NOTES: The underground nickname 'Bertha' is an inspired underground 'birther' word play. Since Obama's mother was from the Jewish Mercer Island Seattle area. ~ ~ LDS TEMPLE NOTE: Shirley Temple Black died at 85 for a D&C 85 confirmation. About the time when black people would be desecrating the D&C 86 style Mormon temples. And all those little grown up girls out there like Glenn Beck and Clyde Lewis kind of like it. ~ ~ MEDHEAD RADIO NOTES: Probably the main reason why I still enjoy listening to Michael Medved talk radio, especially on conspiracy day, broadcast from Mercer Island, Seattle, Washington Lake, is because it is only one of the few places on the AM dial where I can still get a big kick out of Jesse Ventura sounding exactly like Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ Think Steven Fresh meets my brother Peter in Sandy, Utah. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: They fed that young two-year-old stiff-necked African Obama giraffe to the lions of Judah at a zoo in Denmark in confirmation of my Danish teacher hero in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL. Which comes to an end with a long shot of my royal Lion of Judah statue in France. Per THE DA VINCE CODE prophecy of the future, that was paid homage to in MIIB, 2002. ~ ~ THE DAY OF THE JACKAL THINGS: Reportedly, 77 just died in an Algerian plane crash, at: ~ ~ On the very same day that the new whore of Paris was hanging out in DC with the day 1290 abomination of desolation. ~ ~ ALFA ROMEO NOTE: We see my sterling VELOCE parked in the background when the police arrive at my Swiss French Alps hotel in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL. Of course, yours truly is already long gone. ~ ~ Ergo, at the end of the 'died and born again' movie made in 1973, yours truly already has gray hair. And is still living in that low rent pensioners boarding house featured in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II meets AP:II. Where I get to fuck that underaged teenager in the ass who looks like one of the two Olson Twins. ~ ~ Played by Miley Cyrus of course; since those two midget billionaire Olsen Twins are no longer really all that interested in acting. And any kind of a remake or sequel that I AM is involved in must certainly include some kind of a prophetic three-way theme; preferably using an 18ish looking Cara Delevigne or an even younger looking Ariana Grande. ~ ~ And if all three of them ultimately impress me that much in the auditioning process, hey, money is no object.

Monday, February 10, 2014

MS. ANNALYNNE IS CASTING PERFECTION ~ ~ Annalynne McCord is joining the cast of TNT's DALLAS remake for a reason. ~ ~ First of all, the original 1980s show was Rush Limbaugh's all time favorite form of intertwinement. ~ ~ Secondly, Glenn Beck is now broadcasting from the same dual I-35 metro region of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Thirdly, the half hour of silence in heaven has now come to an end; starting with Judah's April 6, 1993 crucifixion birth date. Wherein Judah dies a painful and violent death and then becomes born again in the resurrection of Jesus. ~ ~ Ergo, one look at that above FFing babe from DALLAS, and Glenn Beck et al will definitely begin to understand that it will be well worth it when they finally decide to man up and break their silence about that nigger in the White House. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

Sunday, February 9, 2014


The United Order Credit Union of Israel is our own private loan operation thing. ~ ~ You try to put the financial squeeze on us, we kill you, and your family too. ~ ~ That said, we have no problem paying out a reasonable ten percent tax in national protection money. ~ ~ Call it blood money if you must. ~ ~ But that's all you get, so you better learn to live on it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHEN THE FAT LADY SINGS NOTES: Leno had that fat bitch sing on his last show that featured Barack Obama for a reason. ~ ~ Think Portland's Clyde Lewis meets New Jersey's Gov. Christie. ~ ~ DR. STRANGELOVE NOTE: The November 22, 1963 premier of DR. STRANGELOVE was suddenly cancelled due to the assassination of JFK JR in Glenn Beck's Dallas, Texas by all those Jewish bankers in London who secretly voted for him by about 90%. The above inspired motion picture is about Russia's doomsday machine [atomic bomb nuclear energy plant network] that is going to spread deadly radian all over the world during the upcoming millennial physical transfiguration era. When the lost ten tribes of Israel are going to die, and then become born again. Based upon the film's plural marriage prophecy about all those deep underground gold mines. Hence, the USA president in the 1963 made movie has lost most of his hair due to atomic bomb fallout poisoning. ~ ~ 50/50 NOTE: About half of the Jewish Democrats voted for the tall Ronald McDonald Reagan during the 1980s because they all sensed that he was at least half Jewish; like Abraham Lincoln was. ~ ~ You don't get to be that smart, and have that kind of a sense of humor on such a grand scale, if you don't have a lot of Jew in you. ~ ~ INSIDER NOTE: Consider these prophetically inspired 1960s lyrics in the proper spirit and context, linked at; AND:'In'_Crowd_(song) ~ ~ SWISS NOTE: Today's Swiss banks need to cut off all ties with the new world order's international Jewish bankers based in London. Otherwise, I AM is not going to deposit any of my hard currency billions in any of your banks. Even though they are located just up the road from my Lake Como boat house. ~ ~ PERSONAL NOTE: Steven Fresh will get to live in Switzerland once he agrees to take my French ex-wife off of my hands. And I will get to fuck his own ex-wife Ornella on the Italian side of the border. Fair is fair. ~ ~ PS STEVEN: Just sit back and relax and watch THE DAY OF THE JACKAL; and everything will all make a lot more sense to you.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Sochi is located in the northern countries region where the lost ten tribes of Israel settled after their escape from Syria; which is now deteriorating from the inside. Just like in ancient times. ~ ~ Ergo, today's Black Sea of Egypt and Sodom was originally called The Sea Of Israel, not the Sea of Judah. ~ ~ Which is now called the Black Sea because today's white Caucasians like to pretend that they are no different that the dark skin Gentiles. ~ ~ Therefore, today's Jewish Crown Prince of England is not really all that interested in protecting the Church of England anymore than protecting all those dirty filthy apes from Africa and Arabia who are invading and destroying his country. ~ ~ I smell a KING RALPH sequel if you ask me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JACKAL LOOK ALIKE NOTE: A Boulder, Colorado icon from THE SHINING just smashed into a French Alps train in confirmation of one of my most secretive and private prophecy movies ever, THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, located along the very same route where yours truly takes a detour in my Jay Leno style vintage Italian sports car, at: ~ ~ PS PARIS: You got 50k for free at some crazy ass casino blackjack [Nicholson] table in confirmation of the same 50k cash payment pay-off to those three bounty hunters in SMOKIN' ACES. Which every one of my future daughters of Israel wives will get from me up front. Payable under the table of course. That has the exact same worth as that 18k I gave to my ex-wife from France in 1980. And therefore I no longer owed her one single FDR dime in child support. Once you fuck me, you are dead to me. ~ ~ An eye for an eye, a life for a life. ~ ~ GIGOLO LINK: Here is the TMZ confirmation about that '50' states metaphor, that was paid under the table in AMERICAN GIGOLO, adjusted for inflation of course, at; ~ ~ The timely report's 100k sum represents all those child-support 100k blackmail payments in ZERO EFFECT.

Friday, February 7, 2014


On Friday my time, there was a very deep 6.5 orgasm earthquake sign in the area of my legendary Prince Philip sex cult location, recorded at: ~ ~ Note that the historic big boner landmark also comes with a clit stimulator. Because the future sire of London looks a lot like the caretaker who disciplined his wife and two virgin daughters in THE SHINING, at: ~ ~ Looks like the new Bank of Fiji is eventually going to become the new Swiss Bank of highland Israel for people who don't want to pay any illegal IRS income taxes anymore. Like in my extremely private and secretive ZERO EFFECT prophecy filmed in GROUND ZERO Portland. ~ ~ Which is about the only place in the world right now where people can call into 101 KUFO talk radio and openly talk about my Jewish Branch Davidian banker plans to take over the world. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: Keep your eye on the new late night NBC host Jimmy Fallon. The dude is definitely a plant. ~ ~ As you well know, God spits luke warm moderates and centrists like you out of his mouth. ~ ~ Think Bill O'Really meets Bill Clinton meets Jimmy Kimmel meets Jimmy Carter. Six, one half dozen, the other. ~ ~ GIRLFRIEND NOTE: My girlfriend in my private 1997-1998 ZERO EFFECT prophecy drives a little car with '... 210' plates. So I looked up her 210th cfake image at: ~ ~ ISLAND PARK, IDAHO NOTE: There are at least three small spring fed streams that feed into the Island Park reservoir in Hemmingway's Idaho that are as fine as that famous limestone spring creek near Elizabeth Hurley's animal farm in England. Which apparently she has now rented out to some local pig farmer. ~ ~ SUDDEN STRANGE IMPRESSION NOTE: I'll start to review DR STRANGELOVE tonight, and hopefully finish it by tomorrow night. And see if it has anything to do with some 1958ish cold war B-52 bomber crashing into the Russian Olympics, metaphorically speaking.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Mt. Deception is located north of Mt. [Pam] Anderson in the Olympic National Park prophecy about the Russian Winter Olympics; which feature the five vagina ring icons of the rainbow in the ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25. ~ ~ Talk about winter season steelhead fishing on the Hoh River for sea run rainbow trout. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BORN AGAIN NOTE: There are a lot of white Christian Mormons out there in the southern Bible Belt who are about to become born again, including that moron Glenn Beck, per: ~ ~ GROUND ZERO NOTE: The reason why TRADER JOE'S plans for a new store in Portland, Oregon's King District were rejected is because all of today's crazy weak moderates like Clyde Lewis have now taken over America. ~ ~ OOPS: I just looked over at my 70s era COSMO bed clock, that now reads "2:37". ~ ~ GROUND ZERO EFFECT NOTE: After I lose around 35 pounds for my first faux fuck film remake, I might just be able to come up with ten free days in my busy schedule for some kind of a ZERO EFFECT sequel/prequel/remake, filmed in Portland, Oregon. That is if Gus Van Sant is directing, or maybe even a Wes Anderson. ~ ~ Otherwise, don't even call me with any of your low budget film bullshit. ~ ~ Time is money. ~ ~ ON THE MONEY NOTE: Emma Watson would obviously be perfection in the death trap role of my short haired love interest in any kind of a new ZERO EFFECT sequel. Wherein she eventually becomes bored to death with her bungie jump fantasy world and then returns from South America, like six months later; with her new expatriate IRS BFF refugee in tow played by Miley Cyrus. ~ ~ Not paying any more income taxes until America gets rid of that MLK nigger in THE SHINING prophecy is the next big thing. ~ ~ Of course as usual, the filthy money trading Jews in the desecrated temple lodge of America have been well ahead of the curve on this breaking new trend for some decades now. ~ ~ According to ISAIAH 11; in the last days, Judah will no longer be allowed to fuck Ephraim in the ass. ~ ~ And I AM is not just whistling Dixie.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The birth of the National Forest was a typical progressive Teddy Roosevelt style transformation and reformation of the US Constitution during the era of reformed neo modernist homogaysexuality. Which was just as absurdly illegal and capricious as the introduction of progressive income taxation. ~ ~ Which was a major historic political development that coincided with the alien cone heads release of THE BIRTH OF A NATION. ~ ~ See CHARIOTS OF FIRE for a more sophisticated modern take on this crazy Wilsonic period of history. ~ ~ Wherein I become the King of England who defeats all those dark skinned wild-at-heart gentile invaders from south of the border in the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EARTH GIRL NOTE: That big volcano eruption in Barack Obama's homeland of Indonesia was about the lava lamp and the Obama bobble head in EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY. Like duh. ~ ~ 666 NOTE: ~ ~ CVS NOTE: America's nationalist 666 drug chain just declared that they will no longer be selling fags. But you can certainly still buy all those over the counter snake bite opium drugs from them, paid for by Obamacare; featured towards the end of the NATURAL BORN KILLERS prophecy. ~ ~ ROPE A DOPE NOTE: I figure that it will take me about six months to transform myself into a sexy Iggy Pop type taxi driver weirdo in Scorsese's TAXI DRIVER remake, co-starring Chloe Morezt in the original Jodie Foster role. Only this time we get to fuck. ~ ~ I'm thinking a ten day below-the-line budget along the lines of PHONE BOOTH; which would take place for the most part in the back seat of a mellow yellow NYC taxi. Since nowadays almost everybody has at least one pre-paid cell phone. And of course, the up front cash pay-out budget for all of the above-the-line players would probably only run around the neighborhood of ten big ones. Because everyone has to take a little less nowadays. ~ ~ And even if Mel Gibson is paying for it all, he is no longer going to be throwing good money after bad money.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Last I heard, Emma Watson was still living in that flat above her parent's [boathouse] garage outside London. Where Kenny Kemp shot the dream scenes in his Academy Award nominated student film entitled WILDEST DREAMS; which cost him about 35k to make. In confirmation of about how much it costs nowadays to attend Brown University for one year. ~ ~ In other words, Brown is now being run by a female nigger, even that same nigger from Chicago who redecorated the convention hall in THE SHINING, called The Gold Room. ~ ~ And then he gets an Irish Boston firefighter's axe to the chest by that crazy fed up white man from Vermont, via Boulder, Colorado. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MISSIONARY JOURNAL NOTES: During my entire groundbreaking LDS missionary FFer work in Roma, Italia, I had only one single two witnesses companion who could not stand me. Code named Anziano Eggbert, from Denver, Colorado. [Anziano means old FDR man in Italiano, etc.] And when I ran into him at BYU about two years later, he just gave me that same hairy eye in SMOKIN' ACES. And then he closed the door in my face and walked away. ~ ~ SHINY OBJECTS NOTE: That ape who is breaking into cars in Apollo, Florida represents that APOLLO sweater on my son in THE SHINING, at: ~ ~ Think RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Monday, February 3, 2014


The other night, I watched that prophetic indie film comedy co-starring a Keira Knightley look alike with those small sexy tits; entitled EATING RAOUL. Having suddenly remembered in the dark recesses of my repressed memory that Keira is now role playing the film's Cruel Carla figure more than ever; now that she has become married to some fuddy duddy Mormon missionary simpleton figure. Who ironically is actually a pretty smart guy. ~ ~ [Think Nyle Smith meets Kenny Kemp.] ~ ~ Then the surprising news rolled about some big post Howard Stern birthday party bash; in confirmation of the same radio show host's orgy with Rush Limbaugh at the end of the movie. Where my neo 70s wife gets that sexy Italian FIAT sports car, and I get Keira; plus a company of hot-to-trot teenage hookers. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BM NOTE: This real Book of Mormon country miracle is confirmation that Barack Obama's African birth certificate is also real, at: ~ ~ The so called "birthers" movement is a Providential latter-day sign and wonder from g-d about the Bible's teaching that everyone must be born again. ~ ~ In other words, if you do not accept me, then you do not accept Jesus. ~ ~ GOING DOWN NOTES: The DOW went down by 326 as my postings rolled out about my prophetic EATING RAOUL protagonist going down on Keira Knightley; and she liked it. ~ ~ SMACK DADDY NOTES: All of my recent smack talk about staying at George Clooney's "little boat house on Como Lake" is for real. I.e. his fabulous restored mansion on the lake is very nice indeed, but his little boat house down by the water looks much more sexy.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


After I was crazy enough to marry Laurence Pierson in Provo, Utah, we moved into Hugh Nibley's ward. Where we used to watch the half Jew Branch Davidian genius giving his talks from the pew using handfuls of notes that he pulled out of his various jacket pockets, like the Joker does in BATMAN. ~ ~ Obviously, I immediately knew that there was something wrong with the guy. Whose speeches wandered all over the place like some future GSR/TWN blog post. ~ ~ Mind you, this was about the same time when his future lesbian daughter was claiming that she was experiencing repressed memories about her father laying his hands on top of her head and pronouncing them both to be husband and wife for all eternity; while she was sucking on his cock. ~ ~ I myself had completely forgotten about all this until the new revelations just came out from Woody Allen's adopted daughter of the star of ROSEMARY'S BABY. ~ ~ No wonder 'Old Blue Eyes' suddenly dropped her like a hot plate during the filming of the film's kitchen sink scene. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CLASSIC MOVIE REVIEW NOTES: When I watched THE SHINING again this weekend, the one about my son Andy and his GSR/TWN index finger father in hiding getting abused in 1980 by that crazy lady in Rm.237, I checked out Emma Watson's number 237 image at cfake. Where I found her standing in front of the prophecy's "REDRUM" door holding some red berry chocolate desert in her hand; that I love to fuck no matter what, like at: ~ ~ CHARACTER BACKGROUND STUDY LINK: See, ~ ~ EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK NOTE: In one of my more original indie film bio pics, my future star of the two GREGORY'S GIRL movies about THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND ends up stealing 90 stainless steel sinks. See: ~ ~ JACK SHIT NOTE: Hey Jack. Why don't you get off your old bag of bones fat ass and walk over to David Lynch's place and put something together with him, before it's too late. ~ ~ You got the dough. I got the 40ish actresses who would be more than willing to suck and fuck you both, if it helps matters. All of whom look 37ish, tops. ~ ~ And if your extended family and friends have already sucked you dry financially; then we'll just have to fall back on the good graces of a Hugh Hefner or a Jerry Lewis, not to mention Ralph Lauren et al.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Amanda Knox has been living in captivity ever since she went to college because she and her Israelite sisters are the ones who have lead America into the 666 number of A/man/da captivity cited in REV.13. ~ ~ I.e. according to the most ancient Bible transcripts archived in Rome, Italy, 666 is the amazing technology number of man; not the number of [a] man. ~ ~ Ergo, Ms Knox is from the Seattle area, which is ground zero for today's 666 robot technology culture. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KILLER NOTES: Here is a look at the genuine birth certificate of the African man who is going to spiritually kill off today's Marxist daughters of Israel, at:,%20Copy.pdf ~ ~ Note the document's 8.7 birth date reference to Charlize Theron. Who is also from Africa. ~ ~ The video of the same thing is also worth a look, via: ~ ~ Hence the blond bombshell movie star's upcoming MAD MAX remake, filmed in Africa. ~ ~ BM NOTE: Christian conservatives who don't believe in Barack Obama's real birth certificate tend to be the same kind of people who do not believe that the Book of Mormon is real.