Thursday, February 20, 2014


Bradly Cooper's latest OSCAR nominated movie about my Karate Kid figure in SMOKIN' ACES getting his marred servant head all banged up and wounded, for a representation of the first [6,666,666] half Jew Nazi beast, who then makes a big comeback, in the form of my illegal alien sidekick Barack Obama, is the very kind of thing that keeps making me feel like a new 29 year-old man at the late 1970s [007 James Bond] PLAYBOY mansion. ~ ~ Who still likes to fuck the younger ladies. ~ ~ Imagine Mr.Cooper meets Mr.DiCaprio in real life, circa BLUE JASMINE meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. When I start to video tape my latest underaged teenager fuck film onboard Michael Savage's twin VO\VO tied up somewhere in Marin County, California. ~ ~ And then afterwards, we all sit around up on deck sipping rare $100 bottles of smoky chard while nibbling on smoked Copper River, Alaska sockeye. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JACK NICHOLSON AND DAVID LYNCH: Don't let the homos, and the Jews, and the niggers in Hollywood get in the way of your future plans. Just hire a comfortable limo to drive you both out to Las Vegas, Nevada and see what happens. And don't forget to stop by RITE AID for a 12-pack carton of unfiltered CAMELS and a couple bottles of Scotch. ~ ~ You can pick up the hot 18ish hookers, with no stretch-marks on their ass later, after you cross the state line of course. Where all those HBO style Big Love fundamentalist Mormons live. ~ ~ NBC NOTE: If that whole new TONIGHT SHOW in NYC thing doesn't pan out for you, you might just try making it a Las Vegas, Nevada venue. ~ ~ Personally, if it was my decision, I would produce the new born again late evening show in some run down Johnny Carson era hotel and casino in downtown Reno. ~ ~ That said, I have always been just a little bit too fun loving and immature for my age. Like my 59ish King of Hollywood figure in THE MISFITS meets IT STARTED IN NAPLES. ~ ~ LAS VEGAS TRAVEL TIPS: Naturally, some of the best [underaged looking] legal-age teenager hookers in town have rather small titties. But don't let their higher $500 per night prices discourage you. The smaller the breasts, the tighter the pussy. ~ ~ AN EDUCATION NOTE: Last night, I dreamed that Emma Watson had left Brown University without even bothering to pick up her B.S. degree. Because more than anything, she wanted to hang out with me and Charlize Theron on Dr.Savage's twin cabin cruiser that we see in the background of Woody Allen's BLUE JASMINE movie.

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