Sunday, February 2, 2014


After I was crazy enough to marry Laurence Pierson in Provo, Utah, we moved into Hugh Nibley's ward. Where we used to watch the half Jew Branch Davidian genius giving his talks from the pew using handfuls of notes that he pulled out of his various jacket pockets, like the Joker does in BATMAN. ~ ~ Obviously, I immediately knew that there was something wrong with the guy. Whose speeches wandered all over the place like some future GSR/TWN blog post. ~ ~ Mind you, this was about the same time when his future lesbian daughter was claiming that she was experiencing repressed memories about her father laying his hands on top of her head and pronouncing them both to be husband and wife for all eternity; while she was sucking on his cock. ~ ~ I myself had completely forgotten about all this until the new revelations just came out from Woody Allen's adopted daughter of the star of ROSEMARY'S BABY. ~ ~ No wonder 'Old Blue Eyes' suddenly dropped her like a hot plate during the filming of the film's kitchen sink scene. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CLASSIC MOVIE REVIEW NOTES: When I watched THE SHINING again this weekend, the one about my son Andy and his GSR/TWN index finger father in hiding getting abused in 1980 by that crazy lady in Rm.237, I checked out Emma Watson's number 237 image at cfake. Where I found her standing in front of the prophecy's "REDRUM" door holding some red berry chocolate desert in her hand; that I love to fuck no matter what, like at: ~ ~ CHARACTER BACKGROUND STUDY LINK: See, ~ ~ EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK NOTE: In one of my more original indie film bio pics, my future star of the two GREGORY'S GIRL movies about THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND ends up stealing 90 stainless steel sinks. See: ~ ~ JACK SHIT NOTE: Hey Jack. Why don't you get off your old bag of bones fat ass and walk over to David Lynch's place and put something together with him, before it's too late. ~ ~ You got the dough. I got the 40ish actresses who would be more than willing to suck and fuck you both, if it helps matters. All of whom look 37ish, tops. ~ ~ And if your extended family and friends have already sucked you dry financially; then we'll just have to fall back on the good graces of a Hugh Hefner or a Jerry Lewis, not to mention Ralph Lauren et al.

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