Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The birth of the National Forest was a typical progressive Teddy Roosevelt style transformation and reformation of the US Constitution during the era of reformed neo modernist homogaysexuality. Which was just as absurdly illegal and capricious as the introduction of progressive income taxation. ~ ~ Which was a major historic political development that coincided with the alien cone heads release of THE BIRTH OF A NATION. ~ ~ See CHARIOTS OF FIRE for a more sophisticated modern take on this crazy Wilsonic period of history. ~ ~ Wherein I become the King of England who defeats all those dark skinned wild-at-heart gentile invaders from south of the border in the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EARTH GIRL NOTE: That big volcano eruption in Barack Obama's homeland of Indonesia was about the lava lamp and the Obama bobble head in EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY. Like duh. ~ ~ 666 NOTE: ~ ~ CVS NOTE: America's nationalist 666 drug chain just declared that they will no longer be selling fags. But you can certainly still buy all those over the counter snake bite opium drugs from them, paid for by Obamacare; featured towards the end of the NATURAL BORN KILLERS prophecy. ~ ~ ROPE A DOPE NOTE: I figure that it will take me about six months to transform myself into a sexy Iggy Pop type taxi driver weirdo in Scorsese's TAXI DRIVER remake, co-starring Chloe Morezt in the original Jodie Foster role. Only this time we get to fuck. ~ ~ I'm thinking a ten day below-the-line budget along the lines of PHONE BOOTH; which would take place for the most part in the back seat of a mellow yellow NYC taxi. Since nowadays almost everybody has at least one pre-paid cell phone. And of course, the up front cash pay-out budget for all of the above-the-line players would probably only run around the neighborhood of ten big ones. Because everyone has to take a little less nowadays. ~ ~ And even if Mel Gibson is paying for it all, he is no longer going to be throwing good money after bad money.

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