Monday, February 3, 2014


The other night, I watched that prophetic indie film comedy co-starring a Keira Knightley look alike with those small sexy tits; entitled EATING RAOUL. Having suddenly remembered in the dark recesses of my repressed memory that Keira is now role playing the film's Cruel Carla figure more than ever; now that she has become married to some fuddy duddy Mormon missionary simpleton figure. Who ironically is actually a pretty smart guy. ~ ~ [Think Nyle Smith meets Kenny Kemp.] ~ ~ Then the surprising news rolled about some big post Howard Stern birthday party bash; in confirmation of the same radio show host's orgy with Rush Limbaugh at the end of the movie. Where my neo 70s wife gets that sexy Italian FIAT sports car, and I get Keira; plus a company of hot-to-trot teenage hookers. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BM NOTE: This real Book of Mormon country miracle is confirmation that Barack Obama's African birth certificate is also real, at: ~ ~ The so called "birthers" movement is a Providential latter-day sign and wonder from g-d about the Bible's teaching that everyone must be born again. ~ ~ In other words, if you do not accept me, then you do not accept Jesus. ~ ~ GOING DOWN NOTES: The DOW went down by 326 as my postings rolled out about my prophetic EATING RAOUL protagonist going down on Keira Knightley; and she liked it. ~ ~ SMACK DADDY NOTES: All of my recent smack talk about staying at George Clooney's "little boat house on Como Lake" is for real. I.e. his fabulous restored mansion on the lake is very nice indeed, but his little boat house down by the water looks much more sexy.

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