Friday, February 14, 2014


Those crazy eight STINGRAYS [suddenly out of nowhere] fell into the pit of captivity in George C-looney's Bowling Green, Kentucky Wednesday morning because they all looked like rocket space-ships from Mars, on wheels. ~ ~ Per that green bowling ball in MIIB that rolls out in the scene where the lost tribes man of Israel suddenly gets his memory back. About the lost ten tribes of Israel [not Judah] who escaped from Syria and settled down in the Sochi, Russia area of the white Caucasian Mountains. ~ ~ Which was just confirmed by that Java volcano eruption in Barack Obama's homeland of Indonesia. Per that limestone green lava lamp sitting on the Java coffee table in the wormy guys' shag pad DVD menu art. Because Obama is an illegal alien, and Glenn Beck and Bill O'Really and Michael Medved and Mark Lavin are all full of shit. ~ ~ Just like Ms.Gloria Allred, at: ~ ~ Hey, if it talks like a duck, then it is a duck. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KEY NOTES: This Providential image of that key on a green tag represents that same c-18 locker key in MIIB, at: ~ ~ Note how it is pointing directly at her pussy buffet region. [All you can eat for lunch at $9.99 these days, dinner menu is more.] ~ DUMB FUCK NOTES: The main reason why most of today's apostate conservative talk radio Christians are ducking the issue of Barack Obama's stolen Social Security number is because it would mean that the Book of Mormon is for real. ~ ~ VINCE VAUGHN NOTES: I know that you like Glenn Beck's amazing comedic [570 KVI] radio acting talent, and so do I actually; coming from an Orson Welles perspective about America being invaded by fake 1930s style FDR aliens. Whose White House cabinet was definitely overrun by Jewish communists from Brooklyn, NY; which is now a historic fact, and not some right-wing reactionary theory. ~ ~ Just like Obama's forged birth certificate is in fact a fact, and not some hysterical 1950s anti-communist conspiracy theory on the radio, circa Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ Anyway, why not put up a few of my first underaged teenager fuck films on some virgin social media channel, and then sell the whole thing to some Internet front company secretly owned by my off shore business partners at ? ~ ~ I have yet to see your last google interns Internet comedy for pre-middle-aged guys. Who still believed in their heart-of-hearts that they were still only about 29 years-old, tops. ~ ~ My French Catholic Mormon convert ex-wife in the ZERO EFFECT prophecy left me when I was 29ish, of course. In order that I might die and become born again some 37 years later; according to the two witnesses prophecy in EZE.37. ~ ~ BRUCE WILLIS, MEL GIBSON, AND TOM HANKS NOTES: Put the up front cash money in the bank account of my front man in the British Bahamas first. Then we'll talk. ~ ~ The idea being that you owe me a ten percent tithing, and you now owe the new and improved 666 IRS beast under Barack Obama exactly zero. According to that 1260 days era ZERO EFFECT prophecy filmed in Portland, Oregon. [Go DUCKS!!] And I am the new born again Orson Welles. Who looked like he was 50ish when he was only 29ish, and living in tax free Nevada. ~ ~ PS ROMAN POLANSKI: If you still have any doubts about me, put a camera in front of my face for the LAST TANGO IN PARIS sequel, and see what happens. Seeing is believing. ~ ~ Which is why Scarlett Johansson moved to Paris. In other words, if you be nice to me, she will be nice to you.

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