Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Yesterday, I read that Will Smith is scheduled to be the first guest on the born again TONIGHT SHOW. Starring that new born again Mormon missionary g-host figure Jimmy Fallon, and not Will Ferrell. ~ ~ Therefore I watched my used copy of MIIB that I had found at PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop some months ago. ~ ~ Wherein Annalynne McCord leads a procession of sex cult followers who are searching for the 2002 movie's 'Light of Zion'. Which eventually leads her sister to my hip night-crawlers shag pad; fully decorated in my own private Gisele Bundchen iPAD wallpaper, circa 2014. ~ ~ To make a long story short, the 80 minutes movie centers around one of my 'pillow stone of Jacob' wife's charm bracelets by TIFFANY. ~ ~ Furthermore, the main plot is about that huge toothy underground worm-borer that has been tunneling under Seattle of late; but now appears to have been stopped by the same film's REV.17 worm lady in EATING RAOUL meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. ~ ~ No kidding. In the end, I really do get to fuck Ms.No.9, sooner rather than later. ~ ~ After all, the prophetic film only runs for like 80 minutes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIRTHER NOTES: The underground nickname 'Bertha' is an inspired underground 'birther' word play. Since Obama's mother was from the Jewish Mercer Island Seattle area. ~ ~ LDS TEMPLE NOTE: Shirley Temple Black died at 85 for a D&C 85 confirmation. About the time when black people would be desecrating the D&C 86 style Mormon temples. And all those little grown up girls out there like Glenn Beck and Clyde Lewis kind of like it. ~ ~ MEDHEAD RADIO NOTES: Probably the main reason why I still enjoy listening to Michael Medved talk radio, especially on conspiracy day, broadcast from Mercer Island, Seattle, Washington Lake, is because it is only one of the few places on the AM dial where I can still get a big kick out of Jesse Ventura sounding exactly like Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ Think Steven Fresh meets my brother Peter in Sandy, Utah. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: They fed that young two-year-old stiff-necked African Obama giraffe to the lions of Judah at a zoo in Denmark in confirmation of my Danish teacher hero in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL. Which comes to an end with a long shot of my royal Lion of Judah statue in France. Per THE DA VINCE CODE prophecy of the future, that was paid homage to in MIIB, 2002. ~ ~ THE DAY OF THE JACKAL THINGS: Reportedly, 77 just died in an Algerian plane crash, at: http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/11/world/africa/algeria-military-plane-crash/ ~ ~ On the very same day that the new whore of Paris was hanging out in DC with the day 1290 abomination of desolation. ~ ~ ALFA ROMEO NOTE: We see my sterling VELOCE parked in the background when the police arrive at my Swiss French Alps hotel in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL. Of course, yours truly is already long gone. ~ ~ Ergo, at the end of the 'died and born again' movie made in 1973, yours truly already has gray hair. And is still living in that low rent pensioners boarding house featured in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II meets AP:II. Where I get to fuck that underaged teenager in the ass who looks like one of the two Olson Twins. ~ ~ Played by Miley Cyrus of course; since those two midget billionaire Olsen Twins are no longer really all that interested in acting. And any kind of a remake or sequel that I AM is involved in must certainly include some kind of a prophetic three-way theme; preferably using an 18ish looking Cara Delevigne or an even younger looking Ariana Grande. ~ ~ And if all three of them ultimately impress me that much in the auditioning process, hey, money is no object.

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