Saturday, February 8, 2014


Sochi is located in the northern countries region where the lost ten tribes of Israel settled after their escape from Syria; which is now deteriorating from the inside. Just like in ancient times. ~ ~ Ergo, today's Black Sea of Egypt and Sodom was originally called The Sea Of Israel, not the Sea of Judah. ~ ~ Which is now called the Black Sea because today's white Caucasians like to pretend that they are no different that the dark skin Gentiles. ~ ~ Therefore, today's Jewish Crown Prince of England is not really all that interested in protecting the Church of England anymore than protecting all those dirty filthy apes from Africa and Arabia who are invading and destroying his country. ~ ~ I smell a KING RALPH sequel if you ask me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JACKAL LOOK ALIKE NOTE: A Boulder, Colorado icon from THE SHINING just smashed into a French Alps train in confirmation of one of my most secretive and private prophecy movies ever, THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, located along the very same route where yours truly takes a detour in my Jay Leno style vintage Italian sports car, at: ~ ~ PS PARIS: You got 50k for free at some crazy ass casino blackjack [Nicholson] table in confirmation of the same 50k cash payment pay-off to those three bounty hunters in SMOKIN' ACES. Which every one of my future daughters of Israel wives will get from me up front. Payable under the table of course. That has the exact same worth as that 18k I gave to my ex-wife from France in 1980. And therefore I no longer owed her one single FDR dime in child support. Once you fuck me, you are dead to me. ~ ~ An eye for an eye, a life for a life. ~ ~ GIGOLO LINK: Here is the TMZ confirmation about that '50' states metaphor, that was paid under the table in AMERICAN GIGOLO, adjusted for inflation of course, at; ~ ~ The timely report's 100k sum represents all those child-support 100k blackmail payments in ZERO EFFECT.

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