Sunday, February 9, 2014


The United Order Credit Union of Israel is our own private loan operation thing. ~ ~ You try to put the financial squeeze on us, we kill you, and your family too. ~ ~ That said, we have no problem paying out a reasonable ten percent tax in national protection money. ~ ~ Call it blood money if you must. ~ ~ But that's all you get, so you better learn to live on it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHEN THE FAT LADY SINGS NOTES: Leno had that fat bitch sing on his last show that featured Barack Obama for a reason. ~ ~ Think Portland's Clyde Lewis meets New Jersey's Gov. Christie. ~ ~ DR. STRANGELOVE NOTE: The November 22, 1963 premier of DR. STRANGELOVE was suddenly cancelled due to the assassination of JFK JR in Glenn Beck's Dallas, Texas by all those Jewish bankers in London who secretly voted for him by about 90%. The above inspired motion picture is about Russia's doomsday machine [atomic bomb nuclear energy plant network] that is going to spread deadly radian all over the world during the upcoming millennial physical transfiguration era. When the lost ten tribes of Israel are going to die, and then become born again. Based upon the film's plural marriage prophecy about all those deep underground gold mines. Hence, the USA president in the 1963 made movie has lost most of his hair due to atomic bomb fallout poisoning. ~ ~ 50/50 NOTE: About half of the Jewish Democrats voted for the tall Ronald McDonald Reagan during the 1980s because they all sensed that he was at least half Jewish; like Abraham Lincoln was. ~ ~ You don't get to be that smart, and have that kind of a sense of humor on such a grand scale, if you don't have a lot of Jew in you. ~ ~ INSIDER NOTE: Consider these prophetically inspired 1960s lyrics in the proper spirit and context, linked at; AND:'In'_Crowd_(song) ~ ~ SWISS NOTE: Today's Swiss banks need to cut off all ties with the new world order's international Jewish bankers based in London. Otherwise, I AM is not going to deposit any of my hard currency billions in any of your banks. Even though they are located just up the road from my Lake Como boat house. ~ ~ PERSONAL NOTE: Steven Fresh will get to live in Switzerland once he agrees to take my French ex-wife off of my hands. And I will get to fuck his own ex-wife Ornella on the Italian side of the border. Fair is fair. ~ ~ PS STEVEN: Just sit back and relax and watch THE DAY OF THE JACKAL; and everything will all make a lot more sense to you.

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