Wednesday, February 26, 2014


According to the revealed word of God at, when the shit hits the fan in Utah, many Mormons are going to drop to their knees and ask God, "Why!?... What did we do to deserve this?" ~ ~ Well, you could start with Arizona's Senator Flake who is encouraging that REV.17 woman to veto their latest effort to stop the Sodom and Egypt prophecy in REV.13. Even that same woman who has the title of 'MYSTERY' written across her forehead. ~ ~ Which most Mormons don't know about because their spineless Luke warm church leadership has been more interested in getting along with polite society, than getting along with the unsavory polygamist God of Israel. ~ ~ Hence Mr Mitt from Michigan was named after the Michigan mitt prophecy about the monster with sharp teeth who is going to eat the polite society whore of SLC, Babylon. ~ ~ Which is the very reason why that spineless Republican George Bush had to have George C-looney style back surgery just recently. ~ ~ If this seems just a bit over-the-top to all you brain washed ivy league graduates now teaching at BYU, Hawaii, etc. have a look at Mr. Flake's Jewish Branch Davidian face on this Internet virus link at: ~ ~ "Every picture tells a story.." [Rod Stewart] ~ ~ And we all know what the real men do down in Texas and Arizona who still have some fight left in their bellies. Who don't like flaky Branch Davidians who look like Jeffry Warren et al, like at: ~ ~ Because everybody and his dog knows that most child abuse is committed by homogaysexuals. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WAR TIME NOTES: Warren, Indiana is just northeast of where the Guerra family burned to death on the last Sabbath. Because the surname 'Guerra' means war in Americano. ~ ~ MYSTERY RADIO NOTES: It's really no mystery why christian conservative talk radio never talks about Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ ~ BAD EDUCATION NOTES: 1961's AN EDUCATION opens with an EZE.10 medicine wheels airplane crashing into a trash-talking basketball hoop for trash after we see that virgin school girl rubbing her ankle; where she got bit by the SAMSONITE luggage Danite snake in GEN.49. Which they never teach you about at BYU, Utah, Idaho, and Hawaii; not to mention Oxford. ~ ~ In the above ENDGAME film that was written before Obama, St.John Smith's Square represented all those naive high society squares who are now running the Republican Party; and all the mainline Christian churches too, including the Mormon church. Not to mention the Glenn Beck radio show out of Dallas. Where everyone supports gay rights, and opposes the death penalty. ~ ~ In the Kingdom of God, the US Constitution will become born again. Which guarantees every citizen such basic human rights as the wright to own and operate a gay bar, and not hire any straight bartenders. If you don't want to. ~ ~ STANLEY KU/BRICK NOTES: For the past few weeks, I have been pondering hard on what would make for the best cinematic introduction to this year's OSCAR wiener awards show. ~ ~ Think I'll go with that violent homosexual bullies prophecy entitled A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Which featured that aging Sandra Bullock look alike. ~ ~ When it came down to a toss up with 2001 A SPACE ODDITY, the current events in Sheriff Joe's Arizona tipped the scales for me. ~ ~ TYPICAL EXECUTIVE PRODUCER PRODUCTION NOTES: PS Oliver Stone. If I were you, here is what I would do. You have Miley Cyrus come in wearing a little rough aging-druggie makeup, and have her audition for your Janis Joplin biopic while sitting on top of a classic 60s EASY RIDER style HARLEY with ape handles. After you have her down a couple shots of rough-throat SOUTHERN COMFORT, ~ ~ SHITS AND GIGGLES JOKES: In AN EDUCATION, we hear about my Harry Potter Prince of Mt.Rainier, Washington sex cult figure on their MELLO YELLOW talk radio show for flower potters. ~ ~ While daddy whipes off all those dirty dishes mentioned at

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