Sunday, February 16, 2014


ID4 ends with the Branch Davidian figure planting a prophetic computer virus on the Internet that will penetrate the invisible shield of the liberal media invaders who are protecting the illegal alien usurper in the White House. ~ ~ Now being fulfilled by all those underground Internet Bertha bloggers who have found a way to bypass the corrupt Jewish establishment. And also defeat their back door fellow travelers; like the Jewish Clyde Lewis, and the Jewish Abe Foxman. ~ ~ Both of whom believe that today's born again third way re-formation is being threatened by white semi Jewish right-winger third way Nazis. Which is basically the same thing that Glenn Beck and Jesse Venture believe. ~ ~ Hitler was a half Jew from the highlands [of Utah] who was very interested in today's apostate pagan gods of modern Christianity, of course. ~ ~ The kind who believes in UFOs, ghosts, and Big Foot Sasquatches; yet thinks that the Book of Mormon is just an obvious hoax. ~ ~ Get this. Portland's Mr. [Jerry] Lewis actually believes that all of those recent Ellen Page earthquakes around Page, Arizona were caused by a drunk fat demon sporting a Republican Party elephant head. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JULY 20 NOTES: The 1260 days iD4 prophecy opened on 7.3.96 with the 7.20.69 moon landing confirmation of my limestone colored iPAD shag pad wallpaper in MIIB. Once you go with today's Internet worm virus, you'll always yearn. ~ ~ PROGRAMMING NOTE: Please, please, Mr KTTH radio programmer, let Clyde Lewis stay on the air in Seattle for just a little bit longer. We need him. ~ ~ Somebody out there has to be telling it like it is. ~ ~ WEATHER NOTES: I heard on the radio that today's strongest winds are supposed to blow across the Lopez Island area. ~ ~ BOY GEORGE NOTE: Boy George's iconic 80s song about my chameleon lizard wives always coming and going is why Ms. Montana opened her world tour in BC. ~ ~ GOD DAMN IT ALL NOTE: Last night God tapped on my bedroom wall and said that I should take another look at that Keira Knightley Italian princess movie titled DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, before I watch Carey Mulligan again in AN EDUCATION. ~ ~ One can just imagine how often yours truly is going to have to bite my tongue and not scream out, GOD DAMN IT!! When I AM is married to both of these two crazy sex ladies. ~ ~ DISAGREEMENT DAY NOTES: People who disagree with me tend to be the same moronic simpletons in the liberal media who jumped all over my forerunner Marlon Brando; when he said that Hollywood is run by old 70 year-old Jews.

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