Thursday, February 6, 2014


Mt. Deception is located north of Mt. [Pam] Anderson in the Olympic National Park prophecy about the Russian Winter Olympics; which feature the five vagina ring icons of the rainbow in the ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25. ~ ~ Talk about winter season steelhead fishing on the Hoh River for sea run rainbow trout. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BORN AGAIN NOTE: There are a lot of white Christian Mormons out there in the southern Bible Belt who are about to become born again, including that moron Glenn Beck, per: ~ ~ GROUND ZERO NOTE: The reason why TRADER JOE'S plans for a new store in Portland, Oregon's King District were rejected is because all of today's crazy weak moderates like Clyde Lewis have now taken over America. ~ ~ OOPS: I just looked over at my 70s era COSMO bed clock, that now reads "2:37". ~ ~ GROUND ZERO EFFECT NOTE: After I lose around 35 pounds for my first faux fuck film remake, I might just be able to come up with ten free days in my busy schedule for some kind of a ZERO EFFECT sequel/prequel/remake, filmed in Portland, Oregon. That is if Gus Van Sant is directing, or maybe even a Wes Anderson. ~ ~ Otherwise, don't even call me with any of your low budget film bullshit. ~ ~ Time is money. ~ ~ ON THE MONEY NOTE: Emma Watson would obviously be perfection in the death trap role of my short haired love interest in any kind of a new ZERO EFFECT sequel. Wherein she eventually becomes bored to death with her bungie jump fantasy world and then returns from South America, like six months later; with her new expatriate IRS BFF refugee in tow played by Miley Cyrus. ~ ~ Not paying any more income taxes until America gets rid of that MLK nigger in THE SHINING prophecy is the next big thing. ~ ~ Of course as usual, the filthy money trading Jews in the desecrated temple lodge of America have been well ahead of the curve on this breaking new trend for some decades now. ~ ~ According to ISAIAH 11; in the last days, Judah will no longer be allowed to fuck Ephraim in the ass. ~ ~ And I AM is not just whistling Dixie.

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