Saturday, February 22, 2014


What makes my Jack and Dave in Vegas reality show idea so great, is that they are the perfect odd couple misfits. ~ ~ And it would only take a little pocket money from both of them to hire a three-man video/lighting/sound crew to follow them out in a nondescript van along I-15. ~ ~ Now, I realize that both of these older dudes could care less about becoming rich and famous all over again. But what about the children? Who are so desperately in need to be introduced to their amazing body of prophetic latter-day works and wonders, that were obviously inspired by God. ~ ~ Don't you two feel any obligation at all to give back? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CLIFF NOTES: My half Jew nigger con man in AN EDUCATION moves all those Negros into the Greek columns White Houses in London in order to get all those old gray lady country club Republicans stirred up enough to start realizing what is really going on. And get out while the getting is good. ~ ~ Ergo, the old gray lady conservatives in England are often referred to as "wigs". Like in that British wig wearing lady lover in SHAMPOO. ~ ~ Jenny's Jewish looking hook-nose father in AN EDUCATION was your typical self-hating Jew of course. ~ ~ TYPICAl SAVVY TV JEW NOTE: Why not slip a cool big one on the side to Martin Scorsese and make him the driver of the low budget tv production van in Jack and Dave's reality show; that eventually ends up in old downtown Reno? ~ ~ Remember guys, no matter how much tax-free cash-money you have hidden away in my front man's various shell bank accounts in the TOMMY BAHAMAS, you can not take it with you when you suddenly die of Steve Fresh style technology lung cancer, or maybe even a sudden fart attack. ~ ~ BAD TEACHER NOTES: My used copy of Cameron Diaz' BAD TEACHER movie might just be a natural follow up to my own private [AN EDUCATION] French dialogue tutor prophecy. That ended with a very specific reference to my LAST TANGO IN PARIS remake/sequel/prequel inspirations about me fucking a virgin Chloe Moretz, and her virgin sister too in a cheap walk-up pensione for retired pensioners in Paris. ~ ~ MORE MEDDLING EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: How about Jack and Dave [Letterman?] run into Demi Moore at some gaming table, and suddenly Robert Redford shows up out of nowhere and makes her an indecent proposal? ~ ~ Just think of the willing participation casting couch possibilities. Like Pam Anderson is hanging around the room after she gets off work. And so is Sharon Stone for that matter. And since this a direct video tv reality show series, nobody has a problem with what happens next. Like Paris Hilton wins 50k at the blackjack table. And then I fuck her on top of some temple marriage chapel with a virgin sacrifice alter on the strip. ~ ~ Considering all the show's KING RALPH jokes. ~ ~ For example, I get to fuck that redhead Lindsay Lohan figure in my own private production trailer in the prophetic 60s musical swingers movie. Just as long as I have the right to fire her if she does not show up on time whenever I feel like having my cock sucked. ~ ~ Believe it or not; one of those chicken ranches located outside of Reno has a little [Mel Gibson] chapel where one can become legally married before having marital relations.

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