Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I AM is a lot like Jesus Christ; although I'm not actually Jesus himself. ~ ~ I just play him in the movies, etc. ~ ~ Take for example my sleazy Jewish con man sidekick figure in 2009's AN EDUCATION prophecy. Wherein Emma Watson becomes so sexually traumatized by me that she finally decides to drop out of Brown Univerity and transfer all of her college credits to my Alma matter at BYU, Provo, Utah meets BYU, Idaho. ~ ~ Because Emma now has the kind of GSR/TWN fuck-you money type connections that will open the doors to anything she wants. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOTHER FUCKER NOTES: I get to fuck Jennifer Garner after my brother Ben Affleck dies, metaphorically speaking. In order that she is not tempted to go out afterwards and whore around with strange flesh; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ In other words, Carey Mulligan and I get to fool around and have some fun with a feature film video camera focused on a buck naked Keira Knightley; shot onboard my own private Adriana Lima yacht with Gisele Bundchen, et al. Because, "...he makes me feel happy." to quote Elizabeth Hurley. ~ ~ Think she makes me feel happy too. Since all is well that ends well. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Those two little underaged teenager hotties who live up the street from you are starting to make things up on their various Internet virus web sites. So how about you and I get together with Jack Nicholson and give the little cunts something to talk about for real? ~ ~ Here's my new proposition. ~ ~ I let both of you smoke all of those expensive deluxe Brittish fags that you want for the next five years for free. And I AM is not talking about all of that middle-aged 'half-a-pack-a-day' bullshit. ~ ~ Just as long as you remember the Bible principle that faith without hard cash in the bank is dead.

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