Monday, February 17, 2014


I finished watching 1988's hysterical DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS in the wee hours of Monday. Realizing that the babe who swindled those two swindlers of Judah and Ephraim out of 50k was the same free money that Paris just won at some casino gaming table. ~ ~ In confirmation of my own private indie film prophecy entitled ROD STEELE 0014. ~ ~ Just confirmed yet again by that frozen 3.2 earthquake off of Rt.104 in South Carolina. ~ ~ Yes. I know already. I did look just a tad too old in the above spy spoof to end all spy spoofs, with my died hair and all that. ~ ~ Not to mention those sagging tits on Jennifer Aniston in the movie's shower scene finale. ~ ~ But don't you worry all you boys and girls; it's all uphill easy-going on the highlander's ski lift lodge from there. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LINK: This particular little worm link on the Internet has a nice shot of Paris Hilton's Jewish genealogy tree nose anatomy, at: ~ ~ Note the royal princess hairdo homage to Scarlett Johansson. Who also has blue eyes, like at: ~ ~ In the revelations, it states quite clearly that one is not a full blooded pure race Jew if they do not have blue eyes. ~ ~ Read'em and weep. ~ ~ DOWN AND DIRTY NOTE: The painful caning scenes in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS is a prophetic representation of the punishment for lying in the 2bc.inf . ~ ~ In other words, if you are one of those politically correct and naive military men who believes in defending Barack Obama, and not the US Constitution, then you have a world of hurt coming your way. ~ ~ POPE A DOPE NOTE: The new 7-hills pope in [ROMA meets ROMAN HOLIDAY in 1973 meets 1953.] is from Argentina. Think LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets Paris Hilton's Internet sex tape that went virus after all. Since she is one of my very few future wives who has enough fuck-you money to make it happen. Just as long as she gets a nice piece of the SAILOR DOG style action, like at: ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: Gregory Peck was one of my first royal Miley Sire-us pecker figures. Who died in 2003 on Adriana Lima's 22nd birthday. For a sign from g-d that it was high time that she got married and started to have children, per: ~ ~ It's no coincidence that the late Jewish actor looks a lot like my handsome local Jewish friend Paul Garrison. ~ ~ I am not making this up. Back when I was a Mormon missionary riding my bicycle through the streets of Roma, I could hear the young ladies shouting out, "Gregory Peck!.. I love you!" ~ ~ My polish director [BYU] forerunner Tad Danielewski had a much younger blond actress lover from South Africa who was a Charlize Theron forerunner. Back when I was attending his filmmaker/actor workshops in Provo, Utah with Kenny Kemp and Bruce Troxell.

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