Sunday, February 23, 2014


The interruption by God of the day 1290 DAYTONA 500 medicine wheels race down in Florida happened because he wanted you to stop and think about my Jack and Dave reality show. Based upon that prophetic Elvis Press-ly race car prophecy about him giving back big time, like at; ~ ~ Talk about banana and peanutbutter sandwiches. ~ ~ This being that old long forgotten map about the lost tribes of Israel that was stolen in AN EDUCATION; because the old gray lady who had it hanging on her living room wall only thought that it was a thing of naught. ~ ~ GSR ~ ~ MAP NOTES: Chris Wood's Northwood, Iowa is located east of Elizabeth Hurley's Hwy.65 for a I-95 thing. Just off of Lost Israel's I-35 dividing line that runs up from The Republic of Texas; near that Lime River reference to the English Limeys and their amazing limestone spring creeks full of brown trout near Liz' animal pig farm. And Silver [sterling] Lake is right there too. ~ ~ Because at the end of the 2008 made movie, Professor Obama ends up schooling all those silly foolish school girls who he had seduced in the first act. In the form of that Burn Jones painting that we see at about 1:32:31. Which depicts a white monkey man squatting to take a shit behind some beautiful young lady. ~ ~ THE BIGGEST SEQUEL EVER: The last days follow up to my own private Idaho masterpiece, entitled THE BIG LEBOWSKI is already in the bank. See: ~ ~ Because after giving it a lot of thought. The big one should definitely be a sequel: and not some prequel or a remake. ~ ~ To para-quote that mother fucker style Bill Clinton Democrat operative from Louisiana, who looks like the devil himself; "If you drag 100k in small bills through a trailer park, you will find the truth..." ~ ~ Ergo, in the sequel, USC's Tad Danielewski Lebowski figure is living in Matt's little 24' silver RL edition GULFSTREAM trailer up in Malibu; when his stock broker finally gets around to telling him how much his APPLE/GOOGLE stock is now worth. ~ ~ In other words, who gives a flying fuck who is directing behind the HD video camera; just as long as I get to play the sequel's homage to Orson Welles in this typical sleazy middle-aged bad guy role. ~ ~ Right now, the biggest question is, do we shoot it at Julia Roberts's shag pad above the beach in Malibu? Or do we just make it at Charlize Theron's mother's house located right on the beach; circa AMERICA GIGOLO meets LIVE A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE. ~ ~ I guess it all depends on how the casting auditions go. Plus, how smoothly we can edit in the second unit footage from my various private yachts.

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