Saturday, February 1, 2014


Amanda Knox has been living in captivity ever since she went to college because she and her Israelite sisters are the ones who have lead America into the 666 number of A/man/da captivity cited in REV.13. ~ ~ I.e. according to the most ancient Bible transcripts archived in Rome, Italy, 666 is the amazing technology number of man; not the number of [a] man. ~ ~ Ergo, Ms Knox is from the Seattle area, which is ground zero for today's 666 robot technology culture. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KILLER NOTES: Here is a look at the genuine birth certificate of the African man who is going to spiritually kill off today's Marxist daughters of Israel, at:,%20Copy.pdf ~ ~ Note the document's 8.7 birth date reference to Charlize Theron. Who is also from Africa. ~ ~ The video of the same thing is also worth a look, via: ~ ~ Hence the blond bombshell movie star's upcoming MAD MAX remake, filmed in Africa. ~ ~ BM NOTE: Christian conservatives who don't believe in Barack Obama's real birth certificate tend to be the same kind of people who do not believe that the Book of Mormon is real.

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