Friday, January 31, 2014


The Rev. Chad Watson's wife and eight kids burned to death in George C/looney's western Kentucky because he was about to begin a series of sermons about the importance of family at his local 1st Baptist church. ~ ~ Ergo , you lie about the Book of Mormon, you die like all those dumb white folks died in the Book of Mormon. ~ ~ Providentially located on my special edition 1994 R/M mapbook near Emma Watson's 415' elevation location called Central City, nearby Heather Graham's landmark name of Graham. ~ ~ Think CABLE GUY supposedly takes place in Centerville, etc. etc. ~ - GSR/TWN ~ ~ P.S. LENO: The reason why Hanna Montana showed up at the end of your latter-day talk show run wearing that ERASER HEAD hairdo, is because she wants you to hand over the keys to that particular Italian sports car in your collection that I have had my eye on; per the ending to her own private MONTANA movie prophecy. Wherein her and I get that thick wad of hundreds in the glove box. Just for the Sammy Davis style shits and giggles. ~ ~ ANOTHER BORING NOTE: Listening to Michael Savage's talk radio show, you might not pick up on the most important thing that we both have in common; i.e. we are both bored out of our minds. ~ ~ BTW, there is a significant difference between boredom and depression. Depression means that you are never going to be fucking two virgin 17ish teenagers onboard Savage's 51' twin VOLVO; tied up in Marin County. Whereas, boredom means that in your heart of hearts you know beyond a doubt that the feature length indie film picture is going to happen; but not today. ~ ~ BLUE NOTE: According to this link, BLUE JASMINE came out on home video on Geena Davis' EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY birthday, at:

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