Thursday, January 23, 2014


The reason why my alien bobble head dashboard sidekick from Hawaii has agreed to be interviewed by FOX's Bill O'Really before SUPER BOWL 48 is because he knows that he can rely on the half Irish neo con to keep his mouth shut. ~ ~ For the life of me, I still don't understand why Barack Obama has not yet been interviewed by Rush Limbaugh. ~ ~ Dude. Don't you want to be treated with respect? And stay away from the personal insults and name calling while you intelligently discuss the issues of the day? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PERSONAL NIGGER NOTE: The word 'thug' is the new N word? Of course it is. Niggers have always been thuggish. While the classic House of Israel plantation Negro is a stylish gentleman who doesn't ever raise his voice or his fists. When anybody is looking at least. You would be amazed how often God takes care of his dirty house cleaning business in private. ~ ~ NOTES FROM SUNDANCE: The surprise blizzard that hit Jew York at midweek represented my invisible man in FLASH DANCE. ~ ~ TAUNTING NOTE: According to REV.12, the accuser is the taunter, not the other way around. ~ ~ NEW BOND NOTES: George Clooney is today's middle-aged James Bond figure who retires and hands over the title to the new middle-aged 007 Brad Pitt in the climax of my first installment. Who himself turns over the indie film title to Jim Carrey in the second physical transfiguration era sequel. Who is then young looking enough to star in at least the next four middle age secret agent movies. ~ ~ Don't laugh, I'll be in preproduction on this even before my team of Jewish lawyers, agents, and managers make it happen for me. ~ ~ Who needs the Jews when you have Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis in your back pocket? Not to mention Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston. ~ ~ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: Last night, I dreamed that Renee Zellweger wanted to play one of my own private Bond Girls in one of my own private upcoming surreal 007 movies. ~ ~ Since I AM is the only one who is paying for everything right now, I'm gonna half to insist that David Lynch puts her into one of my next movies. With on set trailer benefits of course; "I paid this time, you pay next time." [THE CABLE GUY] ~ ~ And please, don't even call me until you have confirmation that the off shore tax free cash money has been wired into your bank account. That's how we roll in Miami.

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