Saturday, January 25, 2014


I began watching THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND at exactly 12:00 am on January 25. Then about a half hour into it, I thought that it might help if I read the wiki page background on him. Thereby discovering that the film's gypsy king came to power in Africa on January 25, 1971; the exact same date when I became a Mormon missionary cast member in Federico Fellini's ROMA prophecy. ~ ~ I.e. EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY started production on Gisele Bundchen's July 20 birth date in 1987, and my first main review of it rolled out on Geena Davis' January 21 birth date. And America landed that MTV idol man on the moon on July 20, 1969, yada yada. ~ ~ Anyway. Idi Amin's name was a prophetic reference to my sidekick's fake [I.D. Admin.] administration in DC. ~ ~ Which is now being indirectly backed up from behind by all of today's centrist Jewish liberals and centrist Jewish neo con liberals. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CENTRIST RADIO NOTE: Back in the 90s, my centrist Republican buddy Kenny Kemp quickly learned that there is no future in centrist conservative talk radio. It's my way or the highway now. ~ ~ WIKI BACKGROUND INFO LINK: ~ ~ KING OF SCOTLAND NOTES: The newly created national health care doctor from Scotland, who represents the new Obamacare in the pre-Obama movie, makes the off hand HASTY TASTY comment about, "If we had monkeys in Scotland, we would probably deep fry them." Per my recent vision wherein I was standing in HASTY TASTY's parking lot and I saw an old vintage Danite bomber prop-plane drop an atomic bomb directly on top of the UW campus. ~ ~ OH CANADA NOTE: That frozen palace old folks home burned down in 'Truth Island' Quebeck in confirmation of the old folks FDR jam in THE CABLE GUY; which introduced the film's big screen tv with a huge fire image. [Think Glenn Beck] ~ ~ Plus the centrist conservative star of the movie is from Canada. ~ ~ When that GREYHOUND bus hijacker jumped up from his seat in Sheriff Joe's Maricopa County in Arizona, he declared, "EVERYBODY IS GOING TO DIE!!" [Many old folks prefer taking the old bus routes instead of going through the security hassles of getting on one of those new jet airliners.] ~ ~ I GET WHATEVER AND WHOEVER I WANT NOTE: That prophetic scenario in THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, where I get a free sexy MERCEDES SL ride from my African sidekick nigger with the genuine royal African birth certificate, represents my choice of any two vintage automobiles from Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. ~ ~ THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND NOTE: My fake I.D. king in the above movie, who believes that he is the future King of Scotland, says that fucking lonely married women is something extra special. ~ ~ So this morning at 9:44 I woke up from a very vivid dream wherein Gisele Bundchen still really and truly loved and respected her husband. But casual sex with her friends and co-workers was still much more fun. ~ ~ BIG IDEA NOTE: I probably would not even be interested in taking a meeting with you if your script idea for a BIG LEBOWSKI sequel/prequel/remake does not involve some kind of an angle on Mormon fundamentalist men fucking hot young virgin teenagers, like at: ~ ~ AND:

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