Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Last night on Portland, Oregon's GROUND ZERO RADIO, Clyde Lewis suggested that the appropriate authorities should track down my iPAD IP and report me to my Internet provider. This, from the same guy who claims that the NSA is the forerunner to the 666 anti Christ beast who is just around the corner. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KTTH 770 PROGRAMMING NOTE: Please guys, never even think about canceling GROUND ZERO, it's about the only thing that helps me make it through the night anymore. ~ ~ TOO EASY NOTES: When that tall white babe goes Taylor Swift on her cheating lover in EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY, we see the screaming face of that nails iPAD icon on top of my future VCR unit, complete with a fire in the background. Of course, those 'S' cheerleaders in the above brown bastard alien child football movie stand for Seattle, etc. ~ ~ SUPER JEW NOTE: Mac role plays Jerry Lewis at the swinging 19666s piano in EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY for a future Lewis and Clark Portland, Oregon thing. ~ ~ In other terms, all those two witnesses visions given to the messianic Jews during the 90s on Mercer Island, etc. are about the upcoming reformation in Seattle. Because Portland, Oregon has become nothing more than a little further out suburb of Seattle's northwestern metro region. ~ ~ Talking about Jerry Lewis. Back on 1.16 at 9:25 pm, the distinct 770 KTTH radio voice of Ben Shapiro declared unto me very clearly that, "A war is coming on in America." [Exactly 55 minutes after I had heard a voice in my head that said that Jodie Foster wants to have my twin babies.] ~ ~ KINGDOM OF GOD NOTE: In the upcoming Kingdom of God, nobody in their right mind would ever send their child to a government funded 666 school. ~ ~ RT.66 NOTE: In 1988's cinematic EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY revelation, Route 66 is the strange si-fi film UFOs time portal pathway from Barack Obama's Chicago down to Barack Obama's La La Land in LA. Which one can hear about every weekday night on Portland's GROUND ZERO meets ZERO EFFECT.

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