Monday, January 6, 2014


Some say that that FORMULA ONE star who recently died in a highlands skiing accident now looks like he is about to be born again and rise up from his brain dead coma, complete with new birth certificate. Could be one of those really weird true Internate-talk-radio rumors; based on the fact that that German woman who now leads Germany just broke her [rich hippies] hip in a cross country skiing "accident". ~ ~ Think FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, because my little ski freak lover Emma Watson just broke up with her boyfriend. And that high-flying Canadian made private jet from Mexico just crashed in Obama's gay ass Aspen, Colorado, near Wolf Creek. ~ ~ Plus, the above film's Russian skater OLYMPICS are coming up. ~ ~ Yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SERENDIPITY NOTES: Those new FFer burger-flipper signs and wonders on J2's new thread about the SERENDIPITY co-star at WHOLE FOODS does have a winter OLYMPICS feel to it. ~ ~ LAST DAYS NOTES: In the last days, the small people will bring down the big people. Particularly when it comes to talk-radio, and the arrogant liberal media, like at: ~ ~ THE LIFE AQUATIC NOTES: They get stuck in the frozen ice of today's THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy for the film's prophetic phony rescue of that rare white species mother critter and her little innocent puppies. [The scenario's high dive shot is an OLYMPICS thing.] ~ ~ LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK NOTES: Reportedly, JT makes Jennifer Aniston laugh. Which is the exact same thing that I would do if I were him. ~ ~ Ergo, "He makes me happy." To quote Elizabeth Hurley, regarding her last and final lover who would come before yours truly; who puts the frosting on her birthday girl cake, forever and ever. And she likes it. ~ ~ BIG MONEY NOTES: The upcoming IN-AND-OUT-BURGER sequel rip-off to THE BIG LEBOW/SKI is going to happen whether you Jew fucks like it or not. My money talks, your bullshit walks. ~ ~ It's finally high time to bend over and take it up the ass boys. ~ ~ You demand to get paid ten big ones up front to co-star in my next F FOR FAKE remake/sequel R-17 picture with family values? You got it. That is if you are right for the part. ~ ~ Otherwise, you have my retro Italian producer promise that I find something for you in my next masterpiece movie. ~ ~ Per that 1931 ALFA ROMEO prophecy in Monday's NYT. Where all the actors get paid on the barrel every Friday in tax-free cash. ~ ~ Big wow, I don't believe in income taxes on the workers. ~ ~ J2 LINKS: "Getting married was so liberating." Keira Knightley. AND: "...let's get free..." EATING RAOUL. See what I mean at:

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