Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The new volcano eruption down in El Salvador [The Savior] is confirmation of that sexy blood of Christ lava lamp from the 70s in DARK SHADOWS; since it has not shot it's wad since 1976. ~ ~ See: for the film's back story details. ~ ~ Since all of the more shorter Jew critics in LA and NYC complained at the time that the movie did not have enough character backing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HORRIFYING NIGHTMARE NOTE: Last night I dreamed that I was the middle man putting together some kind of a billion dollar venture capitalist deathtrap deal between Oprah Winfrey and Michael Caine et al. Wherein I got a 10% finder's fee up front, no matter what happens, win or lose. ~ ~ 1970s WOLFEN MOVIE NOTES: Apparently the new Marxist mayor of Jew York is married to a Negro woman. You gotta wonder, especially if you live on Long Island; do they have any mulatto children? As per this new born again politician post at: ~ ~ No wonder Jennifer Aniston no longer wants to live in Manhattan. ~ ~ ZIONIST NOTE: Michael Medved claims in his talk radio history series that the Israelites are not any better than the Gentiles. Which is the same thing as saying that Barack Obama is an American citizen, etc. Or that there is no such thing as the Lost Tribes of Israel. ~ ~ Which is pretty much the same position taken by today's leaders of the RLDS church based in Utah. ~ ~ NO.1 WIFE NOTE: Last night at 1:18 AM, the Holy One of Israel said that Jennifer Aniston is a number one wife. ~ ~ VOMIT NOTE: That vomit projectile scene at the end of DARK SHADOWS is a Hollywood depiction of the revelation at that says that today's Mormon temple ceremonies are "vomit". ~ ~ MORE BIG LEBOWSKI NOTES: Who gives a fuck about that new boring looking 1960s folk singer movie made by those two monogamist Jewish brothers from the twin cities? When you could actually be making a sequel to it with Brad Pitt and Carey Mulligan, as one of his four love interests? ~ ~ What? You wanna go to some party hosted by a gang of old tired 70 year-old Jews? Or do you want to be on an exotic sailboat location somewhere where all the action is happening? [Perhaps Santa Cruz meets San Remo.] ~ ~ Think Carey Mulligan and Kate Holmes have almost the same facial expressions when you are royally fucking both of them below deck at the same time. Then imagine that you are sitting in a theater chair next to your fuddy duddy old lady while watching the latest never-ending network media Oscars show. And you have had to go pee really bad for the last two hours. ~ ~ SCREENPLAY NOTES: I'm thinking that the other LeBowski got around 20k when his mother died about 20 years ago; and now it is worth about two big ones in APPLE/GOOGLE stocks. So now all he does is sail around the world on his 91' yacht fucking hot young teenagers.

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