Sunday, January 19, 2014


Daniel Craig is a very impressive and powerful actor, no doubt about it. But as a die hard James Bond fan, I have never really liked him in the role of 007. ~ ~ First of all, there is absolutely nothing gay about the guy. ~ ~ I mean, you might as well have casted Kevin Costner with a bad English accent. ~ ~ My point being, when today's funny money economy suddenly bites the bullet, look to me and my friends for the tax-free cash to make your next Bond picture; starring George Clooney with a prophetic SHAMPOO hair die job. ~ ~ He who pays the fiddler calls the tune. ~ ~ Hopefully, the bad accent would restore the element of humor that has been so sorely missing in the past few 007 movies. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SIENNA MILLER TIME NOTE: This hairy alien babe pic was papped when I found EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY at GOODWILL; per: ~ ~ "I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve." [Sienna Miller] ~ ~ SIDEKICKER NOTES: My trusty gay ass sidekick nigger just said that racism is a main part of the reason why so many white people have finally come to realize that his Hawaii birth certificate is a fake. ~ ~ GOD DAMN IT HE'S GOOD!! ~ ~ Who needs the two born again Christian witnesses who have been overcome again by the devil, when you got me and my sidekick to kick ass on all those liars and cheaters out there? ~ ~ PUTIN NOTE: Putin's Divine Dante Danite calling in life is to cleanse the decadent latter-day world of Noah from the Sodom and Egypt culture that crucified Jesus Christ et al in REV.11. ~ ~ BOND GIRL NOTES: In my own private LAST TANGO IN PARIS James Bond movie, 007 has two fuck interests; role played by Sienna Miller and Scarlett Johansson. ~ ~ That's right darlings. I got the money if you got the time in your schedules. ~ ~ And at the end of the romantic action movie, I'm still fucking both of you at the same time. ~ ~ SNEAK PREVIEW: In my new four-movie James Bond franchise, Money Penny finally gets role played by Elizabeth Hurley. Wherein my double oh! oh! George Clooney figure finally hooks up with my lonely Liz character and fucks her brains out; complete with bad British accent. Plus, he also gets to have a go at Miss Penny's lowly part time assistant in the next room, played by Gwyneth Paltrow. ~ ~ EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY NOTES: After the 1988 movie's big physical transfiguration scenario, everybody goes for a ride in Valerie's restored mint condition 19666 MUSTANG convertible.

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