Saturday, January 18, 2014


In Obama's new world view, your friendly neighbors are welcome to spy on you, Cuba style. ~ ~ Ergo, I found EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY on Friday, where the old gray lady next door is spying on you. ~ ~ No wonder everything in California is turning brown. ~ ~ Where Hollywood's prophetic latter-day Mr.Brown figure has replaced his third-way Nazi leader with today's new and improved version of reformed homosexual fascism. ~ ~ And all the dummies who listen to GROUND ZERO RADIO every night, think that they are so much ahead of your average RLDS missionary dummies who believe that the 666 beast will come about a hundred years from now. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MLK DAY NOTES: I'm thinking about watching RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES in commemoration of MLK DAY. Which happens this year on the 1993 anniversary of the two witnesses' 1260 days period. ~ ~ That came and went, before both of them were overcome by the devil. And now they can no longer even talk about the abomination of desolation in simple plain truth terms. ~ ~ EASY EARTH GIRLS NOTES: I saw EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY's tall white babe just as Clyde Lewis launched into a new series of talk radio shows about my tall white Jewish alien wives who are secretly plotting to take over the world. ~ ~ Therefore, we see the recently born again Miley Cyrus in my SHAMPOO computer screen prophecy at about 9:12 on my above used DVD copy. ~ ~ SUNDANCE AFTER-HOURS NOTES: Here's Kristen Stewart, a direct descendant of the Scottish highlands royal line of Israel, attending some rack of lamb restaurant event up in the Park City highlands, at: ~ ~ HANNAH MONTANA NOTES: Thank God. Oliver Stone is finally considering casting Miley Cyrus in my sketchy big idea screenplay about her role playing the life and death of Janis Joplin. ~ ~ Yeah yeah yeah, I talk a lot of smack about directing the project myself, in my dreams. ~ ~ That said, I will have the cash money on me when the time comes for me to call you.

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