Thursday, January 2, 2014


Those astonishing [Mideast] oil tanker explosions off Rt.18 outside I-29 FARGO meets BLOOD SIMPLE were about the 66.6 Jews who are about to die in the Southern California prophecy called THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Ergo, Jewish Marxist centralism and independent government Ephraimite freedom go together like oil and water. ~ ~ Therefore, that fiery subzero degree explosion next to a Muslim temple in the same area where the Jewish Coen brothers grew up in the twin cities, as reported at: ~ ~ What? You think Jewish people are no different than white people? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ANTI-HERO ANTI-CAPITALIST ANTI-CHRIST NOTES: For some latter-day-saints back character understanding, see this typical anti capitalist third way Marxist movie link at: ~ ~ For example, my third way brother in Sandy, Utah voted for Ross Pero, etc. Just like Steven Fresh et al did. Which ultimately gave us the 1260 days latter-day style Gordon B Hinckley third-wayer Bill Clinton. ~ ~ WOLFEN NOTE: The new mayor of New York believes that silly emotional women and immature negro children should have the right to vote for him. ~ ~ Of course, enough said, etc. So now comes the cut. ~ ~ JERRY LEWIS NOTE: Just heard the new brilliant born again 29ish voice of Jerry Lewis who will be returning to KTTH 770 in Seattle on 1.6... sounds really good to me. ~ ~ P.S. MEDVED: You are not going to get anywhere until you start telling the truth about Barack Obama. ~ ~ R.I.P. NOTE: Bob Grant died at 84 for a TWO WEEKS NOTICE NYC sign that Hugh Grant is soon going to die too in today's 1984 London, before it's all over. And then he will be born again three and one half days later; "By whatever means necessary..." [Mayor Blasio] ~ ~ WIG NOTE: Bob's trademark atomic bomb radiation fallout poisining 1960s wig represented the wig party whore in SHAMPOO.

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