Sunday, January 5, 2014


On New Year's Day at 1:18 AM, I had a very clear flash vision of me writing down a big number "1" on a piece of paper. So later, I checked out the 18th image of Gisele Bundchen at and saw her flashing the two footballs of Judah and Ephraim with an 11.22 date reference to Scarlet Johasson's "LUCKY U" tattoo, at: ~ ~ Because that lucky horseshoe logo quarterback for the underdog COLTS bears the same number '12' as Tom Brady. ~ ~ Per; ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LET'S FUCK NOTES: Here is that ['LET'S... do it.] image that everyone is talking about right now at: ~ ~ Notice the erect penis symbol in the foreground. ~ ~ KING OF ENGLAND NOTE: This report is about Sunday's King Tide sign in Seattle's King County that confirms Barack Obama's 8:04 sunrise fascism birthdate on his fake born again birth certificate, at: ~ ~ Also see this thematic [DARK SHADOWS] secret combinations BOOK OF MORMON Hawaii BYU link at: ~ ~ Elvis Presley was my Hawaiian King of England forerunner, and all that. Who believed in the BOOK OF MORMON, just like me. Not to mention my two future wives; Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen. ~ ~ DEAR DIETER NOTE: Here is the link to that Aussie accent babe with the really nice 29ish tight ass at: ~ ~ Note the EYES WIDE SHUT mask, etc. ~ ~ DR EVIL NOTE: Reportedly, Seattle's Dr Evil icon was rushed over to his private rich hippie jet on Santa Cruz Island on New Year's Day at:

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