Saturday, January 11, 2014


I heard Clyde Lewis explain last night how the government is now using secret mind control x-Ray machines. So when I got up Saturday morning and started to clean my glasses, the word "Obama" suddenly came into my mind very clearly. ~ ~ Normally, I would have thought that this was God telling me how the day 1290 abomination of desolation in the White House was his way of helping the lost tribes of Israel in JEREMIAH 31 etc. to have a better 'vision' or look, at the Biblical differences between white people and niggers. ~ ~ However, it finally became clear to me why our secretive next-door neighbors, who live behind a wall of tall bushes and trees, never talk to us. Obviously, some secret black-ops government unit has moved in over there and set up one of their mind-control microwave transmitters that can go through walls. ~ ~ What's the end game you ask? Duh, if these secret elements can rile up the people into a chaotic partisan fury against Obama, then they will have an excuse to introduce marshal law. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PEARL OF GREAT PRICE NOTES: Those precious pearls set into every joint in the fine marble craftsmanship in DARK SHADOWS are about the book's teachings regarding the descendants of Ham; who do not need the higher priesthood to get into the Kingdom of God. ~ ~ PLANET OF THE APES UPDATE: Burton's updated version of PLANET OF THE APES has Barack Obama sitting upon the Greek-Roman fascist throne of Abraham Lincoln in Washington, DC. With the 555' erection icon of Egypt and Sodom in the background; as the Secret Service and their local cop allies move in on the film's crazy born-again birther from outer space. ~ ~ DEPENDING NOTE: I definitely will try to get around to watching RED tonight. Although I did see somewhere that some 'fat bastard' bitch is supposed to be hosting SNL. ~ ~ ANTICHRIST NOTES: I AM is the reason why so many of today's apostate Christians have become so obsessed with some future phantom 666 Antichrist [INVISIBLE MAN] figure who does not even exist in the Bible. When you do not believe in the BOOK OF MORMON, then you will believe in anything. ~ ~ Because you have so little faith that is actually anchored in reality. ~ ~ BORN AGAIN KARL MARX UPDATE: Check out these new pix of Ohio's Kate Holmes raising up her two [Marxist May Day, 5.1 date] fists for the new born again Barack Obama revolution, at: ~ ~ Because her Ta Tas start smoking every time she watches all those big foot niggers in Manhattan's garden arena of Adam and Eve in the Bible. No doubt, her latest Spike Lee indie film director was seated somewhere nearby. ~ ~ DAVE AND LARRY NOTE: See these two guys' next idea here about some low budget off-Broadway [DEATHTRAP] play that they would pay for in order just to pawn it off on Hollywood, and make a killing, at: ~ ~ DOJ NOTES: Today's desecrated DOJ is now role playing the accuser in REV.12 in order that the mormon lost tribes of Israel in Utah might finally see what is happening; in terms of latter-day prophecy. ~ ~ Then come the invading PLANET OF THE APES armies of the wild-at-heart Lamanite apes, as recorded in ALMA and 3NEPHI, etc. etc. Only this time, the white men of Israel are finally going to wake up and become born again and not take it up the ass anymore. ~ ~ JUST NOW NOTES: While wiping off my dirty bathroom mirror just now, I got the sudden unexpected clear impression from my next-door neighbors that all of my old buddies are now going to offer me the same amount of money that they have inherited from their dead mothers for my next big fuck boat movie; as in my own private THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy.

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