Monday, January 27, 2014


Both the neo Nazi skinheads and the liberal pot head longhair hipsters in 1986 Chicago thought that Bueller was a righteous dude; and so was his fake mulatto widow dressing manikin sleep in. "You must all be equal with each other." [Adolph Hitler] ~ ~ In other words, equality is Divine, and fascism is demonic. ~ ~ Therefore, 6,666,666 Jews had to die just to make this point. ~ ~ And now another 66.6% of them in Israel are going to die for the very same reason. ~ ~ Seems a bit harsh? ~ ~ How about 100% of all the dumb and dumber Ephraimites in Utah are going to die, who do not want to become baptized again into the born again LDS church? According to the modern day spoken word revelations that are recorded and available now via . ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE BLUES BROTHERS NOTES: Those two Blues Brothers are living in one of Mayor De Blasio's 250' rooms in NYC when suddenly the floor collapses from under them. ~ ~ THE BLUES BROTHERS: II sequel comes to a climatic finale after everybody in Chicago high-tails it down to Louisiana's DUCK DYNASTY country. ~ ~ PHONEbooth NOTES: I never saw 2006's prophecy about the NSA recording all of your phone calls from a phone booth. Gonna have to get around to that one for sure, sooner rather than later; perhaps right after I finish RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. ~ ~ I'll tune into Seattle's late night 570 KVI talk radio tonight [Monday] and hear what Michael Savage has to say about me in their replay of his show from San Francisco. ~ ~ I'm not going to hand over $5,000,000 in cash from my off-shore [Mel Gibson] golf course Bank of Fiji if I can't make my next Janis Joplin fuck film on his vintage twin VOLVO. ~ ~ We could always just shoot the Rosemary's baby hippie chick sequel in Marin County, California with a Michael Savage look alike yacht tied up in the background, for almost nothing. ~ ~ And yeah yeah, of course, if we could state in the end credits that the entire motion picture was made onboard Michael's twin VOLVO, that would be definitely worth a few million in shits and giggles publicity. ~ ~ Then on the other hand, Adriana Lima's $2,000,000 yacht tied up down in Miami might make for a more interesting BLAME IT ON RIO angle; co-starring her and her sister wife Gisele Bundchen.

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