Monday, January 13, 2014


Woody Allen's THE FRONT prophecy is definitely one of my all time top-ten favorite comedies. ~ ~ Ergo, Hawaii's Evangeline Lilly movie star is now in a position where nobody at the Canadian IRS could suspect anything when some newly formed flaky Hollywood production company wires 30 big ones into her private BANK OF CANADA checking account. As if Vancouver, BC never was the place that was created by God where Chinese/Italian movie producers could get together and fuck over their local government mother fucker 666ers. ~ ~ What goes around comes around. ~ ~ You rob me, I rob you. ~ ~ You break the laws of Moses, I get to break the laws of Moses. ~ ~ Since I AM is the direct descendant of Jesus Christ. Who you fucked in the ass all those years ago. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: Hailee Steinfeld represents that hot teenager babe who you hired to work the counter at your inspired LEISURE WORLD satellite tv and hot tubs dealership in Buckley, Washington, as seen at: ~ ~ She always wanted me to fuck her, and I always wanted to fuck her too; but I passed on it because I didn't need any more insane endless 666 child support hell in my life. ~ ~ BORN AGAIN BIRTHDAY BOY NOTES: Rush got a symbolic surprise 6+3=9 trick-candle birthday cake on Monday. Nine being the symbolic number of all things that come to an end. ~ ~ Therefore, when he blew the [CHEAP TRICK] candles out, they suddenly came back to life. ~ ~ 27/29ish NOTE: The only reason why I would ever get to have my way with Evangeline Lilly's Canadian bank checking account is because she gets to look like this in the long term, like at: Plus, she knows that I'm only going to dip into her funds for about ten percent.

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