Wednesday, January 8, 2014


They just caught some 43ish dude in Madison County, Ohio named Boguslawski with an old car full of guns and bombs. ~ ~ Am I gonna have to write the fucking screenplay sequel myself? "Based upon a real event" co-starring Bill Murray, or what, at: ~ ~ Probably, and put up the financing to boot. Which is no biggie, even for a man as busy as I AM. Figure; two weeks to script the shooting draft, then we cast Cara Dellavigne as the protagonist's main fuck interest in the ensemble cast picture. ~ ~ Then we sell the indie thing to that fat Jew fuck in New York and make a killing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LANDMARK THEATER NOTES: Lincoln Village and New Rome are also located west of Columbus, Ohio, off the I-70 [weeks] landmark line; not to mention nearby London along Rt.56 etc. ~ ~ WOOD MAN NOTE: Here is the new one about that iconic Woody Allen scene wherein the bank teller cannot read the bank robber's note, at; ~ ~ BOGUS LAW NOTE: The other Boguslawski appeared in the news right as America's bogus birth certificate president had his sidekick nigger at the DOJ start dogging all those schools who have been cracking down on all those wild at heart negro children who have been taking over everything. ~ ~ GOING DOWN ON EMMA NOTE: Polanski passed on 1969's DOWNHILL RACER script in order to make ROSEMARY'S BABY, per: ~ ~ Then later, he was put on house arrest at his cosy shag pad chalet, with crackling fireplace, hot chocolate, and down comforters, during some bullshit film festival in the Switzerland highlands. Because he had been fucking all those hot teenagers at that private Swiss school for girls only. ~ ~ Eventually, it became quite clear that his ambiguous Orwellian situation was a symbolic representation of the never ending fiery torment of the sinners who end up in hell; as described in D&C 76 etc. Who thought that they got to fuck 14 year-old girls without their mothers' permission. ~ ~ Ergo, David Lynch himself felt inspired to get behind the international new world order effort to free the short Jewish dumb-and-dumber pollock director; based apon his own highland experiences with sexy hot teens babes hitting on him up in the highlands of LA. ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: Those two military helicopter crashes off Norfolk, USA and North Norfolk, England represent that helicopter crash in THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy, according to: ~ ~ I.e. the lost ten tribes of the north are mainly located in the northern hemisphere.

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