Saturday, January 4, 2014


Virtually every one of the BEVERLY HILLS COP movies is an inspired prophecy about the sudden arrival of my sidekick nigger, Barack Obama, in the seven hills of Beverly Hills; who kicks ass on all those gay ass country club Republicans. ~ ~ Remember, the Ronald McDonald Reagans retired in a house up there. Where Nancy had it's street number changed from 666 to 668. ~ ~ Ergo, fast-forward to today's foolish GROUND ZERO RADIO listeners, like Mel Gibson, who are still waiting for the anti Christ to appear. Even though there is no such person even mentioned in REVELATION or DANIEL, etc. ~ ~ That said, there are tons of prophecies about the Masonite royal blood line Templar who uses a two-edged sword in REV.19 and SLEEPY HOLLOW, etc. to cut off the heads of idiots and simple minded morons. ~ ~ Use your head, for God's sake. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JESUS NOTES: Born again birthers who only accept Jesus, but reject the fullness of his Father, only get to fly commercial, not first class, on their flights to heaven. ~ ~ PS CLYDE [Jerry] LEWIS: People with superior talents are not any better than people who have superior talents to them. The Creator loves all of his creation equally. When you try to deny this, as the atheist Karl Marx did, it means that the accuser in REV.12 has a demonic possession of your heart. ~ ~ NYC MAYOR NOTE: According to the latter-day revelations recorded in the 2BC, people who love to make a big deal out of wanting to be poor tend to have self righteous pride problems. My own brother Jeff being a perfect example. ~ ~ [Jeff is living in a 250' room, with a shared bathroom down the hall, Mayor De Blasio style.] ~ ~ NICE NEW SAILOR DOG LINK: This site looks like a good place to follow up on what's happening with the new LeBowski sequel. Which is not at all any kind of a remake, at: ~ ~ How typical. If Brad Pitt is just too gay to play the role, because his neo lesbian wife won't let him, then my stand in gets to stand in for me. If the money is right. ~ ~ PS ELIZABETH: Nothing has changed between me and you. Like it or not, you and I are going to be fucking each other over and over and forever and ever. So you just might as well be making up my extra guest room in your high society London shag pad, because; "...he is coming." [DARK SHADOWS]

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