Sunday, January 12, 2014


When I watched RED, they auctioned off a 350k tag in Dallas, Texas to hunt down that old black rhino in Barack Obama's Africa, style. In confirmation of the prophetic film's scene where the dying old black buck gave up his life to a sniper's rifle scope, in order that Bruce Willis et al at PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop might become born again, at: ~ ~ Per that 5.1 May Day earthquake reference to the movie based on the local Earnest Hemingway romance novelist who shot himself with a 12ga. duck hunter shotgun up in Bruce Willis' Sun Valley, Idaho landmark. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CON MAN NOTE: When I watched PLANET OF THE APES, a Negro rammed his car into a convenience store in Conn. And then he dashed into the shop and only stole a banana. Believe it or not, see: ~ ~ In other words, if you support the 1964 Civil Rights Act, or the illegal passage of the progressive income tax con; then you get to die again like some gut shot dog. ~ ~ People who believe in progressive taxation tend to also be believers in Obama's confirmed use of a birth certificate forgery and stolen Social Security number. It's all the same ball of dirty ear wax. ~ ~ LAST DAYS ANTICHRIST NOTE: Everything that you ever believed in about the invisible non-existent-phantom Antichrist in REVELATION, represents the unseen marred servant in the future Howard Stern FARTMAN prophecy in the BM. I.e. you can smell it, but you can't see it. ~ ~ Talk about that ZERO EFFECT movie filmed in Portland, Oregon. ~ ~ CNN NEWS NOTE: God told me to see Jim Carrey's CABLE GUY prophecy shortly before the annual CES convention began in Senator Reid's 666 Las Vegas, Nevada fantasy city. Because most of today's cable tv, Internet, and telephone services are all bundled into one monthy payment. Could be just some kind of a mind control thing.

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