Thursday, January 9, 2014


Last night I dreamed that Bruce Willis was laundering millions of dollars through me in some kind of a bogus multi-picture development deal. Wherein yours truly was being paid record breaking sums for role playing writer, director, producer, and co-star, etc. Plus triple per diem cash money on the barrel, Italian style. ~ ~ Therefore, I found a copy of 2010 RED lying on top of the $5 close-out DVDs pile at WAL*MART Thursday. Which had pictures on it about Willis having some kind of a sidekick nigger, like at: ~ ~ I never did go see the movie in a theater because something about the trailer bugged me. ~ ~ Plus, I had read something earlier about Bruce Willis voting for Barack Obama. ~ ~ So my attitude was, "Get back to you later..." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUCK A DUCK NOTES: Finally! I got around to watching the first reenactment of PLANET OF THE APES, 2001, last night. Wherein the naive white guy crash lands into some future DUCK DYNASY swamp. And then he finds himself getting hunted down, LA-manite style, across the lava plains in Barack Obama's Hawaii by today's army of racist homophobic Jew hating niggers, along side the future Cara Delevigne. [Actually filmed in BLUE HAWAII.] ~ ~ FAT BASTARD NOTE: New Jersey's fat bastard got caught right before my dream about Jersey Boy's backsliding Republican Bruce Willis. ~ ~ SMOKIN' ACES NOTE: Today's gay ass director of the FBI, Mr Comey, has betrayed America once again by not arresting the well documented illegal alien in the White House. Go figure at: ~ ~ My guess is he loves to vote Republican. See the lyrics and video clip at: ~ ~ FBI NOTE: Today's sophisticated apes in PLANET OF THE APES, 2001, wear SNL style alien cone heads, KKK style. ~ ~ Always remember, the white KKK opposed the 1964 CIVIL RIGHTS ACT, and all those gay ass rich hippie Republicans were all for it. ~ ~ GROUND 'ZERO EFFECT' NOTES OUT OF PORTLAND: Strange UFO sightings, and Big Foots and crop-circles, and loud pounding noises coming out of your walls and underneath your floors, are all Divine manifestations from God. Because the God of Israel is trying to help you understand just how weird and alien Christianity is to him. ~ ~ PERSONAL ELIZABETH HURLEY NOTE: Listen Darling, you don't even have to fuck me for now, if you're not all that ready for my kind of hot swinging London DARK SHADOWS action at THE PLAYBOY CLUB's after hours scene, circa 1972. ~ ~ Just leave your back door open so that I can sneak into your swinging shag pad guest room with a couple of my under-aged after-hours hot tub babes. And hey, if you feel like joining in with us, that's cool too. Just don't make a big deal about it. ~ ~ I will be gone and out of your hair before you know it.

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