Saturday, December 31, 2016


The unconstitutional abomination of desolation just confiscated all of that desolate land in Utah State, near the DARK CANYON WILDERNESS and Blanding, Utah's 4-Corners Hwy.666 Lamanite Indian region, because the Mormons have become as bland and tasteless as the new and improved apostate Glenn Beck radio show out of white christian Dallas, Texas; per JACOB 5 and D&C 86. ~ Remember, San Juan County was named after Saint John the Revelator, in Spanish. ~ "I AM the salt of the earth." Jesus Christ. ~ Ergo, no spirit of prophecy in REV.19, no interesting and tasty "real good news" testimony of Christ for you about Barack Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ And to add insult to injury, and rub salt into your already very painful wounds; we keep getting younger and having more hot sex with our younger underaged wives. ~ Meanwhile, you keep getting older and having less limp-dick sex with your same old, same old, old wife. ~ In other words, there needs be an oppostion to all things if you want to write a truly dramatic screenplay. ~ Otherwise, you just end up churning out all of that tasteless boring dreck that they are still making up at the BYU film studios in Provo, Utah. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Friday, December 30, 2016


Putin and the boys are getting a big kick out of Obama's childish negro Jew boy reaction to my own prophetic ZERO EFFECT interpretation of the 2016 election. ~ Hence, THE INVISIBLE MAN actually does take place in the future dead of winter, Russian style; circa 2017. ~ After Donald Trump's trumpets blast open the 1964 movie trailer at: ~ When everyone from every direction [left eye, right eye] starts to turn on the prince who had screwed both of them in the ass so royally for 8 straight years. ~ Like at: ~ Which was all about Dr.Evil's crazy ideas about rockets in space and [same day delivery] microwave ovens that could cook a [NATO] Turkey in just under 15 minutes. ~ Which made Nikita Khrush/chev [CHEVY] so mad that he took off his London taylored wingtip shoe and started to bang it on his desk at the UN. ~ And then he was casted as a look alike golf club owner in GOLDFINGER meets PUSSY GALORE. ~ Hey, you head fake me, I head fake you. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ALEC BALDWIN: For the life of me, I still don't understand how you can put up with those old Jewish homos at NBC/SNL who continue to rip you off financially; week after week. ~ No wonder that Steve Martin never agreed to join the SNL cast because Mel Brooks' Jewish New York Nazis in THE PRODUCERS etc. were trying to screw him in the wallet. ~ Why you are not on a full budget production set of some Elvis Presley born again blond Jesus comedy satire about a failed Elvis impersonator who gets a second chance with his born again Donald Trump act at some less expensive hotel casino on the strip in VIVA LAS VEGAS:II is way beyond my understanding about how things work today in Hollywood. ~ "The mind boggles." Steven Soderberg. ~ Then again, nobody in Hollywood had the brass trumpet balls to make my Janis Joplin Las Vegas movie happen, co-starring Miley Cyrus. ~ PS ENGLAND: I AM is already your king. ~ And I don't really care if you believe that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God or not. ~ Me Tarzan, you Jane. ~


The abomination of desolation closed the Russians' Killenworth mansion on [70] Weeks Point, Long Island in confirmation of the similar mansion in the WAG THE DOG prophecy, at: ~ Considering that he did it for a fake news distraction; because everyone knows by now that the DNC email leaks were an inside job by [Adam] Sanders fans and supporters. ~ The second witness Rushian mansion was closed down in the Brownsville, Maryland area, located off of HWY.301. ~ For Sheriff Joe's 3.01 press conference about Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen Social Security number. ~ See the picture at: ~ Happy Chanuka. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MOVIE NOTES: DeNiro's spinning politics game guy, during Chanuka 2016, kept calling their fake news operation a "pageant". ~ As an inspired future context about a pageant producer being elected President in the movie. ~ Circa: ~ Therefore, when we first see Dust/in Hoffman's Jewish Barack Obama Hollywood producer supporter, he is lying in his fake sunlight vampire crypt. ~ Most of these guy's kin came from Eastern Europe or White Russia of course; where all those 1950s 1960s cold war era blood sucking vampire movies happen. ~ Like in my own personal favorite THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING. ~ REAL NEWS NOTES: The inspired geniousness behind that Jewish made CIA movie called MOONWALKERS, was that the fake news turned out to be the real news, at: ~ AND: ~ In other words, Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A SPACE ODESSY was a futuristic [STAR WARS] prophecy about white guys discovering the true alien nature of the UN building in Manhattan full of dark strangers. ~ Which came out on the tails of my own private home town Seattle movie at: ~ "IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR [In King County] was the best movie I ever made." Elvis, a.k.a. The King. ~

Thursday, December 29, 2016


DEVO's prophetic Reagan era video was about the Lincoln log cabin Republicans era of the abomination of desolation, at: ~ When the Montana cowboy in Scottish tartan takes down the REV.17 woman after he learns that Obama is resettling 1000s of his alien dark skinned unamerican muslin supporters in Montana. ~ Ergo, the iconic band is role played by the Jewish Greek [negro] guys at the end of REVENGE OF THE NERDS in 1984. ~ Using the same Indiana Governor's [African lion taming] whip from INDIANA JONES: THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. ~ Which Jesus used to cleanse the same defiled temple during Chanuka. ~ GSR/TWN ~ UNDOCUMENTED NOTES: The strange looking Obama is obsessed with bringing undocumented aliens into white christian America because he himself is an undocumented non christian living in America. ~ LOVE SHACK NOTES: Note the physically transfigured Ken Keisler and Nicole Kidman in: ~ It's all good. ~ SCHOOL NOTES: Spike Lee's final Reagan era movie SCHOOL DAZE was a 1290 days DANIEL 12 meets MARK 13 prophecy about the Greek niggers in Washington, DC, at: ~ Around the time when the black horse would go to war against the White House horse and the red states horse in Joseph Smith's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. ~ DEVO NOTES: Iggy Pop discovered DEVO. ~ In order that he would look like this at the beginning of his physical transfiguration period. ~ Still not looking at his best, but quite fuckable in the meantime, at: ~ "You gotta have faith..." George Michael. ~ WHIP IT UP NOTES: Jesus has told his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel that the end times will be like making whipped cream. ~

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Today's two mighty and strong 5.7 shakers happened just northeast of Twin Lakes, Crown Point, and Saddlebag Lake; north of California's Rt.120; because Mel Brooks' BLAZZLING SADDLES prophecy about my nigger sheriff sidekick Barack Obama is the real deal, at: ~ Which shook things up pretty good in the prophetic FERRIS BEULLER'S DAY OFF film score connection to the nearby White Mountains , again at:'s_Day_Off ~ You monkey around with me, we monkey around with you. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NYT: Tomorrow is issue no.57,500 for you guys. ~ My advice is get rid of all those niggers and homosexual Jewish lesbians who are still working for you; and just keep the better part of the white neo con male Jews on your staff. ~ No need to throw out the baby with the bathwater in REV.12. ~

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Carrie Fisher suffered a fatal heart attack when she was flying back from her London gig on CATASTROPHE; in confirmation of the same day UN vote against Israel. ~ And then they finally pulled the plug on her without her ever waking up; on the same day that Israel declared they had ironclad proof from sources in Egypt of the abomination of desolation's direct involvent in the whole fishy thing. ~ Sort of like Donald Young getting murdered on a December 23 because he could not stop bragging on the phone to Larry Sinclair about his long time gay relationship with Barry Obama. ~ Or like when that Jewish nerd tries to steady the DC 85:8 arc on top of Paul Nestor's very respectable looking family woody wagon in REVENGE OF THE NERDS. ~ "Come on!.. I'm not that controversial!" Philip Seymour Hoffman role playing Larry Sinclair in the [Truman] CAPOTE biopic. ~ Note the FBI's amazing Mr.Comey look alike in the pre Barack Obama picture. ~Happy Chanuka. ~ GSR/TWN ~


Cousin Eddy's fatherly uncle role in CHRISTMAS VACATION:II was confirmed on the same day that I started watching it by that tragic mixed up family house fire across the [1290] river from Lincoln Ave. via the McKees Rocks Bridge outside Pittsburgh, PA. ~ Which is Rush Limbaugh's officially adopted home town. ~ Per: ~ Note the 5 year-old virgin's ten virgins prophecy context. ~ Happy Chanuka. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES FOR WHITE FOLKS: The niggers went wild on Boxing Day in confirmation of that Russian military jet crashing into the Black Sea of Israel. ~ For the monkey who bites Eddie in the ass in the pre-Obama CHRISTMAS VACATION:2 Hawaii prophecy. ~ Think LOST meets HAWAII FIVE-O. ~ Not to mention those 5 craptastic LDS family pre PG rated movies that The King made in Hawaii. ~ Yeah yeah I know, CLAMBAKE was actually shot in Florida, same thing, like at: ~ KISSIN' COUSINS NOTES: It really is OK to fuck your first cousins Britney Spears style. ~ Just as long as you are eating a lot of whole food wheat bread in your daily diet. ~ Otherwise, your kids are going to look like that banjo playing boy in DELIVERANCE meets ERASERHEAD, at: ~ And that's not a good thing. ~ PS PETER: More intolerance, less tolerance. ~

Monday, December 26, 2016


In Neve Campbell's WHEN WILL I BE LOVED meets THE FRESHMAN endangered species prophecies, I bring her a big shopping sack full of tax free cash on Boxing Day 2016. ~ Which of course, was all pre-arranged by her manipulative boyfriend pimp daddy; who was the original representation of Donatella's mob daddy in Naples, Italy, circa 1980-1988, at: ~ Now, in answer to the above pressing title question. ~ Daddy will love you up whenever you need it. ~ Even if you don't feel like it sometimes. ~ "Wake me up before you go go..." because I AM is not going solo anymore. ~ GSR/TWN ~ A DENTE NOTES: I found a 16oz. sack of twirly pasta, made in Canada, at THE CHECKOUT today that looked like various colored vaginal clitorises, " served a dente." No. Really. It says that right on the bag.

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Father Eddie is an unemployed nuclear fallout test subject in CHRISTMAS VACATION:II; who had lost his job after the sneaky Tarzan monkey made so many military R&D cutbacks. ~ Ergo, the great white rogue shark from JAWS takes the crazy mixed family to a new place; where there are no Babylon bank mortgages and real estate taxes on houses; nor any inheritance taxes.. ~ As just confirmed by the death of STATUS QUO's legendary [King Island] icon who looks like the movie's married Ausie seaplane pilot with 5 children, at: ~ In other words, gasy ass apostate christian monogamy and currupt Jewish usery will also become a thingy of the past. ~ And no good woman will have to live alone anymore without the long lost love of her life. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DUSTIN HOFFMAN: BACHELOR PARTY ends with the crazy bride and groom kids riding away in that same yellow bus in THE GRADUATE. ~ After we see an older you, still in your transgender TOOTSIE character at the wedding. ~ BB NOTES: The abomination of desolation stabbed Israel in the back on the eve of Hanukkah because those Jewish nigger lovers at the NYT fucked straight white christian America in the ass for 42 months. ~ Ergo, that desecrated temple arc crate of the covenant people in the opening of the REVENGE OF THE NERDS prophecy. ~ Think PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED meets the "explosive word of mouth" Chinatown movie called GOODBYE MR.LOSER, at: ~ AND: ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: If things start to get a little tight financially, don't forget my very generous HANNIBAL:III offer to co-star with me in my born again debut acting role shot in Siena, Italia and Yellowstone, Montana. ~


After the Mormon church is suddenly cleansed like a dirty plate, with one quick swipe under the new clean water faucet, all of it's members will be given 12 months to decide if they want to become re-bapitised and born again; or have their relapsed membership records completely deleted. ~ Per that flooded out house in Chicago that opens CHRISTMAS VACATION:II 2016,the PG rated 2004 tv movie. ~ That might as well been directed by Bonney Lake's own famous BYU alumnus filmmaker Bruce Troxel. ~ Which the REV.12 mother tries to fix with the two yuuuge pipe wrenches of Judah and Ephraim. ~ And then the mixed family of lost Israel goes on a Christmas vacation in Hawaii. ~ Where the great white "rogue" shark in Donald Trump's island beach JAWS prophecy takes them all to a new place. ~ Located on the far side of his resort hotel island paradise. ~ Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin er all are on their own private HIGHWAY TO HELL in LOST HIGHWAY meets ROGUE ONE. ~ As just confirmed by that Russian jet crash into the ancient Sea of Israel. ~ Which is now called the Black [Irish] Sea, for obvious reasons. ~ GSR/TWN ~ X-MAS-16 NOTES: Here is Uncle Eddie looking like Santa Claus these days in Lincoln, Vermont, at: ~ Note the crazy orange hair wig wool cap and the manly Scottish tartan coat of many colors. ~ Not to mention the white Greek columns orthodox church in the cold north background. ~ Per the manly score that wraps up the movie at: ~ Or like Sharon Stone always used to say back in her late 20s, early 30s, "If it ain't got no SHWING! it don't mean a thing." ~ PS TRUMP: The reason why Russia and China will become that bain of your presidency is because, like Glenn Beck er all, you support gay rights and progressive taxation. ~ That said, like Adam Sanders, you are one of my guys. ~ And not one of those other strange looking dark skinned guys. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Loving your new BIG LOVE bisexual wife, at: ~ You randy little devil you. ~

Saturday, December 24, 2016


For example, every band member in Adam Sander's Chicago CHANUKA concert during the 1260 days era of the two witnesses is a Howard Stern look alike, at: ~ Ad to that, that 42 months of BATMAN previews shooter who liked to crack jokes in Obama's Aurora, Colorado 16-plex sported a prophetic orange shampoo die job, at: ~ [Trump is a dark horse billionaire 2016 figure who lives in a swanky penthouse on top of a very tall dark building in Gotham/Manhattan.] ~ Plus, the guy looks a lot like that little Jewish billionaire [Jeff Relf] prick who founded FACEBOOK. ~ And then the Jewish princess in the original STAR WARS has a heart attack flying back from London. ~ Where she was shooting some AMAZON.seattle series called CATASTROPHE; whatever that means, hee hee. ~ And this is just the first week into the global UN theatrical release of ROGUE ONE. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ADAM: The neocon Harrison Ford is 3/4 Jewish, not 1/4 Jewish. ~ In other words, he is slightly more Jewish than your own less Jewish version of neoconism. ~ But why split hairs? ~ It's all good. ~ For example, I would love to fuck Miley Cyrus full on and real hard in her tight little girly vagina at David Letterman's dude ranch prophecy at the end of her own private kitty MONTANA movie prophecy. ~ So what. ~ BFD, sometimes she looks like a little virgin boy with no pubic hair. ~ Othertimes, she looks like a naughtly little 16ish rich girl who has had one too many boyfriends. ~ If she is only willing to suck on my cock, and maybe give me a few "handy man" jobs around THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW house now and then, I could live with that for now. ~ Besides, if I absolutely half to have me a full on threeway pussy fuck therapy session, I can always go back to one of my original day 1290 wives; like Charlie, Sandy, Cammy, or Gywinny; not to mention Jenny, Jenny, and Jenny. ~

Friday, December 23, 2016


My black 1996 era 35" SONY tv tube suddenly died in a brilliant white light flash vision right before my divorced suicidal character in BACHERLOR PARTY arrives to the PARTY OF 5 party [Next to room 10.03] from Portland, Oregon; 3000 miles away. ~ Who none of the gang of 5 had seen since he left town. ~ Who at the time, was as high as a kite, but not on wine or drugs. ~ Never forget, sometimes shitty movies happen for a good reason. ~ Just like sometimes shitty presidents happen for a good reason. ~ And then we get to have a really nice white guy like Donald Trump in the Oval Office; just for the shits and giggles. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BILL GATES: Close, but no cigar. ~ Real news science is not the same thing as fake news science. ~ In other words; sometimes I like you; and other times I don't like you. ~ THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING ME NOTES: This 1988 prophecy was about me going crazy thinking about that tall 10-speed aiethist bicyclists Jew [Steven Hughes] fucking my virgin wife in THE SHINING, at: ~ And of course, it was just what the medicine-wheel doctor had ordered. ~ Don't get me wrong now; it was not so much his fault, as it was my slutty exwife's fault. ~ CONSPIRACY THEORY NOTES: Who in their right mind would ever have ever thought that Randy Quaid was absolutely right about his electrifying 'Hollywood Star Wackers' warnings during the 2016 Christmas season, at:'s_Christmas_Vacation ~ PS 770 MICHAEL MEDVED: You are the modern version of the self-righteous arrogant sabbath-keeper Jews in Jerusalem when God commanded Lehi to pack up his shit and leave town; before it was too late. ~ That happening some 70 years later. ~ For when you too would become 70 years-old. ~ AP:II NOTES: "I had them all eliminated..."Dr.Evil, in STAR WARS meets BACHELER PARTY. ~

Thursday, December 22, 2016


That Marlon Brando look alike terrorist in Berlin, [Vermont, USA] who once claimed that Hollywood is run by a tight ass clique of aiethist antichrist Jews, is obviously the same guy who role played me in LAST TAGO IN PARIS, 1972, at: ~ AND: ~ Wherein my French exwife cunt was fucking my older look alike brother upstairs behind my back. ~ So then I walked around Paris looking like some crazy Idaho potato head white man who wanted to relieve my anger towards her in some future tv reality show shot in 16mm, and then transfigurated into 2016 video, like at: ~ Say what you will about the 2016 election. ~ But in the old Jewish testament, the penalty for a fake birth certificate adulteration is a sudden quick death by a cut to the throat, OJ Simpson red SWISS ARMY knife style, like at: ~ No. Seriously. ~ I AM is no longer that interested in the production, screenwriter , director side of making movies in Hollywood. ~ I'm an actor, not a businessman. ~ I leave that kind of thing up to Donald Trump er all. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: I will give you the exact GPS numbers when you need them. ~ But it's gonna cost you. ~ I no longer work for free. ~ Like that naive white sucker at SNL who is carrying the entire Jewish produced NBC network show on his shoulders for just a niggerly $1,400 an episode. ~

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Probably around a good half of today's apostate christian Mormons still don't get it is because they spiritually and physically look and sound and think more like John McCain and Mitch McConnell; and not Donald Trump. ~ Ergo, Michael Moore was exactly right when he flew into a typical 1980s Reagan era panic and tweeted that President Trump is going to get us all killed. ~ Duh. ~ In the Bible it says that one must die, spiritually and politically, before one can become born again in the exact same way. ~ Of course becoming born again physically is also a nice thing; kind of like the frosting on the cake. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DIE JOB NOTES: In the SHAMPOO prophecy, the PLAIN TRUTH MAGAZINE news will finally be revealed when half of everyone in Hollywood is getting their hair died; one color or the other. ~ PS ROB REINER: Every single unconstitutional marxist government taxation right that has been passed since the unamerican era of Teddy Roosevelt is now going to suddenly die from a violent death in the next 70 weeks; literally speaking. ~ "Reward her even as she rewarded you and double unto her even as she doubled unto you..." With that fake news NOBEL PEACE PRIZE that was awarded to Barack Obama. ~ Even though he was just another half breed nigger from Chicago with a fake birth certificate. ~ And there was no real news about any phoney baloney, [carnel minded meat-head] two-state peace agreement happening in Israel. ~

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


After the unmarried Catholic Pope with an effeminate sounding voice in BACHELOR PARTY's ten virgins [Catholic school bus] wedding party said that fake science evolution conspiracy news theories are true, there was a strong 6.9 right near Roma, Indonesia that rocked Darwin, Australia's upsidedown English horse saddle globe, per: ~ [Alec Baldwin and Carey Mulligan are Catholic.] ~ Meanwhile, back at the Mormon sex cult ranch in Montana; David Letterman is looking like a goofy Christian X-Mass Santa Claws version of Moses. ~ And that's a good thing, relatively speaking. ~ Think BLAZING SADDLES meets TRUE GRIT. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MARTIN SCORSESE: Yours truly gets out of 666 PC jail and becomes the new it guy in THE KING OF COMEDY only after I force the stiff Jews at the old fashion networks to finally give me and Donald Trump a chance, at: ~ Think THE KING OF NEW YORK meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE. ~


That BIG BROWN rig full of fed parsals crashed in day 1290 Danville, California, below Mount Diablo, for a reason. ~ It being the same day that the Russian ambassador was assassinated in Turkey by an agent of the dark skinned abomination of desolation. ~ Who has been using these kind of devilish fake email news stories in order to dump on the blond white man Donald Trump. ~ What goes around comes around; i.e. what goes in, must eventually come out. ~ You threaten the Russian's with a fake news DNC email hacking story, God gives you a fake retaliation conspiracy theory to chew on. ~ Per that taxi driver White Horse Prophecy in 1997 starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ CORRECTION NOTES: Last night Michael told me that the NYT will eventually sell, or resell, for 6.4% on the dollar, not 10%. ~ PS GLENN BECK: God has punished you er all so painfully because you er all have mocked and made fun of the two witnesses prophecy in REV.11. ~ In the same spirit that today's apostate Christians have mocked and made fun of the world wide BM movement. ~ ONE STAR RECOMMENDED NOTES: Find out where I had my post wedding reception trout dinner in France, circa 1974, and many of your troubling questions about love, romance and marriage and THE JOY OF SEX, 1970s style, will be answered. ~ Hint hint. ~ We had a bucket of KENTUCKY FRIED [chickified] CHICKEN after Laurence and I got married in that weird looking Provo River, BYU wedding cake temple. ~ And then we went to France and had a more proper wedding feast. ~ Wherein I ordered the rooster in red wine, and my polygamist BIG LOVE father in law ordered the traditional rare beef filet; blackened to a crisp on the outside, and completely blood red rare on the inside. ~

Monday, December 19, 2016


Those infectious virus videos of a vanquished Hillary walking alone in the woods, sporting her usual fake poker-face smile, are about that disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter who fed those secret basement war room emails to wikileaks in the woods at THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY in DC, at: ~ Since Rush Limbaugh himself is a United Methodist church member. ~ Meanwhile, some character who looks exactly like some hip 1960s actor in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, complete with sideburns, just assassinated the Russian ambassador in Turkey. ~ Of course, the White Russians in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II are going to blame it all on America's secret code Muslim NATO president with the fake news birth certificate, at: ~ Need I remind you? ~ That soft spoken Russian assassin at the end of the second 1963 James Bond movie is an Indiana Governor look alike tuff guy at: ~ No wonder that Donald Trump chose an Irish gangsta guy like him to watch his back. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MEDVED: The reason why regular caucasin white guys like me never listen to you or Glenn Beck that much anymore is because we are no longer that interested in what John McCain and Lindsay Gram have to say these days. ~ Not to mention the late dead Senator John Glenn who never impressed me that much. ~ May his 666 soul rest in hell. ~ "I never liked you!!" Says the blond Donald Trump figure who takes over at the end of the 1976 prophecy , that is all about me, and not you two church lady cunts, called THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ SUPER JEW NOTES: It happens every time. ~ Just after I finish kicking ass at the NYT, some rogue interview of Jerry Lewis comes out which suggests that I need to buy out the enclosed failing newspaper's stock value for one dollar on the dime. ~ According to my own private Park City, Utah movie prophecy entitled CITIZEN KANE. ~

Sunday, December 18, 2016


That mighty and powerful 7.9 in the REV.13 sea east of New Ireland on SNL Saturday, near the Jewish Solomon Islands, was for the better butter and superior cheeses of Ireland; compared to that bland and fakey [JACOB 5] crapola in FARGO, Minnesota; not to mention the unfinished oak furniture themes in RAISING ARIZONA. ~ [Alec Baldwin and Carey Mulligan are Irish.] ~ This alone is half the reason why the cuisine tastes sooo much better in France. ~ Imagine that, the old fashion chefs there use butter, and not hydrogenized soybean oil. ~ How genius! ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS COURTNEY LOVE: I have not forgotten about you and your daughter for one miniute. ~ Enough said for now; good things take time, yada yada. ~ That goes for you too little Miss Mossy. ~ VIVA THE FRANCE NOTES: As the future NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE emporer of France; we will have to drive out all of the antichrist muslims starting in October 2027. ~ Think DAY OF THE JACKAL:II; when the good guys win this time. ~ And yours truly is driving around town in one of my restored ALFA ROMEOs, just for the shits and giggles. ~


Neal Israel's movie poster for his oh-so-witty 1984 Reagan era comedy says it all, at: ~ Which was a prophecy about today's yuuge party at a TRUMP hotel before his Republican Party vows are taken on January 20, 2017. ~ Which I watched on SNL Saturday. ~ When that 100' genealogy tree of Israel crashed down on some LAmanite wedding party in Whittier's Penn Park, at: ~ Sometimes shit happens for a good reason. ~ "Whatever it takes." Larry David, in WHATEVER IT TAKES. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PARTY TIME NOTES: In the above typical Jewish Reagan era hysteria picture, Evangeline Lilly's white christian regular-society father tries to do anything to stop her from getting married to some Mormon polygamist BIG LOVE cult guy from SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. ~ PS BALDWIN: Donald Trump er all is going to squash you er all like a bug. ~ Meanwhile, I will be fucking your sexy daughter on my beautifully restored 91' sailboat in Lake Union, Seattle; whether she can act or not. ~ Talk about your standard 'pay or play' 1980s era movie contract deal. ~ Maybe she can act. ~ Maybe she can't act. ~ Maybe they leave her in the picture. ~ Maybe they cut her out of the picture. ~ Whatever, I leave those kind of artistic arty farty decisions up to my well paid directors; like Paul Nestor and David Lynch. ~ I don't have any time for your shit anymore. ~ Seriously dude; there comes a time when you have to put the welfare of your daughters ahead of your own interests. ~ Always remember, you are a Russian type white Caucasian with heterosexual tendacies; and not an African male buck nigger with homosexual tendacies. ~

Saturday, December 17, 2016


When the cast and crew showed up at that mansion up in the LA hills to do exterior shots for WAG THE DOG, it was so covered up in fog that they were almost ready to give it up; and suddenly the fog departed for just enough time to get what they needed. ~ For a prophecy about the time when Hillary would become Secretary of State at the famous foggy bottom agency at: ~ Where Dustin Hoffman spins his globalist globe and points his GSR/TWN index figure at Canada. ~ In confirmation of today's real news about Canada's globalist leader being one of the last standing liberal internationalists. ~ Meanwhile, the abomination of desolation is on vacation where they shot those FANTASY ISLAND volcano lair scenes in AP:II, 1999. ~ Which was a forerunner to the SEMI-PRO Flint, Michigan prophecy about Michael Moore er all becoming so excited and possessed by the rediculously funny idea of Jill Stein coming in 4th place in the 2016 election, electorally speaking. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOT REAL MOVIE NOTES: There is no such thing as Barack Obama's birth certificate being fact checked by today's negro homosexuals, short mixed mud race Jews, and white-as-rice communists in the AP/FDR/JFK/LBJ/MLK media at FACEBOOK meets REVENGE OF THE NERDS. ~ That would be like saying that the war between the states in the 1980s was not about the 1880s post civil war wild west slavery themes in BLAZZING SADDLES. ~ ANTI CAPITALISM COMMUNISM NOTES: By now it should be obvious to everyone in-the-know that DR.STRANGELOVE was a Barack Obama prophecy about the time when Donald Trump would become President in 2017, at: ~ And then I get to fuck Carey Mulligan any time that I feel like; just as long as she feels like it too; cinematically speaking. ~ PS WOODY: You saved me from BYU with your Japanese pest blood sucking mooquitos in the same way that my exwife saved me from the Bay Area world of Steven [Howard] Hughes and Martin Sheen er all. ~ PS LAURENCE PIERSON: Within the past 12 months, two of my aunts and one of my uncles suddenly died of cancer. ~ Sounds familiar? ~

Friday, December 16, 2016


Sheriff Joe Arpaio's conclusive real news conference about Obama's fake birth certificate got THE INVISIBLE MAN [freezing winter time] chopped liver treatment on Friday at FOX NEWS meets EIB. ~ Oh well, shit happens sometimes for a good reason. ~ Like in REVELATION 17, where the bipolar beast with a pathological WILD AT HEART nature goes after the fake masked [Seth Rich] polite society whores of Babylon in EYES WIDE SHUT. ~ Per that red state felt pool table scene with the two 25 year-old Scotch glasses. ~ Which get poured two times each. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READER NOTES: Jesus describes the evil gentile prince in DANIEL 9:26, who rules the world, as a "red fox" who preys upon the silly white feathered chickens' coup in his various spoken word revelations to the northern Idaho prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in D&C 133. ~ Think Truman Capote was living it up at some deluxe UN apartment on the alt east side way long before the TRUMP TOWER was ever built, at: ~ No, seriously. ~ Donald Trump is not as controversial as you make him out to be. ~


The ginned up fake war news in the WAG THE DOG prophecy has just been confirmed by the fake president in AMERIKA declaring retaliation for the fake news about the Russians leaking his fake codename on the secret emails sent to Hillary's secret basement war room operation web server in some fancy private NYC golf club suburb residential area. ~ Imagine me fucking Miley Cyrus in the ass with real high quality French butter and you start to get the big picture. ~ And not the standard 1950s era fake yellow die job butter that they are still trying to pass off as the real thing in America; which is about 50% whipped up soybean oil from Minnesota, etc. ~ Which is why it tastes so bland and oily in comparison to the real 100% butters from France and Ireland; not to mention the cheeses. ~ Ergo, in the spoken word at, the secretive masonic Scottish rites mormon conspiracy underwear can be made out of any fabric of choice; cotton, linen, silk... Just as long as it is not some blended plastic nylon material, complete with fake rubber penis, like at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: Calm down, sit back and relax and spread out your legs very apart for me. ~ Because I will be getting around to eating out with you, and your sister too, before you even know it. ~ You want to be in Woody Allen's next movie? ~ Who gives a flying fuck. ~ I get to have my way with you in my next production trailer set movie because I have the money. ~

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Looks like all of those naive virgin girl scouts got screwed again at the NYT and WASHPO by the president in WAG THE DOG, according to: ~ One may remember that the Providentially produced fake news 97 minute movie came out on Christmas day in 97; during the special 2300 days period of the two witnesses in DANIEL. ~ And then when the movie finally unfolds completely in 2016, Miley Virus is role playing a Syrian civil war refugee living in a fancy LA mansion filled with happy wagging tail dogs of every size, stripe, and color. And a few pussy cats to boot. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: Tom Cruise and his wife Nicole Kidman were stuck in reshoot hell for years during the making, and remaking, over and over again, of EYES WIDE SHUT. ~ Which turned out to be a pretty respectable Woody Allen standard that took a few weeks longer to reshoot than expected. ~ That actually went into it's very prolonged and agonizing principle photography period right after the half hour of silence in Scorsese's new SILENCE movie began in REV.8:1. ~ IT'S BETTER WITH BUTTER NOTES: There is a reason why my barely legal underaged fuck interest in LAST TANGO IN SEATTLE:II looks like the engaged to be married Miley Cyrus look alike actress in the original movie made in Paris. ~ RICH FUCKER NOTES: The enclosed news about Seth Rich being the guy who gave wikileaky the Podesta emails rolled out at the same time that all of those rich guys from the west coast were being forced to put their cards on the table at the TRUMP TOWER in SIDEWAYS meets SMOKIN' ACES. ~ SERCRET SAUCE NOTES: In Redford's secret CIA cell prophecy, THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, we see photographs that were taken in late fall's November election period in 2016. ~ About when the polarized CIA was trying to do a political hit job on Donald Trump. ~ But the lone wolf hero in the typical 1970s political exploitation-agitation marxist politics movie stopped it from happening, at: ~

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


America's Canadian GROWING PAINS star died on the swift ice at PICKWICK ICE rink [2NEPHI 8 style] on Taylor Swift's 27th birthday at 69. ~ For the 69 to sub-zero score at the Internationalist Vs. Nationalist Greek games finale in REVENGE OF THE NERDS; i.e. the final sudden death 69th week in the 70-weeks prophecy in DANIEL 9. ~ When things suddenly get very positive for the righteous; and rather negative for the wicked. ~ For example, Taylor Swift is a regular blond gal, and Katy Perry is a geeky over-sensitive brunet. ~ Let the fun and games begin. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONELLE WILLY: It's high time for you and your government school teacher friends to start getting it, while the getting is good. ~ That said. ~ Like you, I AM is still a firm believer that the more bad things always happen to the other guy. ~ NERD ALERT!! The paranoid international conspiracy Jewish media is reporting that Mr.Trump and Dr.Evil are going to have a face to face sit down today around that yuuge conference table featured in the opening act to AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY. ~ Hey, you gotta start somewhere. ~ Left? Right?.. What the fuck. ~ Just as long as everyone at the table believes in Social Security and national health care for everyone socialism. ~ You say tomato, I say tomatoe. ~ You say that the Mormons are not real news Christians. ~ I say I hope that you are right; but I doubt it. ~

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


EYES WIDE SHUT is about the Christmas season in New York right before Donald Trump's secret victorian [sexy mormon underware] Scottish templar rites ceremony on 1.20.17. ~ Since the rabbi prophet filmmaker Stanley Kubrick suddenly died at age 70. ~ For a 70 weeks prophecy about the sudden death poker-card of today's high society idiots who believe that the Russians did it. ~ So now comes the sheriff's [BLAZZING SADDLES] real news press conference about Obama's fake birth certificate down in the Tombstone Courthouse Boot Hill tourist destination area in Arizona. ~ Where they actualy shot the college campus and Greek ANIMAL HOUSE homage scenes in REVENGE OF THE NERDS. ~ "Everyone in law enforcement is shying away from it... They're too afraid to even look at it." Sheriff Joe Arpaio. ~ Not to mention the half Jewish Geraldo Rivera on the center left, and Michael Medved on the center right. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BILL MURRAY: I get it. You role played CADDYSHACK golf with the abomination of desolation in MARK 13 at some obamacare propaganda event. ~ Problem is, most people don't get it. ~ "Do you dare me to talk to her?" NAPOLEON DYNAMITE meets REVENGE OF THE NERDS. ~


SPANKING THE MONKEY's prophecy about Barack Obama and his Jew boy tossers getting spanked real hard in 2016-17, MARK 13 style, actually came out during the special 1260-1290 days period of the two witnesses in 1994, at: ~ Back when Howard Stern was at the hight of his public on air pubic hair masterbation braodcasting period. ~ And now we are witnessing the greatest media circle-jerk in modern history. ~ Which not only involves the CIA and the NYT, but also the two Republican controlled House and Senate private chambers of Judah and Ephriam. ~ Ergo, "Thy sons have fainted [like little girls] save these two..." in 2NEPHI 8. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ACE IN THE HOLE NOTES: This inspired Sade video features Donald Trump's future winning ace card at: ~ Hence that matching 6.5 orgasm happened in Aceh Province. ~ [Sade is a mixed race Asian African from the spice islands.] ~ Think CAPTAIN RON meets KILL CRUISE:II, at: AND: ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: That is a physically transfigured I AM me on my restored vintage fuck film boat in the above latter link. ~ Call me if you need the money or not. ~ If anything, just to get your crazy sister off of your back, who keeps asking you for more and more money. ~ Relax, let me worry about her and take care of any money problems that she has. ~ Meanwhile, you worry about any of my last minute screenplay changes that don't feel quite right to you. ~ At this point in my career; I got the kind of money where we just shoot it, again and again, and fix it in post. ~ For example, I dry hump Scarlett Johanson in DON JON 2012 because I don't want to get her herpes. ~ And then it turns out to be one of the hottest sex scenes of the year. ~ PS TOM CRUISE: Is your 10 year-old virgin daughter Suri the one that I have been wondering out loud about for the past few years? ~ You tell me. ~ I don't get down to LA that much anymore. ~

Monday, December 12, 2016


Back when I was living in Paul Nestor's waterfront love shack on Lake Washington, that was located several DOORS north of Bill Gates' shag pad in Madina; Steve Miller' sweet crib was just two doors to the south of it. ~ In confirmation of his prophetic hit song, at: ~ Duh! ~ A good thorough shit and toilet flush always happens for a good reason. ~ Get used to it Hillary Clinton and Roger Moore er all. ~ You two overweight cunts don't have that much time left on your weekly schedules. ~ It's high time for one of you to man up. ~ And the other one to man down. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LAST TANGO IN ANGENTINA NOTES: Here is Jill Stein trying to look like my underage-apropriate girl sex interest in LAST TANGO IN PARIS [Moscow, Idaho] at: ~ Fuck me Jesus! ~ The new Paul Nestor Hollywood wonder kid director discovery actually shows up on the set every single morning for his debut 4 weeks shooting schedule? ~ And so does his uninsurable lead actress Lindsay [LL] Lohan? ~ PS FOX: More real news about Obama's fake birth certificate, less politicalized fake CIA news about the Russians being in bed with wikileaks. ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE & ROBERT REDFORD ER ALL: After all of these years of guys like you calling for the elimination of the CIA's corrupted beaurocratic [democratic] politics; I'm starting to have a serious change of heart about it. ~ Hey, when I was the Mormon missionary leader in Palermo, Sicily, I voted for Richard Nixon at the American consultant. ~ Damn straight I did. ~ And not just because I had no choice in the matter. ~

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Donald Trump's trumpeters announce the start of the Greek games at the end of the REVENGE OF THE NERDS Reagan era prophecy. ~ Which stand for the college bowl and NFL playoffs that happen after the handsome and tall blond Greek gets elected in President George Albert Smith's prophetic WWIII temple vision in St.George, Utah, Washington County. ~ Ergo, those twin REV.16 6.5 earthquakes that shook up Barack Obama's Indonesia and California. ~ Which coincided with the above film's scene about Barry's computer generated birth certificate, like at: ~ Heck yeah. ~ The Don is 70 because he is the 70 weeks hero in DANIEL 9. ~ And so now yours truly gets to extend my acting range in such indie films as: AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~ MASKED NEWS NOTES: That left coast techno [STAR WARS fan] Jew wears Barry's black African mask when he fucks the blond media bimbo in the full moon fun house; and she likes it. ~ That is, right after we see him wearing his tall Jewish Abraham Lincoln top hat. ~ Which represents today's developing second civil war between the states. ~ PHYSICAL TRANSFIGURATION NOTES: The 29ish looking Hawaiian Island King sings about being 109 years-old, and loving it, in this homage/montage video at: ~ PS SPEILBERG: The reason why you never had met the 100 year-old Kirk Douglas before is because you are not ready to believe in the physical transfiguration of the body of Christ.


The windy Seattle, King County, Washington rain is falling sideways against the MICROSOFT WINDOWS high up in the TRUMP TOWER opening to THE SWEETEST [PC] TABOO London spice girl video at: ~ Where that African negro man arrives late to the yuuge DC 58 CHEVY party. ~ In confirmation of Mr.Roof's roof falling down on all of those Bible study niggers at the new Bible Reign church in Nigeria; due south of Niger. ~ Who reject the BOOK OF MORMON's second witness for Jesus Christ and the physical transfiguration in 3NEPHI. ~ Just like all of those apostate christian anti-mormon white guys do at WND etc. etc. ~ Ergo, in the high above it all Sade video, "Every day is Christmas... and every night is New Years Eve." ~ After Donald Trump becomes the President of the real news America in 16. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ANGELINA JOLIE: More real news Mother Teresa, less fake news Hillary Clinton. ~ PS BRIAN WILLIAMS: More handsome man, less pretty wo/man. ~PS SIENNA MILLER: Why in the world would I ever get too depressed or too discouraged? ~ When all I have to do is pop in my copy of THE INTERVIEW, and start imaging me getting away with fucking you, and your sister too, at your high-floor artist loft in MANHATTAN meets MATCH POINT meets BANANAS. ~ And if that fails to do it for me; then I just plug in my very used and worn out DVD copy of HARD CANDY. ~ PS ELLEN PAGE: I only get to fuck you Old Testament Bible style when you let me; otherwise, it's 24/7 on my 91' restored vintage 1930s love boat in San Francisco Bay. ~ PERFECT PITCH NOTES: I see Brad Pitt fucking those two 16 year-olds up the street in David Lynch's opening sailboat shots of THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II. ~ Then we immediately sail up to Mel Gibson's own private hollowed-out volcano island lair in the south seas of REV.13:1; featured in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. ~ Where there is no such thing as underage appropriate sex norm laws and supposedly fair progressive income tax rates. ~ Not to mention western civilization's decadent non Biblical CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~

Saturday, December 10, 2016


The latest techno Jew Hollywood movie is holding it's STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE premier today; in an effort to become my next INVISIBLE MAN meets MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO. ~ We'll see. ~ Believe it or not; I am trying to stay open minded about everything that is happening right now. ~ Meanwhile, check out the motion picture's almost invisible Gregory Scott Relf 'eye' forehead scar icon in the sky above Barack Obama's Hawaiian paradise islands, at: ~ Which portrays the time when the flooded swamp gets drained in REV.12. ~ And then the peoples of the prince in DANIEL 9 go to war against the saints. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE INVISIBLE MAN NOTES: My original naked man movie, costarring my old cowardly friend Dr.Ken Kemp, takes place during a very very cold winter season at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Park City, Utah, circa 2017. ~ ["A law degree is actually a doctorate's degree... I graduated in the top (REV.16) third of the class...." Ken Kemp] ~ Okay. ~ Seriously now. ~ Do any of you remember ever seeing me there last year? ~ I rest my case. ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: Right as Mr.Roof went to court for shooting all of those polite christian Bible study niggers in South Carolina, some building inspector said that we need to get rid of the moss on the roof. ~ Hell's belles, what's next? ~ Hillary Clinton comes out of the closet and admits that she too believes in the Biblical principle of plural marriage? ~ Stranger things have happened. ~ PS BARACK OBAMA: When I was a little boy sitting in Sunday School in Seattle, at that masonite brick church that they were renting from the local bankrupt Baptist church, off of the I-5 Lake City exit in Seattle; located at 85th N.E. and Roosevelt, the teacher would always have us break into the song that goes, "...Jesus wants me to be a SUNBEAM... every day..." ~ And then so many years later, Jesus said that Sienna Miller's officially restored sports car was this little miss yellow sunshine one, at: ~ AND: ~ THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II NOTES: Those skinny Euro trash white EU/UN Nazis try to extort big cash money from Donald Trump's bitter REV.10 skinny little 4-1 election book victory in this one. ~ Wherein both John Goodman and Jeff Bridges voted for Donald Trump in this last IN-AND-OUT burgers and French fries election. ~ Jesus Christ who could blame them? ~ When HE tells you to do something, you just do it, and ask questions later. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: How about the much beloved by everyone international movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger for Secretary of State? ~ Heck yeah!! ~ Arnold is sooo much like you. ~ He's tall and handsome, in a died hair kind of way; and he has enough Jewish blood in his genealogy tree line that would make him smart and sophisticated enough for the job. ~ Which is what it would take to be a smooth operater and handshake deal maker in these difficult days, like at: ~

Friday, December 9, 2016


Every single spoken word, and newly revealed image, that we will be hearing and seeing from Hillary, Madonna, and Angelina er all from now on will be about the LAST TANGO IN PARIS [42 months] director's cut prophecy, at: ~ Followed up of course by various signs and wonders that confirm Carey Mulligan's own private Idaho prophecy with me in the lead role called THE SHINNING. ~ I hope you enjoy it. ~ I know I will. ~ I did not get to where I AM is today by faking it. ~ GSR/TWN ~


Lasting happiness and hope comes from Jesus Christ; not from rockets, robots, and talking computers. ~ Therefore John Glenn died on the same day that Senator Reid stepped down. ~ For a double witness confirmation of the pathetic cowardliness of today's pussy-whipped political establishment. ~ For example; there was a 40 car pileup on Michigan's 1290 days two witnesses 96 landmark Thursday; near exit 129; near Mason, Danville, Gregory, and Fowlerville. ~ Even on the same day that the news was rolling out about Hillary's bird-brained election recount agitation propaganda [fake news] getting shut down by some Republican Party christian white male adult judge. ~ Because what goes around comes around. ~ Like in the scene where the nerd shows his new girlfriend how to create a fake birth certificate for the film's Mr. U.N. negro figure at around 23:... into it. ~ "If you're good, you can do something that no one has ever seen before... It's a definite [Colorado] high." ~ GSR/TWN ~ JOURALISM NOTES: Whoever that journalist was who started the false plot conspiracy concept called 'fake news' should receive a PULIZTER PRIZE; presented in person by nonother than Ann Coulter herself. ~ Talk about manna from heaven during Moses' Intersate 40 years in the wilderness. ~ PS BRAD PITT & WOODY ALLEN: You two might want to sit down together and scratch out a couple of 13" yellow legal pad pages of dialogue with a no.2 ERASERHEAD pencil for my much anticipated motion picture debut. ~ Which of course, I can then take to the bank and have them cashed in for a couple thousand big ones in tax free off shore money. ~ Naturally, they would have to make sure that the hand writing was real and authentic with that kind of money involved. ~ PS BILL GATES & PAUL ALLEN: The reason why I now own 10% of everything you two 1980s nerds got, is because you two kept your mouths shut for over 7 years about Obama's fake computer generated birth certificate. ~ "DO YOU HAVE NO LOVE FOR YOUR COUNTRY?!" Orson Welles. ~ Like they say in the west coast movie making business; "If you want to play you have to pay." ~ And like they say on the east coast; "You're gonna have to pay a little extra on the side, tax free, if you want regular weekly garbage pick up servive."

Thursday, December 8, 2016


That is the holy of holy temple's desacrated day 1290 Ark of the Covenant [crate] strapped on top of Paul Nestor's [bad boy] station wagon woody when the two freshman nerds of Judah and Ephraim finally arrive at the ATOMIC A'BOMB ADAM SMASHERS campus in La LA Land, USA. ~ And then the simple minded Donald Trump supporters chase them out of their sub par housing freshman living quarters in his first freshman year at the Greek White House in Washington, DC. ~ Where Sandra Bullock went to high school, and then went to that sorority oriented [home coming] college down in North Carolina. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GLENN BECK: ~ Bitch. ~ There is a Providential reason why Donald Trump's Masonite 33rd degree Egyptian temple in Dallas, Texas is surrounded by protective atomic bomb missiles, seen at: ~ PS SANDRA BULLOCK: It is going to take some time. ~ But can we at least both agree for now that 35 looks much better than 55? ~ PS GISELE BUNDGEN: It came out on your July, 20, 1984 birthday because you are now the latter-day BM new world hemisphere wife of the most famous Greek house jock in the entire world. ~ OVER/TIME/OUT/NOTES: Obviously, TIME magazine is still that east coast Jewish run publication for intellectual college Journalism graduate degree nerds, per:

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


We know that is Bill Gates at about 44:20 into the born again Reagan era movie called REVENGE OF THE NERDS, 1984. ~ Wink, wink. ~ When we see him standing between the two TWIN PEAKS ladies; basically saying that he went to high school in the aerospace Jet City. ~ And those blond Greeks who voted for Old McDonald Trump burn down the house; politically speaking. ~ So then the reactionary liberal left coast [LLL] Jewish tech nerds resort to their beloved leader and his negro people in DANIEL 9:26. ~ Who in the 70-weeks of bonfires ending go to war with the white christian 'A'tomic bomb blonds. ~ Hence, the name of the above prince figure is "U.N. Jefferson". ~ And the blond Greek House President says, "Times are changing... These [REV.13] nerds are a threat to our way of life." ~ [Think Tom Brady.] ~ GSR/TWN ~ QUEER BAIT NOTES: That negro homosexual living with the Jewish tech nerds in REVENGE OF THE NERDS is a Providential reference to all of those gay ass photos of Barack Obama during his same college years in LA. ~ SECRET SAUCE NOTES: The secret to making a super duper thick cream reduction for your underaged veal cutlet tenders is this: never over cook the tender meat; and always dump in at least a half cup of quality medium priced French sherry into it. ~ PS BILL GATES: According to the HANNIBALL:III woes prophecy, after you got burned so badly in the 42 months 2016 election, you ask your doctor/accountant to cut me a check for 250 big ones; sometime during the next 69 weeks in the REVENGE OF THE NERDS prophecy. ~

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


The Father never let Scarlett Johansson play a fake news princess because he wanted her to wait until the time when she could become a real news Princess of the future King David of England, at: ~ Which is why that Glenn Beck Republican look alike in Texas is trying to stop her secret Masonic Templar plot to take over the throne at: ~ Typically, most of these naive apostate Mormon Christians think that Donald Trump is the abomination of desolation in MARK 13; and not that half breed homosexual Jew in the White House who is not even a real American; much less a real negro or a real Jew. ~ "Come on!! I'm not that controversial." says Truman Capote speaking for both Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh; in his high society CAPOTE prophecy about THE NEW YORKER, er all, that came out way before Trump would become President in 2017. ~ When finally after all these years, the miraculous WAG THE DOG fake news movie would become true. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Above all else, daddy just wants you to be happy. ~ So if you just can not stomach me fucking you for now, on my latest motion picture over-the-top-budget extravaganza, how about I hook you up with my more age appropriate son in Bend, Oregon? ~ From what I have seen on FACEBOOK, he does have a thing for cute little blonds. ~ The apple never falls that far from the tree. ~


Lady Gaga showed up at the spice girls' ALBERT HALL finale locale in London Monday evening for the Britney Spears fashion awards; sporting her new blond SHAMPOO prophecy movie star look; and showing off her arm of flesh muted Donald trumpet tattoo, at: ~ What's next? ~ President Trump suddenly goes down to North Carolina for some kind of a BEING THERE thing? ~ Speaking of spicy white pasta southern Italian girls; the wife of Miss/our/i's new Republican governor was just robbed by three [wild bastard child] nigger kids in St.Louis' spicy southern Italian restaurant district at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GOOGLE: Take Donald Trump's advice on how to deal with Angelina Jolie's new petulant [666] child of the MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17, i.e. "...stall, stall, stall!!" Because by next year, both the EU and the UN are going to go the way of the doo doo bird, at: ~ 1970S REVENGE FILM GENRE NOTES: It took him a few years too many to finally realize it and even the score. ~ Whatever, before the post stress syndrome Reaganite period could be manifested so acurately in THE BIG LEBOWSKI and FARGO; a movie first had to come out about Bill Gates getting his Greek frat house revenge on Harvard University meets BYU, Hawaii at: ~

Monday, December 5, 2016


The new Posh Spice look alike flew directly down to the American southern peninsula from her VICTORIA'S [Beckham] SECRET gig and relaxed in the beach sand wearing some GOLDEN DONNA 100% SILK number, at: ~ And the only thing that the aging Madonna could say was, "Women are so mean to each other." ~ Fake news warning! ~ I would much rather fuck the 20-something spice girl than the 60-something spice girl. ~ Money isn't everything. ~ Just ask Mel Gibson. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FRANCOFILE NOTES: It was my young French virgin exwife who introduced me to the 1970s era of white veal medallions in a heavy mushroom cream sauce. ~ Back before eating veal was not such an evil thing. ~ And they were still making movies using offensive words that the new and improved 666 EU beast is now trying to criminalize. ~ "Daddy's from Belgium..." says Dr.Evil to his re-cloned Mini Me son in AUSTIN POWERS:III. ~ "I had them all terminated." Dr.Evil, AP:II. ~ "OK, that's enough." Elizabeth Hurley in AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY. ~ Who deposits a couple $billion$ of his left-over tax free currency in the Bahamas: and voila; suddenly he is a natural born adopted son of the British Common Wealth nation; complete with a diplomat passport from the Secrety of State himself; including a completely legal status immigrant drivers license. ~ Imagine THUNDERBALL meets GOLDFINGER meets LIVE AND LET DIE meets A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ For when Eric Schmidt was around the same age when Roger Moore made the latter OCTOPUSSY movie, per: ~

Sunday, December 4, 2016


The typical Howard Stern Trump supporter wins it for England with a final surprise right-side curve ball in BLACKBALL. ~ Kind of like in FERRIS BEULLER'S DAY OFF; when suddenly high society's father Beuller figure hears the Trump election victory parade down on the street, from way up high in his fancy pants TRUMP TOWER offices. ~ And then he too starts dancing to the "SHAKE IT UP BABY NOW!.." lyrics. ~ Since nobody knows how to toss around the word 'baby' and make it sound as fresh and spontaneous like VV can. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MS MORETZ: Last night I dreamed that you were swimming around in some fancy hotel pool, wearing a white silk one-piece number that left nothing to the imagination. ~ But when you came out and sat on the side, I could see that you had a yuuge upright 9" cock between your legs. ~ Like at: ~ Darling, sweetheart, sooner or later you are going to have to decide; do you want to fuck me, or do you want to fuck some virgin 16 year-old girl in the gym showers? ~ Anyway. ~ Now that I think about it. ~ I could kick myself for not seeing that you would be the perfect naive FBI girl in my marred servant remake of HANNIBALL:II. ~ After Trump wins North Carolina. ~ Where they made the Donald Trump mansion golf club prequel to the 16 election about my own private BEING THERE court side NBA movie. ~ Try to look at it my way. ~ I AM is younger, and has much better hair than Anthony Hopkins ever did in the original two movies. ~ Plus we already have in the bag a guaranteed evil Nazi medicine publicity package worth $billions$. ~ [Some of the sub human dog shit critics in the Jew media complained that HANNIBAL:I&II were not political enough.] ~ I'm thinking David Lynch directing; because who wants to see the same old two movies all over again. ~ Naturally, everyone in West Hollywood would be sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see if they could get a look at those two girls who now live up the street from his house. ~


The London based American spice girl Madonna was performing at an overnight art works event for black Africans in the southern peninsula when that artist loft burned down during a GOLDEN DONNA performance in African American, Oakland, California, according to:$7.5M-for-Malawi,-slams-Trump-in-Miami-show ~ And now they are burying Castro's ashes on the same day that they are sifting through the body ashes at the so called GHOST SHIP artists' loft. ~ Ergo, the birthday girl name Britney means of Britain. ~ "Burn it down!" says the American sports agent from Chicago in BLACKBALL. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HAMILTON NOTES: The Napoleonic Hamilton was one of the few pro British politicians in early American history; back when it was more fashionable to be a loyal Francophile. ~ Hence, that fine French restaurant in the TRUMP TOWER that knows how to do a prime serloin cut the right way. ~ Oh yeah, Natalie Portmanteaux voted for Donald Trump. ~ Like most of today's hottest actresses in the 29 year-old range, she too wants in on my LAST TANGO IN PARIS remakes, prequels, and sequals. ~ Jesus. What girl out there could not use a couple extra big ones at this point in her life? ~ Not everyone has as much money to burn as Mad/onna. ~ NOTES FOR THE NON ILLUMINATI NOTES: I will get back into my Seattle acting career with the LAST TANGO IN PARIS [HASTY TASTY] movies first because I AM is only a close shave and a few less pounds away from looking like my anti-hero does in the original movie. ~ Seriously, take a close look at the first [director cut] one from an independent film producer's point of view. ~ You got me in the lead role for union scale. ~ Then you got the two lead actresses; the older one working for $2,000,000 up front in cash money; the younger one working for nothing and getting fucked in the ass, basically. ~ Hopefully, it will look as good on the big screen as it looks on the small page. ~ Otherwise, yours truly is going to be faced with some rather serious daddy-daughter issues. ~ PS MEL: I beat your two guys from Australia in BLACKBALL because they are still too uninformed about the Scottish Templar [Loc Ness monster] conspiracy that Napoleon Dynamite talks about in the the opening sequence to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE in Idaho; just north of Logan, Utah, circa 2003/4. ~ PS MR.FRESH: Today's trump card election results in Austria are why your were so obsessed with the 1970s BARRY LYNDON movie prophecy about Donald Trump becoming the President of the American colonies, circa 16, at: ~ Not to mention me being the supposedly "bisexual" co-star of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ Where in the end Donald Trump becomes the surprise leader of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ Look at it this way. ~ I let you fuck my French wife. ~ You let me fuck your Italian wife. ~ All is well that ends well. ~ All is fair in love and war.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


The Howard Stern look alike rebel figure gets blackballed from the old men's "tosser" club for 15 years in BLACKBALL after his shocking win down in England's southern peninsula region that represents Florida, USA in November, 16, and Donald Trump's inauguration as club president in 2017; some 15 years later. ~ When the politically correct establishment BBC media made him into a demonized 'Bad Boy' outsider hero of the common working man. ~ Who in this case, hangs wallpaper for a female college faculty elite. ~ Which depicts the stars of Israel with a snake constellation covering over her cracking whitewashed dry walls. ~ As just confirmed by THE OLD GREY LADY's latest piece about Trump not following traditional telephone protocol rules. ~ While they themselves continue to white out the fact that Barack Obama is not even a US citizen. ~ Tell me something that I don't already know next time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ REAL FAKE NEWS NOTES: According to dozens of eyewitnesses on the Internet, Barry liked to get his cock sucked off at that white middleaged gentleman's club in Chicago after a quicky pick-up game of B-ball. ~ However, he was never willing to recipicate the favor. ~ And who could blame him? ~ Yuck. ~ No. Really. I don't make this stuff up out of the blue. ~ It comes from somewhere else for sure. ~ For example, see: ~ Anyway. ~ Now that Paul Allen, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos er all no longer have a friend in the White House... How about me? ~ What am I, chopped liver? ~ "We're best friends." Says Napoleon Dynamite to the illegal alien's sainted sister in LOGAN'S RUN meets NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE, circa 2003. ~ Dude, call me. ~ I got this really sexy FLIRTY FISHING idea for a XXX remake of your own private Idaho breakout movie. ~ I'm thinking you playing the son of the dude in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II, and Brad Pitt plays your long lost father. ~ Where in the opening sequence hook, we see him fucking a pair of under-age-appropiate movie stars like Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart at the same time on my own private twin VOLVO cabin criuser yatch owned by Michael Savage. ~

Friday, December 2, 2016


The establishment tried to blackball Donald Trump in the 16 election. ~ So like his future character does in the CADDYSHACK prophecy, he just bought the old mens club out from underneath them; metaphorically speaking. ~ As just confirmed by Mitt Romney showing up, hat in hand, asking it he could join them; since he couldn't beat them. ~ Per the ending of the above movie when Mr.Danger asks his two assistants of Judah and Ephraim to help the corrupt [birth certificate] judge find his checkbook. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ORIGINAL SOURCE NOTES: I still don't know a God damn thing about the so called alt-right movement; because non of the Jewish media reports about it never even offer the reader a slightest little scrap of original quotation information from them. ~ And I'll be damned if I AM is going to waste my time googling them. ~ Kind of like when they report about all those crazy right-wing reactionary birthers, yet never even give us one word about what makes them so crazy about Obama's obviously fake birth certificate, and his fact checked S.S. number that once belonged to a Navy retiree; who was born in Connecticut, and died of old age problems at a Pearl Harbor, Hawaii VA hospital. ~ Besides, I already know that white people are more civilized than dark people; according to the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ Tell me something I don't know already, or fuck off and leave us alone. ~ Believe me. You don't want to go there. ~ PS BECK: What's next? President Trump makes you his media communications director? ~ Works for me. ~ GO COWBOYS!! ~ By that, I mean that nigger cowboy sheriff in BLAZZING SADDLES of course, of course. ~ 2BC.INFO NOTES: According to the spoken word revelations from God, I have to pay for any wife that I want to fuck. ~ Including Amber heard, whether I like it or not. ~

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Even Lady Gaga is starting to take a second hard sideways look at what I got going on right now, at: ~ Don't laugh. ~ Chicks dig guys who have $billions$ in the BANK OF CANADA's tax free offshore branches, and are willing to pay them $millions$ in after taxes up-front child support to have their babies. ~ Hey, he who pays the fiddler, gets to fuck the fiddler. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS VV: You lucky son of a bitch. ~ Looks like it is now going to be BLACKBALL 24/7 for the next three days at least, at: ~ PS BRIT: Hang in there baby. ~ It will be worth the wait. ~ I will be mowing your grass like that guy in Stephen King's LAWNMOWER MAN movie-novel does before you know it. ~ Think THE WEIGHT OF WATER:II meets KILL CRIUSE:II. ~ Both of which never really had a very satisfying ending that made sense. ~ PS LL: I like you. I get a kick out of you. And you make me so horny whenever you show me your yuuge luscious freckled tits on your latest pix. ~ But I still can not fuck you and make babies with you until the current currupt legal establishment crashes and burns up to a crisp. ~ So don't take it personally if it takes me a few more years to get around to you. ~ All is well that well. ~ Kisses. ~


After the five spicy girls make a big deal about people sticking around for the credits at the end of SPICE WORLD, after five days, we see that the Donald Trump prophecy was actually put together at some editing facilicity in London called THE WHITEHOUSE. ~ That is, after the scene where one of Trump's key administration actors complains that the American expatriot Hollywood phonies have made him into an evil Nazi caricature without any motivation or evidence behind it. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BARBARA STREISAND: After Rush Limbaugh let it be known that Bill Clinton fucked you in the Lincoln Bedroom, during the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses, it was pretty much all over as far as middle America was concerned. ~ PS HOLLYWOOD: Do you guys remember me giving you a heads up about that 16 year-old actress who would suddenly show up from out of the blue and turn your entire world sideways? ~ Well hell's bells; last night at 9:48 pm she said to me; "I want to feel you up!" ~ In other words, "I don't do auditions. I just meet with them for a few minutes to get a feel for the way they talk and act in real life." Woody Allen. ~ PS AMBER: You are starting to really bug me. ~ Guess I AM is going to have to go over to my local TRUE VALUE hardware store and buy me that same yuuge can of bug spray that was featured in BLUE VELVET:II meets TWIN PEAKS:II. ~

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The five virgin SPICE GIRLS return from Milano, Italia on a British [VIRGIN] midnight flight no.1919 in confirmation of that midnight hour jet crash in Columbia. ~ Which represented all of those hot Italian soccer star dancers in their compromise gay ass video number musical. ~ Ergo, the video director is always wearing a heavy orange winter coat in the movie that was made in summer time; and released on Boxing Day, 1997 in London. ~ And when their long-suffering manager/polygamist husband figure gets the word from the 007 Chief at 9:00, we see the BOOK OF MORMON continent of South America in the near background. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRITNEY: The way it's looking right now, I'm probably going to be delving into the amazing signs and wonders surrounding SPICE WORLD all the way up to and through your birthday. ~ Hopefully, I'll find a way in the meantime to come up for air and have a quick look at '10'. ~ Which I have been meaning to get around to for the longest time. ~ PS REESE WITHERSPOON: The Jewish businessman, who looked like Mel Brooks, and created the double BIG MAC burger of Judah and Ephraim for his 47 [HASTY TASTY] restaurants during his hay days, just died at 98 in the same union town area where they made WAYNES WORLD, per: ~ SPICY NOTES: Here is a great look at my manager husband in SPICE WORLD; who has a really hard time ree!ing in his five foolish wives, at: ~ In my world, everyone gets to catch the big fish. ~


"Because now is the dangerous time... when the speeding mellon hits the wall, it's Christmas for the crows." ~ says the Chief in SPICE WORLD, circa 2016. ~ When the REV.17 parents of the spicy five virgin girls suddenly disappear during HAROLDS' yuuge annual January 2017 close-out sale in London. ~ And that Jewish woman who heads the Green Party's election recount scam is your typical girl power Marxist who is green on the outside and red on the inside. ~ Then the white James Bond villian mentions the girls' negro drummer in an orange cap who looks like that negro Muslim terrorizer in Columbus, Ohio. ~ In confirmation of the COLUMBIA picture being confirmed by that British made [jet to Spain] crashing in the Spanish speaking mountains of Columbia just after midnight on Tuesday. ~ Which was carrying a full load of brown LAmanites flying up to some Mitt Romney type OLYMPICS sports event. ~ Ergo, Donald Trump's DAILY EVENT fake news media plans laid out in the above 1260 days period first act. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TRUMP: Romney would make a great Secretary of State. ~ Because then the apostate Christians would start to understand that the idea of a white man billionaire Masonite internationalist banker taking over the world is probably a good thing after all. ~ Don't laugh. ~ I'm not the only person out there who believes in this stuff, like at: ~ Yeah yeah we all know, Charlie Sheen is also a believer. ~ But sadly, he doesn't count for that much anymore. ~ Too much pill popping and having sex with strangers. ~ Think MOON WALKERS:II meets SEAN OF THE DEAD:II. ~ And everyone involved gets a yuuge amount of money for agreeing to do it again without even reading the script, like at: ~ Minus my usual 10% of course, of course. ~

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Last night in the wee hours, I dreamed that Ken Kemp and I signed a symbolic production memo deal with Mel Brooks' metaphorical lawyer in the surreal time-warp after hours at HASTY TASTY. ~ While some speed freak at the next table kept trying to distract us with his running rap that made no sense. ~ And then later I read that a British jet from Ken's LDS mission country crashed up in the hills of Spanish speaking Columbia where the ROMANCING THE STONE prophecy takes place. ~ Which was about the time he encountered a Mormon football player who was making a meager living selling fruits and vegetables from a street cart because the church said he couldn't play sports on Sunday. ~ Meanwhile in the near future, former BYU football stars like Young and Wilson were raking in millions playing for the NFL on the Lord's day at ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Like my older guy tells my younger guy at the end of BOOGIE NIGHTS; "I have the talent and the distribution, you have the money... The future is in video." ~ SWEET ASS NOTES: Last night God told me that the sun will be shining very bright in the Bay Area on a Thursday in April. ~ PS GLENN BECK: More Donald Trump, less Hillary Clinton. ~ More apostate Book of Mormon masonry, less apostate christian Bibleism. ~ You're 15 minutes of luke warm middle of the road fame is now over. ~ Meanwhile, I have so many underaged wives that I have to fuck two of them at a time, every fucking day, just in order to get around to the rest of them before they begin to get so horny and unsatisfied that they start seeking after strange flesh. ~

Monday, November 28, 2016


That brown muslim refugee from Africa terrorized Watts Hall at Ohio State because of the insane girl power feminism that Emma Watson got brainwashed with at Brown. ~ Therefore, in the British SPICE GIRLS prophecy, the racist, xenophobic, and misogynist Donald Trump starts foaming at the mouth as he engineers his scheme to breakup the girl posse clown party of Hillary Clinton, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus, er all. ~ And then it's checkmate time for the girls on their no.19 bus. ~ Which later takes them to some WWIII boot camp at one of Trump's luxury country clubs. ~ Where the spicy girls have nightmares about being terrorised. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CYNOPHOBIA NOTES: Cynophobia means fear of wild-at-heart dogs; same difference of course, of course. ~ "The Jews are dogs!!" Leslie Winning, circa 1968. ~ Of course, all of his best friends were Jewish; what few friends he had left at the end. ~


SPICE WORLD is a 1260 days 1990s prophecy about Mr.McMaxford sitting up in his luxurious TRUMP TOWER offices scheming about how he is going to take down the Girl Power Democrat Party with the fake news headlines about Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen Social Security number on December 15, 2016. ~ Which plays out as his hired SS Nazi reporter/henchman stalks the 5 foolish virgin girls. ~ Who actually believe at the end of the movie that they finally destroyed the Donald with a photo of him in the NYT having three way sex with two of his BIG LOVE wives in a LEISURE WORLD, Buckley, Washington hot tub, circa 1993; if wishes were horses of course, of course.. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MORMON UNDERWARE NOTES: Here is Orlando [Florida] Bloom wearing his abrieviated LDS temple garments as he gets on a jet plane to Spain, at: ~ In other words, Old Testament Mormon polygamy is the exact opposite of New Testament Catholic celibacy. ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: At this point in time, I don't really care if you want to fuck me or not. ~ But if you allow my adopted son to be fucked by other men, then we do have have a very very serious problem. ~ "I will go through the depths of hell, if that is what it takes to save my family." Joseph Smith. ~ ZERO EFFECT NOTES: Those insider clique Jewish kids on the list at WASHPO, DC thought that they could expose me as being some kind of a FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE secret double agent; just because I took three years of Russian language classes at Roosevelt High School in Seattle. ~ Guess they forgot that I was the de facto king of the serior student body class back in 1969. ~ When nobody was ever allowed to look me in the eye; except for Ken McLeod, Kit Winn, and Paul Herrick.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Thank you Jesus!! Don't thank me. ~ Says my crazy rich Mr.Wonderful GG CADDY servant of God figure in the two witnesses Hoover Dam, Nevada, DOMINO prophecy. ~ Since Both Obama and Castro were the hard to swallow castor oil cure for what still [Roger] ailes both Glenn Beck and Michael Medved, like at: ~ As in the 666 beast in REV.17 is the Providential thorn in the side of today's gay ass apostate Christian apostle Paul wanna bes in REV.17. ~ Hey, you don't agree with the head rabbi of Jerusalem saying that today's 1290 days homosexuals in DANIEL should be killed? ~ Well, guess somebody else from the outside is going to have to do something about it. ~ Think BLAZING SADDLES meets HIGH ANXIETY. ~Any who, I got SPICE WORLD this morning at WALMART because Miley Cyrus is the obvious fake birth certificate birthday girl of today's MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17. ~ Jesus Christ already!! ~ Everytime I try to get around to some serious film like THERE WILL BE BLOOD, all of this other pop culture crap suddenly pops up and gets in the way of everything. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TOMMY: My sidekick monkey boy from Africa gave you that fake tin medal of freedom because in the year 17 you are going to finally understand that Republican Party conservativism is for grownup white men, and Democrat Party liberalism is for little Jewish girls. ~ JEWISH CULTURE NOTES: Obviously, most of today's emotional Jews were very impressed at an early age by Castro's extremely emotive [Hitleresque] public speaking skills. ~ Which is what TO BE OR NOT TO BE is all about when you boil it all down. ~ "Chicks dig guys who have skills!!!" NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Miley's new gold cushion birthstones ring matches the last golden cushion chair full of precious jewels in THE TWELVE CHAIRS of Israel's lost 12-tribes movie that came out on Julia [jewel] Roberts' birthday in 1970, at: ~ Which ended up financing the UNITED ORDER CREDIT UNION's new temple veil drapes at the end of the prophetic 017 Communist revolution movie. ~ For when Gonzo climbs down the display shelves full of sports trophies at TIFFANY to return the diamond necklace [in taxes] that he stole. ~ GSR/TWN ~ REAL NEWS NOTES: My idea of fake news is the NYT putting Obama's fake birth certificate on their front page. ~ And then Sheriff Arpaio holds a real news conference about it on December 15, 2016. ~ PS ARTY: Never. Ever. Try to bullshit a bullshitter. ~ PS SANDY: Apparently both Jennifer Aniston and Katy Holmes now want to get into your 4-1 odds limited partnership payoff motion picture deal offering. ~ Heck, why not? ~ The more the better is less risky is what I always say. ~ Besides, how can you lose money in the deal if both Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese agree to direct me in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE:II ? ~ And then the race begins for who wants to be the first one who discovered the long lost 'Where is Greg?' figure in the iconic Tom Hanks movie. ~

Friday, November 25, 2016


If you don't believe that Donald Trump uses hairspray everyday, after his daily shampoo job, then you do not have the spirit of prophecy within you. ~ That is the testimony of Jesus Christ in REV.19; which is the official number of my future wife Jodie Foster in the FOXES prophecy. ~ Think Washington's all natural FOSTER FARMS chickens meet Arkansas' all natural TYSON brand chickens. ~ It all tastes like really yummy chicken to me. ~ And that's a good thing; more or less. ~ Depending on how you cook it naturally. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEMP: Very few people in my life know that I am just a normal guy, who appears to be adnormal, because of my highly adnormal calling in life. ~ PS TRUMP: Those Reformed Jewish Nazi feminist Dutchman haters called Mother Teresa a white supremacy Neonazi on the same day that the news came out about India's nationalist Prime Minister being one of your biggest fans; like in THE DARJEELING LIMITED meets DELIVERANCE. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: After over 40 years of people saying that you look like a cute little monkey playing the piano; don't you think that there must be something to it?. ~ PS MS MONTANA: Your bejewelled birthday ring was my much anticipated cue to finally watch Mel Brook's THE TWELVE CHAIRS prophecy about the lost ten tribes of Israel, at: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


That black African school bus driver with primitive looking dreadlocks, named Johnnie Walker, was speeding down the 1290 days Talley Road when his no.366 rig full of virgin negro kids got sideways and smashed into the unmoveable genealogy tree of the House of Israel in Hamilton County, Tenn. ~ In confirmation of the Chattanooga choo choo on track 29 that takes the Jewish Dr.Frankenstein to his 7 hills castle in the physical Transylvania 6-5000 Mel Brooks movie. ~ Where the Donald Trump pitchfork rebellion happens in zero 16. ~ Hence, Rush Limbaugh's no.5 Tenn virgins childrens book comes out today. ~ Which is the 11.22 anniversary of the assassination of JFK in Glenn Beck's adopted home town of Dallas, Texas. ~ Where the two bullets that took out the Catholic liberal with political mob connects was fired from an elementary school book depository. ~ And I will never forget all of my elementary school teachers at University Heights [highlands] openly weaping and wailing in the hallways as I walked up the old wooden stairs between classes. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CHATANOOGA CHOO CHOO NOTES: According to the song's lyrics, they serve ham and eggs on the track 29 train by the time it gets down to Carolina. ~ Hence, the food and fare of Babylon creates the little bipolar monsters featured in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN meets THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW's 1976 prophecy about the physically transfigured blond leader taking over at the surprise ending. ~ Where even George W. Bush Jr. and Alex Baldwin Sr. have to stand up and give me a hand of applause. ~ PS SIENNA: Last night I dreamed that we were both staying at the same time-travel time-share 1980s era condo complex resort somewhere up on Vancouver Island, BC. ~ When we accidently bumped into each other while coming out of the resort's shared co-ed college style showers buck naked. ~ So I kissed you on the lips; saying so what, we are practically like brother and sister by now. ~ And then we both wanted to fuck; but there was this other younger guy with you who was messing up the picture. ~

Monday, November 21, 2016


Don't count on today's backstabbing neocon pukes to help the Rich family find out who shot their son two times in the back, at: ~ Since most of them believed that Trump would lose the election big time because of their persistent traditionalism belief in Barack Obama's mystical virgin mother birth happening in Hawaii. ~ Per that Republican Party higharchy train wreck in Puk.. [Indiana] at: ~ Mostly because there was the usual birth announcement in the HONOLULU ADVERTISER that was automatically generated by Obama's legal birth certificate filing; signed off by his grandmother; proudly and legitamately stating that he was born in Kenya while his mother was over there on vacation with her husband. ~ So why continue to harp on the subject? ~ Well, this is the main reason why Donald Trump got 306 electral college [Hamilton] votes, and Hillary Clinton got butt kiss. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Long before that skinny spaced-out rocket man speed-freak Jeff Bezos came to my home town and turned everything sideways, it was known as the Jet City. ~ Where everyone at HASTY TASTY was high on Bennies [speed] all night long. ~ Ergo, my vivid Sunday afternoon dream about everyone drinking cheap red wine and playing Elton John's 1974 hit song BENNIE AND THE JETS, at: ~ And the local giant negros basketball team was called the SEATTLE SUPER SONICS. ~ Later depicted in one of my all time favorite private life movies entitled BEING THERE, at: ~ Which came out on the very same day that my exwife called me from France and sent me packing. ~ And then a secret Masonite society Mormon Republican was elected President in North Carolina, where they shot the film, who valued my personal advice and input on matters of economic policy and religion. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEMP: That P-31 crashed and burned to a crisp in Elko, Nevada for a reason. ~ Looks like somebody needs a change of heart. ~ And that's a good thing. ~ It happens to the best of us sometimes. ~ BTW, do you still play the piano? ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Loved those dairy farmer overalls on you at the symbolic LAX airport. ~ It's so nice to know that some of my wives still actually listen to me and take my financial advice seriously. ~ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP NOTES: My dream about Sandra Bullock giving me 3 big ones a year, just to get started, was a combined 3-way limited partnership indie film financing co-op concept. ~ What woman wants to look like she is in her early 50s, when she can look like she is in her late 20s? ~ Big fucking deal, you have to spend money to make money. ~


Your typical Jewish atheist Dr.Frankenfurter figure in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN creates a 7'6" tall white negro NBA player made from a lynched negro sketch by his humpback sidekick I Gore; who loves music. ~ And who has the same kind of "balance and coordination" that the [eastern European] Jew later produces in the movie's staged HAMILTON musical Broadway scenes. ~ Wherein the newly created 666 beast attacks the audience where the Vice President Elect Penis figure is sitting. ~ Hamilton being the historic figure who favored power-oriented centralized government control; i.e. THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964, and the younger Bush Jr.'s unconstitutional centralized education fiats. ~ Ergo, the evil old lady in the above 1974 film sets the dangerous negro giant free in the third act. ~ Who later climbs the castle's stonewalls next to the primitive 4 ape men carving. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PORK SAUSAGE LINKS: This link has some nice shots of the prophetic trumpeter/tweeter perched on top of the desecrated 1290 days temple in DANIEL 12. ~ That now allows the sons of Ham to enter into it; ever since that deep throat cancer shorty Spencer Kimball received his black rites priesthood revelation from Satan somewhere around 1974-76, at: ~ Note the Barack Obama opera house LINCOLN CENTER context. ~ Not to mention the bigger Hudson River picture, yada yada, at: ~ AND: ~ 2BC.INFO NOTES: Modern revelation tells us that the negro does not have to spend hours and hours, day after day, sitting in the SLC,UT temple, getting bored out of their minds, just in order to enter into the Kingdom of God and perhaps maybe get a tiny little slice of the pie. ~ Thank you Jesus!! ~ Think I'll have another one. ~ And make it a quick tall one while you're at it. ~ My flight to the British Virgin Islands, via Miami, leaves in 15 minutes. ~ Catch me if you can. ~ NOT! ~ See: ~ PS ELIZABETH: I finally got my new and improved US PASSPORT; since Steven Hughes had legally adopted my two blond sons; and therefore all of my past bullshit child support liability issues were deleted from the computers. ~ Oh well. ~ Maybe my Russian friends did it. ~ And now that I think about it; having an official Russian diplomat passport during the Donald Trump era does feel more James Bond; sexy sports car included of course. ~

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Alec Bald/win will do Trump one more time on SNL tonight. ~ In confirmation of that Paul Garrison ALASKA AIRLINES Captain who recently got lost in the snow around Bald Mountain, Alaska at: ~ AND: ~ Because I had just realized that Mel Brook's YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN 1974 was a future physical transfiguration prophecy about Trump's high tower castle in Jew York; where he is now putting together the body parts of his young administration, at: ~ And why not? ~ Who are you going to believe these days? ~ Some low-information 25 year-old Jewish wizz kid at the NYT, or yours truly? ~ Who has a proven 21-years track record. ~ Heck, even CNN is now relying on the unconfirmed [birth certificate] reports from those three Jewish guys from Brooklyn, NY at the ADL/SPLC about Donald Trump's supporters stealing Jewish babies and eating them alive like the Scotish "Fat Bastard" figure does in AP:II&III. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 1974 NOTES: I got married to my Germanic French wife from outside Nancy, Loraine on June 20, 1974. ~ Then after 5 short years of complete devotion and tolerance of her neverending thankless Nichole Kidman type femminist [backstabbing real man] hating bullshit, she actually had the nerve to tell me that I looked like Adolf Hitler. ~ Right before she kidnapped my two cotton top sons and took a UNITED flight back to Franch at the very hight of Thanksgiving season, November 19-20, 1979. ~ Of course, the first thing that Hitler did after the socialist worker [Michael Moore] unions put him into power, was invade and take over the eastern German border of France. ~ Ergo, "I'm starting to get into late season fall harvest German rieslings..." says my prep-school teacher figure from San Diego, CA, using so many words in SIDEWAYS. ~ Only because he was trying to fuck both Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron at the same time; after they had enough wine, at: ~

Friday, November 18, 2016


The above Glenn Beck look alike quotation from LEPRECHAUN:3, 1995, is pretty much where we are at right now, like at: ~ Followed up by the enclosed scene's Elvis impersonator line that goes something like; you're so good, " should be getting payed for it..." ~ In other words, you are going to pay for it, if you don't start paying for it." ~ Faith without money is dead, etc. MEL BROOK'S HISTORY OF THE WORLD: PART 1, the Spanish Inquisition part. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICE NOTES: Britney Spears' birthday is two weeks from today. ~ Hey, I like to party just as much as the next guy. ~ I pay for it. I own it. ~

Thursday, November 17, 2016


The day after I watched TO BE OR NOT TO BE a better kind of Nazi, a father and his son named Byers both fell off a cliff at Shaver Lake, California, per: ~ Who you will notice had the same fake beard as the shaved unamerican Jewish professor traitor in acedemia during the patriotic Ronald Reagan era movie. ~ Hence the famous rainbow trout fishing lake is located near a small road stop on Rt.168 named Academy; due west of Trimmer and Black Rock. ~ Nearby Squaw Valley representing my Indian bride in FERRI BUELLER'S DAY OFF 1986 prophecy. ~ See: ~ GSR/TWN ~ BOOK NOTES: God caused that little 144 page book entitled THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON to be written for when the time would come that he would make Donald Trump the President of America. ~ And I say this as the very one who is described in REVELATION 10. ~ See the light at: ~ Another timely book that I can recommend is THE LITTLE PRINCE, at: PS SIENNA MILLER: All of the above signs and wonders are about the landmarks of KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARK. ~ May I suggest the buyers club at for a great place to outfit yourself with a pair of hiking boots and a backpack? ~ Check out their fly-fishing gear section while you are at it. ~ They only carry the best stuff. ~ PS BOB: I'll pay you back with interest if you buy that spring fead private trout pond property on the Provo River's south fork where President Monson spent his summers as a virgin Boy Scout. ~ Don't be a sucker; I told Vince Vaughn to bet big on Trump 4-1 way before those Jewish orthodox London bookies started to get very very nervous; and then they started to shit their pants and reduced it to 2-1. ~ Meanwhile, VV was left holding his bag full of dog shit. ~ Since he still does not have enough free money faith in being saved by Jesus Christ. ~ Talk about being the sausage king of Chicago, yet nobody believes you. ~


They say that salvation in Christ is basically free money. ~ But whenever I see a christian who is backing Hillary Clinton's satantic vision of equal salvation for all by 666 government fiat; I get very very nervous. ~ And I start to ask for my money up front, just in case. ~ As just confirmed by that yuuge AMEREN ILLINOIS gas explosion at the old Lincoln opera theater in Canton, Illinois, at: ~ Near Fiatt, and that Woody Norris A-bomb landmark reference to his look alike figure in the DR.STRANGELOVE prophecy. ~ Big fucking deal, I like'em young and I like'em hot, like at: ~ So would you if you were me. ~ Well, some of you anyway. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NATALIE MERCHANT: Michael recently told me that I get to fuck you when your become 29 years-old again. ~ Works for me. ~ How can I argue with that? ~

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The prophetic Reaganite high tower [SEARS] victory parade for Donald Trump in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, 1986, is about the "shake it up baby" lyrics to TWIST & SHOUT. ~ As today's Internationalist Jewish establishment continues to twist in the wind and cry and shout about the sudden breakup of decadent democratic party fascism. ~ Which is exactly why my sidekick from Africa started off his last and final global tour in Greece. ~ In order to warn the world that Trump is in fact the white Greek house President figure seen in President George Albert Smith's WWIII vision inside of St.George, Utah's white HOUSE OF THE LORD temple in Washington County. ~ Or like that Trump supporter wearing Scotish tartan says in [no.42] TAXI DRIVER, 1976; someday a "real rain" is going to come along and wash down the filthy dirty mean streets of New York City: akk. Sodom and Egypt. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ALMOST FAMOUS NOTES: Scottish tartan flannel shirts and long sleeve thermal [Mormon] temple underwear garments were all the rage during the underground Seattle grundge rock era in SINGLES meets ROCK STAR. ~ Think ROCK STAR was/is/will be about me fucking Jennifer Aniston in the ass in THE WAY WE WERE meets CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND, at: ~ AND: ~