Sunday, December 11, 2016


Donald Trump's trumpeters announce the start of the Greek games at the end of the REVENGE OF THE NERDS Reagan era prophecy. ~ Which stand for the college bowl and NFL playoffs that happen after the handsome and tall blond Greek gets elected in President George Albert Smith's prophetic WWIII temple vision in St.George, Utah, Washington County. ~ Ergo, those twin REV.16 6.5 earthquakes that shook up Barack Obama's Indonesia and California. ~ Which coincided with the above film's scene about Barry's computer generated birth certificate, like at: ~ Heck yeah. ~ The Don is 70 because he is the 70 weeks hero in DANIEL 9. ~ And so now yours truly gets to extend my acting range in such indie films as: AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~ MASKED NEWS NOTES: That left coast techno [STAR WARS fan] Jew wears Barry's black African mask when he fucks the blond media bimbo in the full moon fun house; and she likes it. ~ That is, right after we see him wearing his tall Jewish Abraham Lincoln top hat. ~ Which represents today's developing second civil war between the states. ~ PHYSICAL TRANSFIGURATION NOTES: The 29ish looking Hawaiian Island King sings about being 109 years-old, and loving it, in this homage/montage video at: ~ PS SPEILBERG: The reason why you never had met the 100 year-old Kirk Douglas before is because you are not ready to believe in the physical transfiguration of the body of Christ.

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