Wednesday, December 7, 2016


We know that is Bill Gates at about 44:20 into the born again Reagan era movie called REVENGE OF THE NERDS, 1984. ~ Wink, wink. ~ When we see him standing between the two TWIN PEAKS ladies; basically saying that he went to high school in the aerospace Jet City. ~ And those blond Greeks who voted for Old McDonald Trump burn down the house; politically speaking. ~ So then the reactionary liberal left coast [LLL] Jewish tech nerds resort to their beloved leader and his negro people in DANIEL 9:26. ~ Who in the 70-weeks of bonfires ending go to war with the white christian 'A'tomic bomb blonds. ~ Hence, the name of the above prince figure is "U.N. Jefferson". ~ And the blond Greek House President says, "Times are changing... These [REV.13] nerds are a threat to our way of life." ~ [Think Tom Brady.] ~ GSR/TWN ~ QUEER BAIT NOTES: That negro homosexual living with the Jewish tech nerds in REVENGE OF THE NERDS is a Providential reference to all of those gay ass photos of Barack Obama during his same college years in LA. ~ SECRET SAUCE NOTES: The secret to making a super duper thick cream reduction for your underaged veal cutlet tenders is this: never over cook the tender meat; and always dump in at least a half cup of quality medium priced French sherry into it. ~ PS BILL GATES: According to the HANNIBALL:III woes prophecy, after you got burned so badly in the 42 months 2016 election, you ask your doctor/accountant to cut me a check for 250 big ones; sometime during the next 69 weeks in the REVENGE OF THE NERDS prophecy. ~

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