Saturday, December 24, 2016


For example, every band member in Adam Sander's Chicago CHANUKA concert during the 1260 days era of the two witnesses is a Howard Stern look alike, at: ~ Ad to that, that 42 months of BATMAN previews shooter who liked to crack jokes in Obama's Aurora, Colorado 16-plex sported a prophetic orange shampoo die job, at: ~ [Trump is a dark horse billionaire 2016 figure who lives in a swanky penthouse on top of a very tall dark building in Gotham/Manhattan.] ~ Plus, the guy looks a lot like that little Jewish billionaire [Jeff Relf] prick who founded FACEBOOK. ~ And then the Jewish princess in the original STAR WARS has a heart attack flying back from London. ~ Where she was shooting some AMAZON.seattle series called CATASTROPHE; whatever that means, hee hee. ~ And this is just the first week into the global UN theatrical release of ROGUE ONE. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ADAM: The neocon Harrison Ford is 3/4 Jewish, not 1/4 Jewish. ~ In other words, he is slightly more Jewish than your own less Jewish version of neoconism. ~ But why split hairs? ~ It's all good. ~ For example, I would love to fuck Miley Cyrus full on and real hard in her tight little girly vagina at David Letterman's dude ranch prophecy at the end of her own private kitty MONTANA movie prophecy. ~ So what. ~ BFD, sometimes she looks like a little virgin boy with no pubic hair. ~ Othertimes, she looks like a naughtly little 16ish rich girl who has had one too many boyfriends. ~ If she is only willing to suck on my cock, and maybe give me a few "handy man" jobs around THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW house now and then, I could live with that for now. ~ Besides, if I absolutely half to have me a full on threeway pussy fuck therapy session, I can always go back to one of my original day 1290 wives; like Charlie, Sandy, Cammy, or Gywinny; not to mention Jenny, Jenny, and Jenny. ~

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