Thursday, December 29, 2016


DEVO's prophetic Reagan era video was about the Lincoln log cabin Republicans era of the abomination of desolation, at: ~ When the Montana cowboy in Scottish tartan takes down the REV.17 woman after he learns that Obama is resettling 1000s of his alien dark skinned unamerican muslin supporters in Montana. ~ Ergo, the iconic band is role played by the Jewish Greek [negro] guys at the end of REVENGE OF THE NERDS in 1984. ~ Using the same Indiana Governor's [African lion taming] whip from INDIANA JONES: THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. ~ Which Jesus used to cleanse the same defiled temple during Chanuka. ~ GSR/TWN ~ UNDOCUMENTED NOTES: The strange looking Obama is obsessed with bringing undocumented aliens into white christian America because he himself is an undocumented non christian living in America. ~ LOVE SHACK NOTES: Note the physically transfigured Ken Keisler and Nicole Kidman in: ~ It's all good. ~ SCHOOL NOTES: Spike Lee's final Reagan era movie SCHOOL DAZE was a 1290 days DANIEL 12 meets MARK 13 prophecy about the Greek niggers in Washington, DC, at: ~ Around the time when the black horse would go to war against the White House horse and the red states horse in Joseph Smith's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. ~ DEVO NOTES: Iggy Pop discovered DEVO. ~ In order that he would look like this at the beginning of his physical transfiguration period. ~ Still not looking at his best, but quite fuckable in the meantime, at: ~ "You gotta have faith..." George Michael. ~ WHIP IT UP NOTES: Jesus has told his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel that the end times will be like making whipped cream. ~

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